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  1. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/nigel-pearson-an-apology-4655126
  2. Amazing you can hear the sheer loathing for us just in this 1 minute clip about the seating arrangements Do you get violent when people "look at you funny"?
  3. Pro-ject TT Arcam amp Micromega CD Yamaha cassette deck Tannoy speakers
  4. Judging by today's game he would definitely be around our first team
  5. This is so much better than the Chelsea Man U game
  6. Hang on.....Fofana or Craig Dawson.....hmmmm........
  7. Ahhh....the good old days. No dodgy stream stress
  8. Lucky begger, I'm relying on tomorrows Leicester Mercury
  9. If you buying second hand buy Technics, something like this can be bought for less than 100 quid
  10. How is Kyle Lafferty still 1st choice for NI?
  11. Belgium's best player tonight with De Bruyne
  12. I work for DPD as a delivery driver so like Trav and Tommy above its been a bit mad. Unlike them however I'm a self employed owner driver so the busier it gets, the more deliveries I do, the more I earn. I'm only doing 4 days a week it the minute and I'm earning more than I did in 5 days pre Covid. DPD have been quite good staggered starts for drivers so were not in all at the same time, sanitising stations dotted around and the depot is really airy with all the bay doors open so we can get our vans in and load up.
  13. Was just going to say this, Antonio has made better defenders than Soy look silly. I'm a big fan
  14. I thought Vardy was OK did what he could with no service
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