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  1. You stick your fat arse out ,hook your foot around it and give it a clout that's what it's all about!
  2. Stop whinging at Hamer,he had little to do but what he did was decent! Certainly a decent number 3 keeper.
  3. We don't win on penalties ever.
  4. Cause we wanted everyone to have an even 45 minutes.
  5. Grew into that half against a very strong 11 of WBA,could have pitched a tent in their half the last 15 20 minutes.
  6. That free kick wasn't as good as his pens!
  7. Because they are like children that have just won the lottery,at least the arrogance of their fans on twitter are.All this money spent and they'll do well to make any progress on last seasons 7th.
  8. We still spent a decent whack of money,hindsight and all that but if we'd signed 2 quality additions instead of 6 unknown quantities,that barely budged the title winning 11.
  9. If we'd tried to make signings like this last season he would have come.
  10. Spurs
  11. No he's not though! Mahrez did something for one season out of how many? Please stop wanking over Mahrez
  12. Moving over to cover and actually playing the position are 2 very different things,also with 2 other CBS surely we can rely on them for pace,all I know is without Huth our defence is shite,look at benaloune,when he plays with Huth he actually looks a good player without him there he's garbage.
  13. We were very lucky with injuries that season, as you seen last season we wasn't and then got our arses probed by spurs.
  14. Once he learns how to defend.