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  1. Well can we start one? I’ll go first, you spelt criticising wrong you muppet!
  2. 3 0 down looks like it’s Leuven who’ve been in the Beerschots Leagues not won yet lads! What happened to that abandoned game?
  3. So if you win one of the next 2 games you should qualify to play whoever wins the 2nd half of the league Unless you win it again of course?
  4. I think thats a fair offer even without the salt.
  5. Hopefully they can find the perfect blend, be there for one another and become good friends
  6. Steve Kember 1 0 home win against Wham! Can’t remember it really,8 days after Elvis died!
  7. Only Vardy and Ricardo would get in the team unless you are biased! Maguire based on this season shouldn’t even be thought of!
  8. Leuven on up,nothing can stop us!
  9. Yeah that run he had us on when he was sacked we are unlucky not to be in the top 4! We would have finished bottom 6.
  10. We wouldn’t have finished top 10 under Puel no chance!
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