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  1. Leuven on up,nothing can stop us!
  2. Yeah that run he had us on when he was sacked we are unlucky not to be in the top 4! We would have finished bottom 6.
  3. We wouldn’t have finished top 10 under Puel no chance!
  4. Good win Leuven in the right direction now!
  5. Is this for real or are you a Puel devotee whose been waiting for this loss?
  6. I’ve just woke up,as soon as I seen the team news we went 1 0 down,ive said it a few times about Morgan and Maguire,so not unbelievable,do you think they are a good partnership then?
  7. One things for sure,he brings out the worst in who ever plays along side him, Morgan and Maguire probably one of the worst partnerships the league!
  8. I ll bet you 25 million we get nowhere near 25 million for him!
  9. In what world are we going to get 25 million for Mendy?
  10. Funnily enough,there’s not much been going wrong since he left, strange that!
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