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  1. A simple Puel out is no longer good enough, I’m full blown going Puel Out Out!
  2. I reckon Morgan will be back for this one!
  3. Does he come on here then? Not even sorry Claude,I’m full blown Puel out,I can’t wait till you’ve gone! Neck out ready for le Guillotine.
  4. Oh I wish I’d thought on earlier in the thread (that I did not start) to suggest if he wasn’t going to play in the first team he should be sent out on loan or at least get some minutes for the u23s,anyone thinking that the amount of games he’s played this season is sufficient to keep a young prospect at the level he was at before he came here is deluded.
  5. Well if we are playing to suit Vardy I would hate to see what we would look like if we weren’t!
  6. No we just expect to not keep waking up to the alarm at 6am playing I’ve got you babe!
  7. Breaking. Young lad wrote off after a handful of sporadic appearances.
  8. Its like you are paranoid on Puels behalf! This wasn’t even a new thread until some one made it into one! And it’s not even a dig at Puel,it’s aimed at the club in general!
  9. Then it was in our and his best interest that we loaned him out with a recall and had one of the other u23s who were getting matches at that level for cover.
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