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  1. Swansea H match thread

    The thing I like about Puel is he picks on jay de merit and If some one has a stinker they get dropped. No complaints about that team,no Gray or Chilwell 👍
  2. Iheanacho

    In the Sunday mirror today that he wants to leave for Newcastle. Can’t be bothered to find a link.Probably bollox anyway.
  3. City 5-1 The Posh FA Cup 4 Round Post Match Thread

    The more I see of him the less I like,Much ado about nothing,we have a player just making his diabut who looks streets ahead of him already,maybe we can cash in!
  4. Peterborough Away FA Cup Match Thread

    Ok let’s slate him then and not give him a chance!
  5. The OH Leuven Thread

    They just lost 1 0 at home to the 2nd bottom team! Pearson out!
  6. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    Sunday Mirror says loan deal close with Palace
  7. Slimani

    Slimani bashing 😴,he was working hard last night trying to get into the game,provided a great assist,so what he missed a decent opportunity,at least he got into the position,with more consistent run of games he’d probably be finishing those.Unfairly subbed.
  8. Huddersfield (H) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    Only seen 2nd half but Slimani was tremendous and he must stay and start, Silva looked sharp, this is better, albeit against a poor away side.
  9. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Slimani plays he scores,imagine if he had ever had a decent run in the team,never had a chance. Pleased for him!
  10. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Just what we needed now sit back and get beat 2 1.