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  1. It’s a Puel out for me! Couldn’t stand Puel and this bloke is just a younger Irish version. Boring negative football.
  2. I know where to start with this.I’m surprised you are surprised that anyone is surprised about this! let me be clear this is a heinous act, not just a Damarai Gray starting 11 performance.
  3. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t done that?
  4. Technically mid table is keeping them up still.
  5. Albrighton is a Burnley player in a Leicester shirt, he’d be great for them.
  6. Well can we start one? I’ll go first, you spelt criticising wrong you muppet!
  7. 3 0 down looks like it’s Leuven who’ve been in the Beerschots Leagues not won yet lads! What happened to that abandoned game?
  8. So if you win one of the next 2 games you should qualify to play whoever wins the 2nd half of the league Unless you win it again of course?
  9. I think thats a fair offer even without the salt.
  10. Hopefully they can find the perfect blend, be there for one another and become good friends
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