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  1. come on lads he was poor no positional sense, carnt pass and maguire is quicker than him
  2. If the money went to the clubs (replacement for gate receipts) then yes id pay but not to line the pockets of sky / BT
  3. scenes on herewhen slim comes on and bags the winner
  4. Well thats what the mrs said and she knows everything
  5. Have it on good authority that maddison is off to united
  6. Fofana wont be eligible for the weekend unless he signs by 12pm today
  7. My first game of the season due to work and not being able to get tickets and before anyone slates me been going down since I was 12 anyway game was very flat why oh why 3 at the back when they didn’t play a striker chilwell very poor don’t remember him trying to take on his man and cross loads better after subs came on what has Ian nacho got to do to game regular game time also thought vardy wasn’t match fit
  8. But we didn’t loose performances haven’t been great I’ll give you that but come on each and everyone of us would have snapped the gods hand off if we were offed this position at the start of the season
  9. Don’t get all this doom and gloom over 2 bad results against arguably 2 of the best team in Europe let alone England I know we are in second but we are a long way of those two teams get behind the lads and bring back the 3 points
  10. Just disappointed kasper hasn’t scored yet
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