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  1. Vardy looks ready for a party
  2. Rob the sheep shaggers blind
  3. If we really want him get a bid accepted talk to the guy see if he's interested if not move on
  4. Anyone take giroud as part of the deal for marhez
  5. Signing new contract with us apparently just on ssn
  6. 45 mill plus add ons
  7. 41m according to 100%lcfc
  8. Gone Bournemouth 20 mil confirmed
  9. Be careful don't want you being reported for illegal tapping up
  10. Swansea apparently interested in ulloa maybe cheeky part ex
  11. He's got to be our number 1 target get it done rudders
  12. Any idea on price
  13. Which players would you expect to be moved on in the summer and brought in
  14. My god everyone surprised Claudio sacked have they been watching us this season
  15. Biesla