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  1. Just disappointed kasper hasn’t scored yet
  2. Interesting line up just hope madders ain’t pulled wide
  3. LiVARpools luck got to change sometime keep pushing lads
  4. Are we not due to be playing man city soon pep up to his old tricks again
  5. Good result last night but didn’t think there was much in it up to the goal we weren’t at our best but that’s down to arse playing defensive against us 3 point onwards and upwards
  6. Going to be a tough game for them id play same team as yesterday
  7. Need to start well but think we could have a good season dont think top 6 is on but all to play for 7th up for grabs
  8. Just seen evertons centre backs listed on SSN Keane mina and holgate suddenly our situation aint that bad
  9. If king and james are staying just for laughs they need moving off playing staff (lets face it they are never playing for us again) into some technical roll that dosent affect FFP
  10. Said it before but filling the signing of praet we still a couple short cb and attacker
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