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  1. Blasphemy. Those clowns shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence!
  2. The way they bang on about it, you'd think Churchill flew a Wellington topless to Berlin, Parachuted out and killed Hitler single-handedly with a Cigar to the tune of God Save the Queen.
  3. Unfortunately that's all it comes down to. We won, you lost, Regardless of consequences. If Leave won in a referendum that was legally run, in a scenario where the public were given genuine evidence based information to form a decision, I'd accept it, I wouldn't be happy with it and I would continually bang on about what a fundamentally bad idea it was, but I would accept it. That's not the case though, hence why the country is split in half.
  4. That doesn't make it right? It means we have massive flaws in our legal and parliamentary systems. It should be mega-voided.
  5. But that's what so many people have a problem with, it wasn't a legitimate vote. One side broke the law.
  6. Frustrating, but not the end of the world, Brendan just got it wrong. Gray was textbook Gray today, painfully indecisive and no end product, I think we will really regret not signing a top winger. Maddison has to play central with Tielemans, he's wasted out wide and we get no width down the left hand side. Few players not at their best today and ultimately it came down to a mistake. Onwards and Upwards!
  7. Bu putting it back to people after 3 years of absolute nothing is undemocratic, apparently...
  8. Scary stuff, I don't understand how this doesn't count as Insider Trading (or the equivalent) though.
  9. Not saying he didn't. Just highlighting that the Tories sell arms to Saudi Arabia, so essentially, they're all shites.
  10. As oppose to the tories, who arm actual terrorists...
  11. It's not about splitting the vote, It's about holding a fair legal referendum, something the leave side failed last time. It's just astounding that people can bleat on about 'Democracy' yet are perfectly happy to ignore the fact that electoral law was broken. If you can BUY your result, that's not democracy.
  12. Mate, what are you on about?
  13. Can't be, he hasn't mentioned being in the (Territorial) Army yet...
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