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  1. Lots of noise about Man City going for Ferran Torres - £25 Million apparently. I'm sure we were vaguely linked with him, or at least someone alluded to it.
  2. One thing I unashamedly LOVE is just how far United have declined - 'Biggest team in the world' and their fans are buzzing to have beaten little old Leicester to a top 4 finish. It would be criminal if they didn't finish top 4 given how much they spunk on players.
  3. Got to admit I did enjoy seeing Kelechi laughing at Wes missing that volley. Sums up what he must have been feeling, we all knew after that great first half he was getting hooked off for Perez.
  4. Yes! Love Fable, recently replayed the first one and it still holds up so well.
  5. The importance of 'Me Time'. It's a great time of day to do some thinking, for better or worse. Like you say, I find it calming, you can simply forget your obligations and really clear your head. It's been a bit easier since I've been working from home as I slide effortlessly from bed to work
  6. Definitely yeah, we were always equally as bad though so it felt like a bit of a rivalry (for me personally) but the last 5 years or so has really got to them.
  7. Grew up in Melton - Fair mix of Leicester/Nottingham and then United/Liverpool shitbags. I've got mates that will repost Deeney day every year without fail and they HATED us winning the league. Considering they 'don't care about us', they talk about us a lot. Last night was amazing, I love nothing more than them lot bottling it.
  8. NBA 2K20 is £3 on cdkeys.com (xbox one) - Quite like basketball games although I'm not arsed enough to pay full whack.
  9. Looks like the side of a 70s camper van, in the best way possible.
  10. Jobseeker Can of Strongbow I'm a mess Desperatley clutching on to a leaflet on depression Supplied to me by the NHS It's anyone's guess how I got here, anyone's guess how I'll go I suck on a roll-up, pull your jeans up Fu*k off, I'm going home. Jobseeker - Sleaford Mods
  11. Don't know if anyone has seen this before - but I do this every single night.
  12. Can't stand the thought of the Leicestershire based glory boys giving it the biggun after this.
  13. We don't have the squad depth, and we can't afford to spunk money to plug gaps like the other teams can. We knew at the start of the season we needed a proper winger and it still hasn't been rectified and this lack of attacking edge will continue to haunt us until we do.
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