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  1. Frustrating again! Why do they no longer press? I don't get it at all, we got to this league position with a high press and fast fluid football but everything is so slow and careful at the moment. Probably the correct decision to start Praet again, but he's a bit too safe at times, we don't half miss Youri's forward passing (when he's on his game). Iheanacho has to start next game, we look much better with him going forward.
  2. For anyone looking for an alcohol free beer that doesn't taste like watered down piss, the Brew Dog Nanny State is actually quite nice. I'm a lot more comfortable these days perusing the fancy soft drink selection, that and a massive doink.
  3. I only know him vaguely through friends, his music is excellent though!
  4. Villa according to John Percy, could be bad news for the Slimani dealio.
  5. Yes! A lot of my mates' bands. If you're going, recommend seeing: CJ Pandit Heart Sauce Humble He SisterBliss Spudge and definitely Superego.
  6. Chris Wood goal almost guaranteed.
  7. Big Dan turning up late, I remember a blacked out car turning up and the window rolling down to reveal a smiling Dan Amartey. That night outside Vardy's was madness.
  8. Looking forward to the new Tame Impala album, although I am a huge hipster and much prefer the first two albums, the new stuff is still rad.
  9. A woman fighting on the tram yesterday, holding a baby.
  10. So frustrating, everything we were doing so well at the start of the season we aren't doing anymore. No pressing, sloppy passing, no movement off the ball. Southampton battered us today, it should have been 3 or 4. ironically I thought we looked a lot better when Youri came on, his passing through the middle is vital against teams like this. Don't wanna get too carried away but at this rate, if we don't sign a starting winger, we will throw this amazing start away.
  11. FerrisBueller


    See also 'Scary Pockets', absolute Funk ensemble!
  12. Don't care for any of this Royal nonsense, but at least he's not a nonce, so that's a bonus.
  13. Personally, cutting down/cutting out alcohol is one of the best things I ever did. I just got to the point where the negatives vastly outweighed the positives. As mentioned above, my weed uptake has gone up, but I don't encounter many negatives as a result.
  14. There are plans to make a new Die Hard film. Unfortunately due to Alan Rickman no longer being with us, this one will be Hans-free.
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