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  1. Christ, at this point maybe all politicians should do some due diligence and delete all social media. It's coming back to bite everyone!
  2. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/leicester-city/11857179/rodgers-i-already-have-a-top-job TOP JOB
  3. As i said above, i stand corrected, I picked the wrong group. (Even though Leave EU have also been charged for breaking electoral law) That's fine, I accept that, doesn't make it right though does it. Just more evidence we need another referendum, ran properly this time.
  4. Fair enough, I stand corrected. Point still stands though. Edit - Also, I'm not accusing him, i'm stating fact.
  5. They influence suggestible dimwits, they can't perform lobotomies.
  6. They did, but look who's at the helm now - Boris from (the electoral law breaking) Leave EU. Gove - Who has failed to give evidence to the DCMS committee about his knowledge of breaking electoral law during the ref campaign . and Dominic Cummings who is literally in contempt of parliament.
  7. I didn't claim it did. But surely you can discern the difference between advocating for staying in the EU and actually funding the tory party, along with the mass misinformation campaigns run by Russian troll farms. The fact of the matter is, if there is nothing to hide, then why hasn't Boris released the report? Like it or not, social media usage is massive, a lot of people get their opinions and 'news' from social media, I'm not advocating a China style system but liability needs to be put on parties to fact check whatever they post.
  8. But had remain won using these techniques, people on the leave side would be in the same boat. The main issue is with foreign powers interfering with domestic politics, does it not make you question their motives? What does Russia have to gain here?
  9. I think it's the way it was utilised, they micro-targeted 'suggestible' people on social media and filled their feed with either straight up lies or massively misleading content.
  10. It's not just about twitter bots though, the report covers all aspects of Russian interference. It's clear as day he's got something to hide, the report is ready for release and he has personally blocked it. Do you not think if there is foreign interference in our politics, that potentially (or evidently quite obviously) involves the current PM, the people should be informed prior to a General Election?
  11. Apparently the decision to block the Russia report rests entirely on Boris. Even tom Tugendhat is calling for it to be released. A deafening silence from the people who have been banging on about democracy for the last 3 years. THIS IS A COVER UP
  12. Ahh Daniel Kawczynski, the guy screaming 'traitors' whilst simultaneously asking his 'friends' in Polish government to veto the extension.
  13. True! You need to behead them
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