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  1. I'll brace myself then, don't expect it will be as bad as in your case
  2. Thank you mate! That must have been dreadful just stopping cold turkey, my doc asked if I wanted to go down again to 25mg but it seemed a little early for me. Did you get many side effects after stopping, also how long did they last for? Glad to hear you’re doing well!
  3. Finally got our Album on vinyl, hit the target last year. Feels so good to have this on beautiful beautiful wax!
  4. Finally tapering off my SSRI meds, cut down from 100mg to 50mg. Been on these (sertraline) for about 8 years now. Waking up every morning absolutely full of dread, hate these withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Awesome man! I'm really jealous, love those Danelectros. It's actually a bit of a weird one, never seen one like it, it's more like a jazzmaster shape, lipstick pickups, dead weird and heavy as owt!
  6. Nobody cared we were Leicester fans 10 years ago, now we’ve “Only started supporting them since 2016”. It’s mint, I love the envy because it normally opens you up to say something really condescending about (usually) Forest.
  7. 2010: Tame Impala - Innerspeaker 2011: James Blake - Self Titled 2012: Tame Impala - Lonerism 2013: Earl Sweatshirt - Doris 2014: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - I'm In Your Mind Fuzz 2015: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi Love 2016: Anderson Paak - Malibu 2017: Sleaford Mods - English Tapas 2018: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food 2019: Vampire Weekend - Father Of The Bride An absolute basic bitch psychy boy selection.
  8. Power Stone 1 and 2 from the Dreamcast.
  9. Loved that, cannot stand United. Just hope we can do it again in a few weeks. Up the Shaggin' foxes.
  10. Quite simply, the best Defensive Midfielder on the planet. His passing has come on so much the past season or two and his all round game is so much better for it, he's genuinely world class.
  11. His link up play today was outstanding, was dropping a bit deeper but he looked so assured and he's thriving with this confidence. Proper buzzing for him, he comes across as such a humble bloke. Also that scream he did after his interview made me howl.
  12. Christ I hate fifa. Comfortably 3-1 up on 81 mins, concede a cheap shitty goal. Decide to keep the ball (shitehouse I know) end up passing to their forward, last minute equalizer. Happens to me all the time, I’ve had so many draws online.
  13. Make sure they are declared as gift though, save yourself the customs nonsense
  14. If you have anyone that could get it delivered to their place in England and ship it over as a 'gift' it will only set you back about 12 quid for postage. Just had some sent to Denmark this week.
  15. That’s cool, you’re noticing a difference then? Yeah it’s pretty minging, did you get a flavoured one? I found a berry one to be not as bad tasting.
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