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  1. Playing on the same stage as me, so I suppose you could say that. How the mighty have fallen
  2. I may or may not have alphabetised them...
  3. Continuation of my previous post, I decided to collect them all because I’m an absolute loser and I bloody love footy.
  4. Just seen this on Vardy’s insta, look next to #4, it says ‘Bundy’ Do they call Cags Ted Bundy?
  5. You can say what you like about the team he plays in etc, but Dwight McNeil would have been a seriously underwhelming signing, especially at the price he was touted at. Dead average.
  6. That is THE most United thing I’ve ever seen. Cannot believe my eyes.
  7. Thankyou mate, very kind! Touché! The tune you posted above is very cool, right up my street. We’ve all (more or less) moved out the midlands now, so it seemed the only logical thing to do was to bang out a double album with all the unreleased tunes we had, desperately hoping we hit the target, looking good at the moment!
  8. Chuffed for him, he was electric yesterday. Looked a lot more confident and definitely fancied himself against the Burnley defenders. I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but I can’t help but feel Chilwell was holding him back a bit, they never seemed to gel on the pitch and he seemed to get an ear full at times, can’t have been good for his confidence.
  9. Thought Mendy, Barnes, Justin, Castagne, Praet, Tielemans, Cags were all excellent today. It’s only shithouse FC, but a good result. We’ve got a good squad, lads. Ünder on the right and a new CB, plus Ricardo back and we will be flying!
  10. No idea mate, English football has a big following over here. Checked online and it only seems to be Denmark.
  11. Doing these for all PL teams in Denmark!
  12. Appreciate none of ya have probably listened to us, but my band are releasing our first and final LP. Using Qrates, so at the moment it’s only pledges, no money is taken unless the target of 100 is met. Lovely Pink and Blue Vinyl, 4 sides of Psych Rock loveliness. Also features a Leicester landmark on the cover! https://qrates.com/projects/21429-jeefy-hymns
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