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  1. I’m keen for anyone that can do a backflip. In fact that’s my main criteria when looking at players.
  2. Patson the back for Rudkin
  3. Just saw the coaches pull into Parken, Kasper back seat like a badman. Well good atmosphere down there!
  4. Gattuso only lasting 20 days as Fiorentina manager, fell out over transfer policy... ”Fiorentina transfer policy, sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit”
  5. That's got to be a fitness issue though surely, admittedly his decision making is a bit off currently but last season his through balls and passing were great. Agreed on the deadball stuff though, it seems this has been realised now with Youri and Marc seemingly on corners and Youri on free kicks now.
  6. Unless the medical team know something we don't regarding his hip, I'm strongly against him leaving. Quite literally our only midfielder that can turn with his back to goal, when he's fit, he's vital. Failure to replace him well could result in Perez running into blind alleys for the foreseeable. Some short memories here man.
  7. Hopefully the BBC will stop banging Farage on every Question Time possible now, he'll be doing the graveyard shift on Yer Da TV.
  8. Kasper going round checking and hugging all the players, ****ing love that man.
  9. Were they showing that on English TV? Cut to outside the ground here.
  10. It’s lively over here, can hear parken from my balcony and it’s got me reet in the mood!
  11. I know Sean Dyche has been collecting them...
  12. I've got zero complaints about it, it is a little different to previous games so I can see why the purists may not like it but it's so good. Finished it last night, didn't do all the memories etc as I thought it may let you play on after doing the last boss. May well crack on with another playthrough soon. I particularly loved the level design of the Divine Beasts, cleverly thought out and a nice change from the usual Zelda Dungeons. Reading that link, I'm most excited about a new Metroid game in honesty, had no idea one was in production, great news!
  13. What kind of player is he, can someone give us a brief Soumaré... Terrible.
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