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  1. Genuinely don't think I'd take Pogba, not half as good as he thinks he is, plus he's an absolute gimp.
  2. It's bait to deprive idiots of their money. He ain't going anywhere, unless United can afford 8 BILLION POUNDS
  3. Social Media, I think...
  4. Hendrix George Harrison Prince BB King Peter Green Johnny Greenwood Eric Gale A few that spring to mind.
  5. McCartney, man of a thousand voices. Unbelievable vocal range, and not in a twatty way.
  6. Such an underrated bassist, all his parts are so lively!
  7. Paul McCartney Joe Dart (Vulfpeck)
  8. They can have McGuire, hands of Maguire though.
  9. Each new link is slightly more depressing than the last. I hope we are nowhere near this.
  10. This link is complete nonsense. If we aren't forking out 40m for Tielemans, why would we for a centre back? BIN.
  11. That CunningFox is basically just a blog.
  12. Do you know who does Simpson's and Maddison's? I'm after some generic mid-20s male arm sleeves
  13. Annoys me that Adidas don't offer Long-Sleeve shirts.
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