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  1. I made an account on Parler one afternoon to entertain myself, it is almost exactly how you'd think it would be.
  2. I'm glad that Her Majesty ended up on it, about as perfect as a 30 second song can be. Not a fan of some of the Macca output then? I hear quite often people not digging Maxwell's Silver Hammer etc, i unashamedly love that tune. I'm a bit of a Maccaphile in honesty, he can do no wrong in my eyes. Also, no love for Mean Mr Mustard? Love that story about Something, I read somewhere that the best version of it was the one George sang in the kitchen to Patti - not sure who said that, presumably Patti.
  3. Straight into 'Here Comes the Sun' too, just perfect. I'm glad it didn't finish the album, the medley followed by 'Her Majesty' is just brilliant!
  4. One of my absolute favourite songs ever, Billy Preston goes a bit mental on the organ and I love it.
  5. Spiteful bastards, gigging out of the UK is the only time I made any money.
  6. To combat the ridiculous OP of pace, I've had to revert to shithouse football with 5 at the back and sitting back. Kinda takes the fun out of it.
  7. Seems to have resolved itself now. It was just the one formation but when i switched to Attacking it swapped my Winger and Full back, annoying.
  8. Does anyone experience this issue? When i'm changing from 'Balanced' to 'Attacking', my players end up out of position, namely my RW and LB swap positions. I've changed it pre match and saved the 'game plan' etc, but it seems to revert every game and I have to pause mid game if i'm going attacking for instance to change them back to their actual position. So many issues for me with this years Fifa.
  9. Possibly the best song ever?
  10. My favourite thing about camping is waking up drenched in condensation and having to check whether you've pissed yoursen.
  11. Priti Patel is like if you stuck a vaguely attractive head on Luke Shaw's body.
  12. John 'Dickman' literally, it's quite good... apparently.
  13. I would genuinely rather see Liverpool win it again over Yanited.
  14. I seem to remember Leicester Nirvana got in a bit of trouble at my age group for playing lads who were a few years older. 15 years or so ago.
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