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  1. Tielemans really doing great after not that great start of the season
  2. where can i see interview? not in england so sky videos not gonna work,i guess
  3. I think Barnes is becoming weakest link.lets see how it goes today
  4. He did great when they scored second goal but besides that he was bellow average in other few moments still hes fine for that 15-20 minutes
  5. https://streamable.com/bgewq who is the commentator here? he does his job very well
  6. I wanted Leicester to buy Ben yedder that year when they bought Slimani if i am correct hes price was like 10 mil when Sevilla got him now these 2 are carrying monaco lo l
  7. have not been this tilted for a long fkcing time
  8. ****ing unreal distribution
  9. He made one very good run from wing to midfield.i mean it was just one run but he did great when opponent was pressing.not many has that ability
  10. ya he was paired with Vardy up there but still for me he was kinda lazy and Vardy had always to point him what to do,who to press i mean i like they guy,he is talented and does well but the hype he got in last season was too much Maddison was always ahead of him for me
  11. Tielemans is so lazy when it comes to pressing opponent and he was really tired at the end
  12. You can get points easily against these so called top six if you dont pussy out and start game with some confidence
  13. i agree not only Rodgers to blame.he should get hes shit together
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