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  1. imagine if Barnes gets past that Garcia once
  2. This really hurts dont wanna sound too desperate but i am not impressed with Mendy enough and i think he will be tore apart against better sides pls no
  3. Get rid of Amartey Albrighton runs a lot and does nothing.classic.
  4. can anyone give me a link where i can watch whole game
  5. sweet WBA is absolute dogshit so lets see how it goes against Burnley
  6. i am very unfamiliar so whats this accent i am listening to right now?makes me very uncomfortable
  7. he has not progressed a bit and after all these years its still debatable if he is good enough or not.what a joke
  8. He has not done anything in any "big game" good player,but legend? emm
  9. no chance wolves is getting that high in next season
  10. he cant make those runs,thats the problem watching him against Totenham was depressing bad player,move on
  11. as i remember there was a guy who had a dream,so make it happen and spend some money free beer on birthday hardly helping
  12. good vision he dont just crosses the ball smart kid
  13. imagine Barnes scoring like that LOL cant
  14. you can tell how numbers are lying when you see him and Mahrez have same number of assists funny
  15. Vardy should be benched next game
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