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  1. I mean i get it that people are angry Leicester is ignored a lot,i get it and i am angry too,but come on.it does not matter that we are still second.those 2 clubs are much bigger than Leicester and its natural they are mentioned more than other clubs. its how it is 2-3 good seasons and won PL is not enouugh,more needed rightfully so
  2. last time we were so exposed because of our fullbacks being high up on pitch.justin and castagne were always late and even tho Evans was very good he could not cover all the space. if same happens we will probably concede early
  3. even asking Ndidi or Mendy is disrespect for big boy
  4. no one is better than Ndidi in this squad
  5. they are S H I T 3 as i said in first half lets goooooooo
  6. Gent,Milan and whatever from lasts.Dundalk maybe
  7. i want to face Milan so i can trashtalk my friend for a long time
  8. He finally got confident and made that turn.he never did things like that before
  9. Tielemans is MOTM after Vardy and Justin did very well after shitty start
  10. imagine if Barnes gets past that Garcia once
  11. This really hurts dont wanna sound too desperate but i am not impressed with Mendy enough and i think he will be tore apart against better sides pls no
  12. Get rid of Amartey Albrighton runs a lot and does nothing.classic.
  13. can anyone give me a link where i can watch whole game
  14. sweet WBA is absolute dogshit so lets see how it goes against Burnley
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