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  1. I blame Radio Leicester and Ian Stringer for this nonsense. He and his sidekick (mini Ian) Owyn were getting carried away with the form at the start of the season. This team is looking more and more like the sides we had at the end of the Shakespeare and Puel regimes than the title winning team! Clueless going forward, sloppy at the back, and no direction or leadership on or off the pitch.
  2. Sadly you are right. Tielemans has been dropped for Praet and that's made no difference. Gray has been in and out of the team (although he's been noticeably cast aside since the Villa game) but he can't be trusted on a regular basis. Fuchs is solid enough but will be caught out by pacey wingers. Albrighton is sadly past it and there is no competition for Maddison's position. We needed to strengthen in January but it's too late.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Nobody wanted to run beyond the Norwich defence or into the channels. Watching Barnes and Chilwell in the second half passing it 'to me, to you' when all they needed to do was pass and run past the defender for an easy 1-2 summed it up. Iheanacho kept dropping short, Perez is clearly not right for this sytem, Barnes is unreliable and then we have the static midfielders who simply want to play sideways and backwards and nobody is running into space. Even if Vardy was playing it would have made no difference.
  4. Spot on. He offers nothing to the defenders, and he's been like this since the moment he broke into the first team a few seasons ago. Although his passing has improved since Rodgers took over, he still plays too safe in possession and doesn't look forward and never demands the ball from other players. Wilf made a big difference when he came on but we need more from Hamza.
  5. I'd still take him over Hamza and Tielemans, the way both of them are playing. We've got far deeper problems than Praet.
  6. If this was a Puel performance we would be calling for the manager's head. This was another woeful performance. Nobody wants to run in behind or take a chance. We simply pass sideways and backwards but don't ever look like threatening their goal. Barnes and Chilwell have probably never played a one-two and tonight it was glaringly obvious that we have no attacking threat from any of our midfielders or attackers
  7. There's been absolutely nothing good about this performance.
  8. Yes he's a legend, yes he's out best striker when on form. The fact is he's been off-form for quite a while. Just because he's still the top scorer in the Premier League (due to the inadequacies of the other strikers) it doesn't mean he's beyond criticism. Yesterday I would say he was our worst player by a distance. Iheanacho made more runs into the channels and looked more likely to create and link up play than Vardy. There were so many times when Chilwell, Fuchs or Ricardo got the ball and they were crying out for a striker to run into the channels, and yet Vardy was simply holdi
  9. Agreed with this. He's good at pressing and closing down and making tackles, but he needs to improve his game on the ball. We were struggling to get the ball forward quickly from defence because our midfield were being too static and Hamza was not offering himself enough in my opinion. He needs to work on that part of his game otherwise it stifles our game if the defenders are just passing side to side and haven't got a midfielder able to take it off them and pass forward.
  10. Whatever his qualities are on the ball, there is something seriously wrong that he or the coaching staff are doing in training/the gym. His lack of pace is alarming, especially given his age and the fact that he didn't look this slow last season. Yes he may have mis-controlled the ball in the first half, but he was still painfully slow trying to run through. It was actually pretty comical to see a professional footballer run so slowly. Ok he played well on the ball and made some decent passes (including the assists), but there is still work for him to do to improve his speed.
  11. He was dawdling on the ball for too long, he kept giving the ball away cheaply, he didn't offer anything defensively or offensively. He was too slow in all aspects tonight. He had a poor game, it's as simple as that. It's not about making him a scapegoat - it's just saying it as it is, after this performance and numerous other performances. When was the last time he created a chance for any of our forwards? I felt sorry for Praet. He was neat and tidy and quick to release the ball, unlike Tielemans, and yet he gets dragged at HT. I wonder what Praet must be thinking wh
  12. Spot on. The problem is that the Barnes fans are blinkered by the one or 2 good things he does and cannot accept his failings when he runs around like a headless chicken, or misses simple chances, or doesn't protect his defenders. He's got potential going forward but he has a lot of weaknesses in his game that have been exposed badly. I've been a big critic of Barnes for weeks but finally people are now seeing it. His assist stats mask a lot of his overall game. Remember a few years ago when Ozil had all those assists and yet Arsenal fans were still unhappy with his gam
  13. Imagine if that was Gray who gave that performance today?! He would have been slaughtered on here, and rightly so. But because it's Barnes too many people want to overlook his (lack of) effort and the fact that he never makes a tackle, closes players down quickly, or covers his full back. When a player is hiding away from the ball like Barnes did too often, he needs to be taken out of the team until he gets his confidence up again. The sad thing is that all of our other wingers are also not the solution either
  14. He's been crap for weeks but people still have to back him because he's a Leicestershire lad He was hiding towards the end of the first half. He didn't make himself available for any angles. His confidence is shot and he needs to be taken out of the team
  15. Agreed. There was the moment when Vardy made a run down the right wing in the first half and Barnes was actually running towards Vardy rather than towards the centre of the penalty area. Naturally Vardy crossed the ball in with a bit of pace only for Barnes to be 2 yards away from where Vardy was crossing from. Anybody with half a brain would know that he should be running into the 6 yard box where the ball would come.
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