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  1. Yes his English was poor, but it took Pochettino years before he started speaking English in his interviews. And as for players, Aguero still can barely speak English and he's been in this country for absolutely ages. I genuinely think Puel wrote this himself and it came from the heart. Despite his ultimate failings, he didn't have us anywhere near the relegation zone (unlike Shakespeare and Claudio, who left us deep in the mire) and Puel actually developed youngsters like Chilwell and Barnes, as well as bringing through Maddison and giving plenty of chances to Gray. He wasn't a complete disaster and who knows what will happen next - if we appoint the wrong manager next we could go the way of Southampton, Stoke, Swansea etc.
  2. I'm happy to recommend @Resonate as a seller. Bought 2 tickets for the Crystal Palace match off his and he was a genuine bloke. Cheers
  3. I have one spare ticket as I can no longer attend. In J3. Face value is £15 but I'll accept £10 if you can collect it from Syston.
  4. I have one ticket for the Carabao cup match which I can no longer attend. Face value is £15 but I'll give it away for £10 if you can collect it from Syston tonight. The ticket is in J3 row J.
  5. Limited tickets available on the website. I've just picked up one!
  6. I'm also looking for a single ticket for today's game
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