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  1. Looking for 2 tickets together for the Watford game. My mate is coming from Germany to watch it so it'd be nice to sit together.
  2. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    @josh_baskin Top guy - sent me his Man City ticket by first class recorded delivery on the same day that I paid him. Great work!
  3. I'm selling 2 tickets to Anastacia's concert in Nottingham on Monday 5th June. I can no longer go due to holiday. Face value is £89 including admin/postage charges. I'll take £85 for the pair of them. PM if interested.
  4. Robert Miles

    I also had his Dreamland album and bought his second album 23am. I loved Children and Fable - really sad news.
  5. Ranieri sacked

    Completely agreed. I've said the same thing to everyone. His reputation would have been tarnished had he taken us down and the fact that he left before we were in the relegation zone will still mean that technically he left before we were in the bottom 3. It would have been horrific for him to be in charge of the team that became champions, and then get the team relegated. As it stands, he will retain the respect, admiration and love of the Leicester fans and football community.
  6. Ranieri sacked

    Respect to Claudio for coming out to see the fans. He is a true gentleman and will be loved forever in Leicester. It was a sad decision but ultimately no man is bigger than the club and I'm sure Ranieri understands that.
  7. Some balance in the media ....

    It's a good article in light of all the other exaggerated and biased reporting against the club and owners. However, I think it underplays Ranieri's role last season. We will forever be grateful and respect him for his achievements and it was mainly his persona and character that helped us become everyone's second favourite team. I will love the man but it was time to move on, for the good of the club.
  8. The timing of the sacking

    Agreed - the players have let him down but the buck always stops with the manager, whether we like it or not. I think he should have done the honourable thing and walked away when things started turning against him, and even though I think it's the right decision by the owners, I'm still sad at his departure and will always admire and respect him for the way he conducted himself and his achievements here. He should have a statue in his honour and should be given the freedom of Leicester. What he's achieved will never be matched in my opinion. But football is now a business and we can't give him a job for life simply because of sentiment and loyalty.
  9. Swansea (a) Match Thread

    Morgan at it again with his aimless hoofs causing us problems
  10. Burnley match thread

    Albright on is doing my head in with his abysmal long balls. Vardy is so bloody static, he's not moving at all or running the channels like last season. Mahrez is clearly too good for us on this showing.
  11. Jamie Vardy?

    He's not making the runs that he did last season. He had plenty of chances to run into the channels when we got it in our left back/right back areas but he wasn't moving into those positions. Really can't keep blaming it on lack of service. Yes that doesn't help his scoring chances but he's not helping the team by simply staying too central.
  12. Will we ever see Kaputska ?

    So what? Have you seen how skinny Mahrez is?
  13. For their times at City, it has to be a close call between Mahrez and Kante. Both world class in their own right but Kante is clearly the most influential player we've had whilst Mahrez is a magician and technically the most gifted player I've ever seen since following City since 1993. For their contributions to Leicester over a number of years, the O'Neill era deserve respect especially Lennon, Izzet and Elliott. Heskey was a funny one, on his day he was outstanding but never scored enough goals for us.
  14. Slimani

    You need to get some glasses. It was Simpson's cross for Ulloa's header.
  15. Slimani

    Somebody mentioned it earlier but we got rid of Kramaric in the summer who was technically far superior to Musa and Slimani, and also more mobile and quicker than Slimani. Yet another example of our terrible dealings in the transfer market this year.