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  1. That was pretty good for me, all things considered. Let’s win it now.
  2. If you click the blue links you’ll get more info.
  3. I can never remember 504. I’m such a div.
  4. It’s my birthday today. Was never sure about City playing today as obviously it can go either way. This is not good for so many reasons.
  5. This has been really, really bad. I wasn’t confident about going into half time with a lead even at 1-0...
  6. For me, brown sauce is best with bacon and sausages. No sauce needed with beans or tomatoes...
  7. So true. Good bacon in a cob, happy days. In a burger - no.
  8. Yeah, but as a fan of a non-big six club, and also a paying customer, it’s bound to grate.
  9. I never say “that sucks” but own 6 skateboards. Even more doubt thrown on the theory.
  10. I think the throw in rule should be changed, making the following method mandatory.
  11. It’s not neediness for me, it’s the belief that this kind of stuff has a ripple effect that could negatively affect LCFC and football as a whole.
  12. Luckily for us, the way we concentrate on CL is exactly the same way we’d focus on winning the prem.
  13. Erm, you seem to be forgetting the other team is trying to stop that. You don’t just press a “do this” button and it happens. It’s the very nature of competitive sport. And this is at the elite level, where margins are very tight.
  14. Enjoying this. Had a Belhaven Black (new one on me) and watching the boys boss it.
  15. Real microwave or the one in your virtual cab?
  16. We rinse it at my place. Multiple channels, doc repository, full Office 365 integration, single sign on, system notifications hitting it, the works. Email is virtually a thing of the past.
  17. Jeez, that’s a big table. I’m bad enough on a 12-footer.
  18. Served them as a side dish with a nice piece of sole.
  19. Not a fan of the tik tok thing either. Not for any reason other than it’s a bit sh1te.
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