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  1. Half time so I usually catch up on the match thread, but it’s been doing my head in lately. Safe or not?
  2. To be fair, he says “every so often” which completely changes the meaning from what you quoted. But yeah, shoehorning Claudio into the Wilder story is bollocks.
  3. Rise Of The Foot Soldier Part 4: Marbella Don’t really know what to say. I’d had four cans of San Miguel and a bottle of white. Can’t really remember that much of it.
  4. Yes of course they care about their grandchildren. But as people age the reach of people they have the resources to care about reduces. I think this is totally normal and natural, and isn’t restricted to the elderly.
  5. I was referring to the elderly caring less about those outside of their immediate circle.
  6. Well it’s been going on forever, up to you to decide if things are better now than they were, say, 400 years ago.
  7. No, it’s not condescending. It’s a realistic and appropriate examination of the lives of many elderly people. The vast majority of people will have views stuck from around the latest time they had the energy, wherewithal and faculties to be majorly concerned with groups of people who have nothing directly to do with their lives.
  8. Yes, in my opinion it is acceptable that old people do not keep up with every social change taking place. I’m sure the vast majority of them don’t hold on to outdated views out of malice. They have failing bodies, failing minds, friends and family dying all around them and the knowledge that they are not going to be alive themselves much longer. It’s hardly surprising that they don’t prioritise the feelings of minority groups.
  9. I think that’s a thing for all older people - not just white, male older people. I also think it’s completely understandable.
  10. For the press, 100%. Completely agree. For anyone actually involved in this, all possibilities should be considered. As this is a discussion forum, where opinions are put forward but cannot influence anything, I don’t think anyone should be vilified for suggesting unsavoury possibilities. And they are possibilities, as we have no evidence either way.
  11. Which does the most damage is irrelevant though - that’s just a “yeah but” argument. If someone thinks that’s what Meghan is they have a right to say it. Me, I don’t know one way or the other. I would also add (although I probably shouldn’t) that being status driven and attention seeking are two of the traits listed on the DMT5 for cluster B personality disorders. Now, if you think NPD, BPD and ASPD don’t cause much damage you’re off your rocker. Disclaimer: I’m not saying Megs has a cluster B personality disorder. Point of note: Even if she does have a clu
  12. Are you saying status-driven attention seekers don’t exist?
  13. No, I don’t agree here. There cannot ever be freebie manipulative tactics in any walk of life. Should it be handled sensitively and with consideration? Of course it should. Should an attempt be made to take everyone’s perspective into account, and attempt to reach an acceptable outcome for all? Always. But you can’t ever just leave something alone that needs dealing with because someone dropped that they felt suicidal. You’re not protecting potentially innocent parties if you do that. I’m not even talking about this Meghan thing necessarily. I think it’s up to them to
  14. No worries. I can assure you I am not assuming she is lying, I don’t do that about anything, even things I care about. But I’m also not going to assume she isn’t lying, that would be a mugs game. Fact is, we will never know anyway.
  15. I’m saying your wrong about me having an agenda. I don’t, in fact you seem far more emotionally invested in this than me.
  16. Thanks. I’m not that guy though - I put my theory forward with no emotion or agenda. Thinking about it, I’d prefer the royal machine being the bad guys here, rather than a young family - particularly after what Harry has been through.
  17. Wrong. I don’t care who’s done what. It’s a theory. And yes, some people are more than capable of lying about anything to get what they want, and what they want doesn’t always make sense. Some people lie pathologically - they even lie for no apparent reason.
  18. It’s fine, no worries. As I say it’s a theory - but there are parallels with not just what happened to me but the standard pattern of this type of relationship.
  19. And a lot of restrictions that go with it. She might have loved the idea to start with, but if my theory is true things can quickly change if she wanted out - I.e she wouldn’t do it in a way that made her look bad. And what’s the best way to do that? As I say, it’s just a theory.
  20. No it’s fine, I’m over it now (just about). In a nutshell, I was fvcked over by a woman who has a serious personality disorder. She pretended to be someone she wasn’t, and did a very good job of it. Look up malignant narcissist, in particular the lovebomb/devalue/discard/hoover cycle. Its on the DMT5 and she ticked every box. And I didn’t have a clue until I’d moved in with her...
  21. Yeah exactly. Some fame (attention) and some cash and status. The victim role/smear campaign would be classic signs of what this could be.
  22. No, not completely baseless. If we couldn’t make suppositions and put our thoughts forward this wouldn’t be much of a discussion forum - we don’t know anything yet and I have no horse in the race - in fact I hope I’m wrong.
  23. No we can’t, I’m just seeing a lot of similarities to a known relationship type, one I unfortunately know way too much about.
  24. It’s just theory, and to be honest I don’t care either way (I’m interested in it but am not rooting for either party) but what I am seeing here has a lot of parallels with an experience I went through recently. Theres a certain type of person who will do anything to get what they want. Actors have a high percentage of their populace who are this type of person. It’s the kind of thing that’s laughed off until you’ve experienced it, and sounds great fetched, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s another element to this. The relationship got going quickly. Now ther
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