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  1. I think he has Cluster B traits. All fine (or so it appears) when everything is going his way but the real personality shows when not. Blame shifting, inability to take criticism, putting others down to make himself feel better. Even if the death of his mother is something to do with it, grief shouldn’t come out like that.
  2. The push was no worse than Chris Woods. For whatever reason a clear, two handed push doesn’t seem to always be a foul.
  3. I really think people are going overboard about how badly we played. It’s Liverpool and they were going for it - but we contained them nicely and they didn’t create much. We hit the bar before scoring a perfectly good equalizer and then they fell apart. That’s how I saw it. We looked a bit lethargic and kept giving the ball away but that’s because they were pressing so hard. They are the champions - we were never going to be able to play our way for the whole match.
  4. Blarmy


    Dislocated my middle finger at the middle knuckle - it was beyond 90 degrees - crashing my bike into a tree. Also had a good look at my shin bone where my pedal exposed it. I put the finger back immediately but it’s never been quite the same. Broken collar bone randomly falling over in the street when I was a kid. Broken bone in my foot when I got smashed into the wall by a fat lad playing Uni hockey at school. The cast was ridiculous- it had a huge metal stirrup on the bottom and I had it on for 6 weeks... 🤣
  5. I’d rather finish 5-7th and win the cup. No doubt about it. Having said that, I don’t think such a dichotomy exists anyway. It’s all very fine margins. In other words, hindsight is a beautiful thing, but when you don’t know what the outcome would have been if a certain thing happened or didn’t happen, it’s all conjecture. I’m just glad we’re still in the cup, still in Europe and doing very well in the league.
  6. Same here, but I can’t find it on the BBC sport app now.
  7. Swansea have averaged one pass per minute in the first 17 minutes...
  8. I’ve seen it. Sitting there playing with the old chap as absently-mindedly as if he were scrolling through his social media. With lots of other people knocking about. Highly, highly, highly weird.
  9. The nameless one might have been referring to our Frank, in which case he wasn’t using his first name.
  10. The problem is that the officiating of the sport seems to be going out of its way to perplex fans. Cheating appears to be fine and nobody mentions it. We get the tech to stamp it out and instead it’s used for killing the spontaneous celebration of goals, giving loads of penalties for nothing and ruling out good goals from open play - also for nothing. Regardless of whether you are a fan, a player or a billionaire owner in it just for the money, surely good, fair, competitive sport with no cheating and plenty of scoring is a good thing. I just don’t see where the motivation is for
  11. At least we get to hear a good track when Spurs score at home.
  12. Reach for the sky. Go Everton. Nice one Hammez.
  13. I’d be way, way happier with 2nd than 4th. 2 < 4. And more bunse. 0-0.
  14. Lol, someone’s not seen The Matrix.
  15. But threw one expletive in there also, no doubt trying to be edgy. 🙄
  16. At least we know if the opposition takes two identical corners, in quick succession, we know how to deal with it the second time.
  17. Not for me it’s not. I’m shitfaced.
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