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  1. Yeah that’s her. Just not my bag, and it’s not even necessarily her, it’s the whole dummy/pretending the dummy is talking thing.
  2. I could never get into all the ventriloquist stuff, even as a kid. There’s a relatively young, female comedian who does it and I always think “how did she get into that?” The Muppets are class though.
  3. I had to watch it a few times to figure out what happening - didn’t realise the guy was hanging out the window. The girls didn’t even care there was a body on the pavement - more bothered about the phone.... utterly appalling.
  4. I absolutely hate that Martial can cheat and it gets rewarded and Albrighton gets booked for that.
  5. Single now so free of all this but it used to be putting stuff in the bin after its been emptied (I know) and something to do with curtains; namely their open/closed state and whether there was anyone in the room or not. Not really sure tbh, but whatever it was I was getting wrong really annoyed her. That’s ex 1. Ex 2, absolutely nothing for about 18 months, then an instant switch into absolutely everything. Even made up stuff, for example the fact we weren’t going anywhere - during lockdown. Then, when I left, absolutely nothing again.
  6. Papillon - the remake. Really enjoyed it, having read the book a few years back. Good acting, if maybe a tad lacking in range for the main character considering what he went through. I always thought the book had a hint of bravado about it and the film followed suit. Or maybe he was just hard as nails in every aspect, who knows? I just think 5 years in solitary would send the vast majority of people over the edge. Not even any Teams calls in the 30s. Good sets, good photography and real “boys own” stuff. Went well with 8 little cans of IPA (couldn’t read the label or decipher the
  7. I also don’t like fried bread. Toast all the way.
  8. That’s because we’re City fans and not Spurs fans. It’s kind of how football works.
  9. Yeah but it’s not our job. Beyond the odd joke, pundits should be above their biases. It’s funny when you’re a neutral, mind.
  10. Yeah, a draw where both teams deserve to lose would be perfect.
  11. I’m not sure them needing to beat us to go above us is them controlling their own destiny any more than we’d be controlling ours. in fact I am sure, it’s not.
  12. Draw for me, we're competing against both of them so to gain 2 points on both would be 👌🏻
  13. The option is to boo and heckle Spurs. Comes very naturally and doesn’t make you feel ill.
  14. Vardy will be back in a goal scoring capacity. I’m sure of that as physically he seemed sharp today, and had chances. He fluffed them all but that’s a mental thing and I’m confident he’ll sort it. I did think he’d lost a yard, and then I’d be agreeing with those saying he may need to be repurposed in the near future.
  15. Vardy and Nacho - bro’s. One picked the other up.
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