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  1. We seem to have sacrificed any wing play and link up between midfield/attack to accommodate 5 at the back. Shambles
  2. Why stick with this system after Southampton last week?
  3. Ricardo and Castagne just cancelling each other out, really don’t understand this formation
  4. Zaha has got to be football’s biggest cry baby. No wonder he’s never gone on to better things must be an absolute nightmare in training, bet he storms off if his team loses one of the mini games. Although must be tough to play for a team like Palace...
  5. Anyone else think that Milivojevic tackle on Kele looked like a red from the one full speed replay they showed?
  6. We’ve had longer lists in the past!
  7. Unless we have Evans, Fofana and Cags all available can we just ditch the 3 at the back. We always look better once we’ve switched to the 4
  8. But then Vardy won’t be able to come short and lay it off to someone else
  9. Back 3 is a waste of time. Thought we learnt this from first half at Burnley? Fofana and Soyuncu no idea where they should be and just invites more pressure as Brighton sticking an extra man up front when we have the ball at the back. Also seem to have no options going forward even though we have 2 strikers on the pitch? Diabolical.
  10. People never mention his name when talking about our injuries but this is just as much a loss as any of the others.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKt_v_QH9c3/?igshid=ic58k55pf4li
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