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  1. Premier league years on sky today was our title winning season... remember the season after when people were saying if we got relegated that every time we thought about the title we would immediately think about the relegation afterwards. Thankfully that didn’t happen, but when they were showing us lifting the title and all the celebrations all I could think of was Vichai
  2. Went down today and gates were all locked up.
  3. This day will live with me for many reasons but Nigel and Claudio standing side by side really added to the emotion for me. Two characters from different Leicester stories meeting. It was almost like when they make a crossover TV show/film. Very surreal.
  4. WoodyFox

    Burnley (home)

    So Saturday November 10th 2007, at home to Burnley, a day when we remembered my Uncle John. A proud Leicester supporter for many years and his passing marked in the matchday programme. Tomorrow, by amazingly strange coincidence, again Sat November 10th again at home to Burnley, a day to remember for very different reasons. Forgive me for feeling a strong connection here.
  5. Add Benkovic to that list!
  6. Mahrez and Gally dedicating their goals to Vichai. Class.
  7. Whilst I fully appreciate the thought and sign of respect, this feels a bit gimmicky and almost as if Notts are trying to win the ‘who can show the most sympathy award’. A minutes silence has and always will be the ultimate mark of respect and remembrance.
  8. Thoughts on this?
  9. Wow, Claudio and Top stood side by side really got me... memories of the title winning season along with everything that’s happened since Saturday.
  10. From Top’s personal Instagram. Sounds like he’s keen to carry on with us. We’ll be fully behind him.
  11. WoodyFox

    Helicopter crash

    Congratulations, you just figured out how the mainstream news media works.
  12. WoodyFox

    Helicopter crash

    I agree it’s important but hardly definitive for the investigation. If the sun had got hold of the black box control input data and voice recordings then that would have been really distasteful. The AAIB have the best and most reliable data/info on their desks, not sure a grainy video from the KP is going to make or break this investigation.
  13. WoodyFox

    Helicopter crash

    Really hope it’s mechanical but struggling to see or hear anything wrong as it goes up (not that I’m an expert on helicopters)... just hope it’s nothing more sinister or upsetting.
  14. WoodyFox

    Dan Roan comments

    Sorry didn’t realise another thread had been made regarding this exactly. Check the ‘Dan Roan comments’ thread.
  15. WoodyFox

    Dan Roan comments

    Shocking apology, just because it was a private, off air conversation with a colleague doesn’t mask the disgusting comments he made. Hope he never returns to our club.