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  1. Fckin hell. I was calm before reading this thread. Now I can feel my whole heart trying to get out if my body
  2. This is it lads. The moment we've been waiting for.
  3. So Liverpool need Arsenal to beat Chelsea to have a decent chance at UCL next season, based on their garbage forum that makes my eyes bleed. What do you think is the best possible scenario for us?
  4. https://cc.sporttube.com/embed/aC4CCCG/no-preload Here's the goal
  5. I respect OGS for trying to gift us 3 points then possibly take Liverpool out of the equation
  6. Are you the same one who put 10 on Newcastle to win last match?
  7. We got a good record against the greedy 6 this season. I expect us to be able to maintain this in the final 2 games with Vardinho
  8. We still have an hour left. We could still make a comeback. Game's over when the final whistle is blown
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a club. Cambiasso 2.0?
  10. I know we're being kind of cocky, but have we thrashed a team this season yet. Only game that comes to mind is the 2-5 Man City game.
  11. Because working isn't a valid reason to not fast in Islam. The "make-up dates" for fasting are for stuff like illnesses, intense bleeding, medical injections, hospital treatment, etc. The British journal might apply this to jobs like airline pilots because pilots need to be at the top of their game while flying up there, otherwise hundreds of people are at risk.
  12. This is Why Koeman should count on Trincao - YouTube Saw this video on Barca forum. Get him in.
  13. Theory: Nacho purposely played bad to not go back to Emptyhad and when the clause expired, he became Ianaldo
  14. Don't 4th place teams have to go through a round of qualifiers before entering the CL? I remember Spurs and Pool almost losing their qualifiers and people losing their sh1t on social media
  15. It's not how Islam works. Besides, it's not that difficult. The first couple of days are a bit more difficult but after that your body adjusts and you get used to it.
  16. Is Warzone still considered Modern Warfare on this forum or would we need a separate thread for Warzone?
  17. I managed to catch it and actually set off the nuke myself. The event was very fun. Too bad servers were absolutely garbage at the time though because none of my friends could get on. Here's a video of part 2 if you didn't catch it.
  18. As it stands right now, we have some of the best owners in world football. If the fans are anything to go by with their constant circlejerking, I reject the 50+1 idea.
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