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  1. Can't wait for Nottingham Forest to be in the PL soon
  2. I'm not even English. Why the heck would I care?
  3. I heard we're back in for Barca's Trincao. Thoughts on him?
  4. Eldin Jakupovic Ron Robert Zieler Mark Schwarzer
  5. I'm thoroughly enjoying the Red Cafe meltdown right now
  6. I'm really happy for him that he stepped up.
  7. Is Dycheball really counted as football tho?
  8. Good enough for you to consider a name change?
  9. I feel Fulham might stay up this year, probably at the expense of Newcastle. Imagine how hilarious it would be for Wilson and Fraser to leave Bournemouth for PL football only to be relegated again, and Bournemouth then gets promoted the very same season.
  10. Found this on Instagram. This is the true masterclass in case there are doubters.
  11. Hopefully we won't have anyone sent off and win
  12. Is it just me or is Leuven kind of like one of those teams you never see win yet pick up enough points to stay in the league?
  13. I mean, Wolfsburg are owned by a car company whose biggest source of income comes from selling sausages.
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