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  1. Apparently the world revolves around him, eh?
  2. Let's hope a gun isn't the only thing he knows how to shoot
  3. So many Belgians in our team. Improves our chances of signing KDB next season.
  4. It's impossible to win an argument against an idiot. Save your breath m8
  5. Is it because of their cup run where they beat Burnley?
  6. This seems to be the most sophisticated thread on this forum yet
  7. First favorite player: Vardy First memory of Leicester: I remember them beating Manure 5-3 but I wasn't a fan then. 1-1 against Manure in the title winning season was when I first watched a match.
  8. Now I know why the club haven't signed Tagliafico and Trincao
  9. OH yeah Costa Rica. I knew it was one of those countries
  10. Netherlands bringing on Krul for penalties against Panama?
  11. Out of curiosity. What did he say?
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