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  1. Is it just me or is Leuven kind of like one of those teams you never see win yet pick up enough points to stay in the league?
  2. I mean, Wolfsburg are owned by a car company whose biggest source of income comes from selling sausages.
  3. We create better chances that actually hit the back of the net. We're not the ones in the bottom half right now.
  4. Remember when everyone though we were going to finish rock bottom of our El group.
  5. Well I doubt the ref would know a random staff member's name.
  6. VVD injured TAA injured Gomez injured Fabinho injured Robertson Injured Rhys Williams injured Thiago injured Salah COVID Full send it lads
  7. As an Egyptian, these songs are absolutely dogshite
  8. As long as they're qualified and not given the job simply for diversity, then by all means sure.
  9. I've checked out the Wolves forums. They seem so salty about the match.
  10. The league's broken. What's Southampton doing up there?
  11. Bro, it's No Nut November. You need to stay strong brother.
  12. Dinamo Zagreb top of their group having scored only 1 goal in 3 games and conceded 0.
  13. This thread is kinda dead for a prematch thread. What's going on guys dafuq?
  14. 5 seconds ago, waking up in bed to opening this forum
  15. Why is this thread so gloomy? Where was I in 1945? I was in Germany fighting zombies in an abandoned airfield, asylum, and factory.
  16. But we aren't Wolves. Our second string doesn't include players like Bennett
  17. I had a dream last night that we were the first team in the league to reach 40 points. Brenden masterclass
  18. Any guesses as to why Cengiz didn't stand behind Hamza?
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