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  1. Can't think of many current Prem players that look like they enjoy football as much as him on the pitch, hope he gets a farewell appearance.
  2. Yeah forgot about the Arsenal reference, Iwan's version is levels above though would hate to see it fade away for Vardy's version was my point.
  3. Jamie Vardy's magic being sung over Iwan is a Welshman. Please no.
  4. If they beat Burnley today they'll be nervous, playing into our hands. Fancy us to do them on the counter with Barnes' pace.
  5. Fancied Barnes to tear their defense a new one today, fresh legs later on will be a threat still. Buzzing for Hamza though.
  6. True- Salford and Trafford are red. Stockport is blue
  7. Grow up in Manchester and you'll know more United fans than City though.
  8. Sheff United away will be mega next season, until they rearrange it for a Monday night KO.
  9. Pretty much, when you lose in that style, and their fans are divs. Like Watford- Knockaerts fault but don't like them because of it. Must just be bitter.
  10. Haha in a bit Cardiff. Still hate them from that Kermorgant miss years ago.
  11. Cahill still in with a chance today, put money on him at 2/1 just before he pulled it back to 7-7.
  12. Demographics of our fan-base are definitely unusual, as a kid it was my dad who introduced me to home and away games and this was the same for all my mates, eventually leading to the older man stopping going for 'bad knees ect' and the lad going with his mates. Don't know if it's just my personal background but everyone I know who go the matches fit this criteria as well.
  13. Up there with one of my favourite ever aways this. Limbs when Dyer scored with his right- more for the fact he didn't fluff a shot with his right than us becoming champions
  14. Rather not become Derby. Thought Derby ripping Sheff Weds "If you don't bounce" song was bad and they somehow managed to out Derby themselves with "Lampards at the wheel".
  15. Wolves will do well to keep hold of their key stars this summer, Nuno will be sought after as well if next year goes well for them.
  16. Always thought if i was to be world class at a sport by choice it'd be snooker, behind the obvious football.
  17. Buzzing for "sky TV is fvcking shit" to get belted out by both sets of fans. Subsequently to be muted out by Sky.
  18. After 1 adult for this please.
  19. 100% this, United and Leeds away ends are proper.
  20. 100%, Doesn't have the intensity in his game for a title chasing side imo, more suited when there's less pressure to perform. Fail in this City side and you get slaughtered.
  21. 365 had him at 20/1. Seen some bookies have him as low as 9/1 though. Fair play to the lad, massive for him.
  22. I reckon it'll go to general sale.
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