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  1. That episode was mental, favourite ep apart from Battle of the Bastards. Redeemed from what was an average season imo. People expecting a Hollywood ending are watching the wrong series.
  2. Proper hate Villa's version of allez allez allez, tinpot.
  3. The everybody Danns now chant means this opinions invalid sorry.
  4. Easily one of my favourite players for us.
  5. West Brom away was surreal. Spurs away in the cup where we scored 2 within the last 10 mins as well.
  6. Imagine being a Spurs fan in Amsterdam after that....
  7. Good business that, as well as a good man to have in the dressing room.
  8. Bit of me dies every-time a player from the 15/16 season leaves. Imagine when the last one leaves.
  9. Their fans to the left were giving as much as they were receiving though from what I saw. Was some gobby twat in a cap who didn't stop all game in their end.
  10. Top tier was alright-ish at points, game was flat at times for us in the second half to be fair. My Man City mate in the home end praised our support.
  11. Can't remember a player getting so much stick from the away end as he did after that miss. I've had an open mind to him coming good so far but that was the last straw for me.
  12. My two Man City mates said we were one of the best sides to come to the Etihad and actually managed to keep hold of the ball unlike most teams, were impressed that we filled all three away end tiers as well as a lot of teams don't especially mid-week.
  13. Not happy with that last episode, felt so rushed compared to past seasons where they took time in building up situations with attention to detail.
  14. Not been this excited before going a match for a while, massive stakes and less stress when it's us not in the hot seat.
  15. He got banned for 6 months in 2010, not having it that he'd match fix in the World Championship final he teared up after the semis, the prize money as well as the fact if he got caught it would make his whole career pointless makes it not worth it.
  16. Hope Leeds come up for the entertainment value next year in the prem. Lampard's Derby wankfest from the media will almost be as unbearable as their fanbase..
  17. I said this to my old man yesterday hahahaha. Don't mind him too much until he says that, reckon he has a preset of "Where's the cue ball going" and just presses a button for it to be broadcasted.
  18. United are a serious mess, without significant doe getting spent this summer they wont be in the top 8 next season.
  19. Bet 365 bet builder for tomorrows game; Vardy to score, exactly 1 goal for both teams combined, over 2 total cards. 200/1. Thank me later.
  20. Emotional stuff watching Gilbert tear up there, inspirational man. Fair play to Higgins though true grit from him.
  21. Not enough of a deterrent, say you sub on a skillful winger, most of the time it won't matter they are on a yellow as tackling isn't a key aspect of their game.
  22. So any meat head can start a game, nail the opposition's best player cynically just to get subbed off for a better player. Bit of a flawed idea.
  23. The eye colour theory with Ayra is interesting, although a bit Hollywood if it happens.
  24. Absolute belter of a shot, considering he was poor yesterday as well.
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