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  1. The profits some early buyers on doge made last night are mental. Wouldn't say its a worthy investment more of a punt for short term gain.
  2. £200 of doge bought early this morning. Fingers crossed the Americans push it.
  3. Listen if you think our home atmosphere is one of the worst you definitely don’t go many away games.
  4. Compared to our current list of tinpot stuff which includes clappers and light shows definitely not.
  5. Hope we go full strength, in the grand scheme of things I'd rather fvck up Southampton at home than miss out in a visit to Wembley and potential silverwear.
  6. Blackpool away Saturday 3pm I beg.
  7. After one adult if anyone has a reference, thanks.
  8. No one mentioned Konchesky against Wolves yet..
  9. The Championship and League 1 grounds where it was a free for a all despite allocated seating were the days. People way too bothered now.
  10. Always thought the same, same for Sunderland also their away end used to be mega when it was the bottom tier.
  11. Yeah I though so, makes sense to prevent away fans like me haha but bit harsh on possible new Sheff Utd match go-ers surely?
  12. Made an account and it says you need 500 loyalty points, looks like you have to buy a membership. Has anyone managed it?
  13. Tried and failed to sort tickets in the home end, plenty still available anyone know if there's touts selling at Brammal Lane?
  14. We've got Perez, Ayoze Perez I just don't think you understand, He cost 30 mil, To boost MIke Ashley's bill, We've got Ayoze Perez
  15. Massive lack of quality in this game, can't even play hoofball.
  16. Don't want West Brom to come up, but if they do every penny I own is getting put on Vardy scoring at the Hawthorns next year.
  17. Should've just kept the original, was iconic.
  18. It's not even bad, it's just so over analysed now because of the hype and popularity surrounding it that people are waiting to criticize it due to the high previous standards.
  19. The mountain is the reason for the hound's burnt face, from their childhood together. The whole Hound character is literally in place for the whole series to have revenge on his brother, ironically it happens in fire which is his fear because of his childhood. After he achieves his revenge he has no purpose to live.
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