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  1. He was a youth football coach in Leicestershire around 01/02, ran part of a JSLA course I took.
  2. Looking for 2 for Brentford away, unlikely I know
  3. Yep. Rather than wait the extra week or so until they go on general sale, I’d rather ask if anyone with a season ticket can get me a pair. Then I can book train tickets etc.
  4. I just wondered how the money was spent. How well do you know the family?
  5. Could you break down the £40m spend? Not doubting you, just curious how they’ve spent so much.
  6. Watford 15/16 season. Crash into central reservation on M1 on the way down from Sheffield. Could have been much worse, both walked away without a scratch. Mrs was driving...
  7. Looking for two tickets together for this
  8. Filbert Street - The Double Decker and The O'Neill Years XI, both available in A2 & A3 at matthewjiwood.com
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 180 seconds  
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