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  1. The Fox and Growler in Blaby are showing all the Leicester games. I saw the West Brom match there.
  2. Yes, I would be surprised if he left a champions league team to one not even in Europe. But if we have a bad start next year due to crazy fixture concentration, and the injuries pile up again, I can see him being tempted.
  3. I’m still weirdly angry about it despite the three points.
  4. He’s clearly one of the best wingers in the league.
  5. Maybe the premier league should introduce an ‘injured reserve’ list like they have in the NFL, where if a player is out long term you can remove them from the active squad list and sign a replacement until they are fit again.
  6. That makes sense. I’ve seen a couple of other clubs in a similar situation and assumed it was an AI bug.
  7. Left Leicester for Bayern to change things up, and found the finances in disarray. They have been giving mad, 200k a week contracts to completely mediocre players. The two back up keepers are on a combined 440k a week. A 35 year old David Alaba had recently been give a new 2 year deal at 215k and I can’t even try to sell him because he’s retiring at the end of it. Shame it doesn’t keep track of last manager so I can find out what loon was behind this strategy. Going to take a couple of seasons to sort things out. Miss Leicester already.
  8. Man of the match last night according to the randoms on Whoscored.com.
  9. Isn’t he one of those people that does the avengers hand sign when he scores. Either way:
  10. Almost certainly. Looks like one of those Turkish procedures that fills in the widows peak and takes the hairline from a Norwood 3 back to a more natural looking Norwood 1. Similar to the procedure Albrighton had a couple of years ago.
  11. Mark Draper off the top of my head. Must be loads more from the days we were both in the championship/league one though.
  12. Maybe they’ve just given up recently, like a lot of us have in the lockdown.
  13. Can’t imagine he will ever play a game for us sadly.
  14. It was a typo on a hasty tweet he made when we wouldn’t let him leave 😂
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