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  1. Think I've missed the boat on that 😂 we look a little light compared to previous years
  2. Same Rochdale that took Man Utd to extra time earlier this season. I wouldn't put money on it but it would be very Newcastle to cock up at home to them
  3. Both things that weren't known when the TV games were picked, no? I wouldn't have been at all surprised if Newcastle screwed up tonight. Spurs losing at home to Middlesbrough however
  4. Great choice for a TV game Magic of the FA Cup LIVE on the BBC, lets show a top 6 side at home to a poor Championship side. The heck would you not show Tranmere/Watford? Even Newcastle/Rochdale
  5. Walkers


    he strikes again
  6. Whats happened to Lokeren? Thought they were a decent top tier side
  7. Walkers


    Anymore comments like this and you're getting banned
  8. Me too but this is only 5 or 6 games. That said he will have a stonking record in his last 15 or so PL matches 😂
  9. Walkers


    Is FIF really any worse than those who post for rep and double post to boost their post count? The latter is sooooooo 10 years ago
  10. Anybody who wants this to happen must detect or even desire a sudden decline in our current status as a top half PL side. We are above his level now
  11. I don't think the media will allow Bournemouth to sack Howe. After all, he has earned the right to get them relegated as many times as he likes by getting them to the PL and keeping them there for 4 years.
  12. Thats a weird attitude to have with a new member who makes a fair point
  13. But Chilwell is shit????????????????????
  14. What a shame it is that Liverpool's good season is going to be tarnished by the fact that everybody else is having an off-season, like us in 2016
  15. Sick of the moaning about it now, just bin it off. It makes correct decisions (only most of the time, admittedly), yet a good 75% of every fanbase is blind when it goes and rescues their side and the same people call it a heap of shit when decisions go against them. I still can't get my head around people preferring the scenario of a goal that shouldn't stand being allowed because of fans having to uncelebrate a goal rather than the right decision ultimately being made But if it does get scrapped then any manager or player that even hints of a refereeing decision going against his side should be given a life ban from the sport
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