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  1. We're now a top half PL side that occasionally can much even higher, yet some of our fans would prefer Pearson to Rodgers when fans of Championship clubs wouldn't go near him. Wouldn't be the first time someone didn't pull up trees at one club then did well at another
  2. You sure you're not describing every driver there..?
  3. Sure it won't be any less exciting but the league next year looks the weakest i've seen in a very long time. Barnsley Birmingham Blackburn Bournemouth Brentford Bristol City Cardiff Coventry Derby Huddersfield Luton Middlesbrough Millwall Norwich Nottingham Forest Preston QPR Reading Rotherham Sheffield Wednesday -12 Stoke Swansea Watford Wycombe Think there's a huge chance for anybody who just seem to click. Don't see Watford or Bournemouth necessarily dominating, though I think with Watford there is potential if they keep their squad together and have the right mindset. I'd probably have Norwich as favourites presuming Brentford's squad is ripped apart. For an early top 10 prediction i'd go (in no order) Norwich, Cardiff, Brentford, Derby, Bristol City, Watford, Blackburn, Swansea, Millwall, Preston Crazy to think that one of Wycombe, Rotherham, Luton or Barnsley will stay up aswell I'll go Wycombe, Rotherham and either Birmingham/Huddersfield just to try and be bold. Would think Karanka will get an improvement from Birmingham. I'd think Sheff Wed would be alright but even realistically they'd have to have a play-off type season to just keep them up.
  4. I thought it was just the line order near the bottom, never noticed that
  5. Keepers should actually be booked for what that Fulham keeper just did. Catches it standing up perfectly comfortably then falls to the ground. Literally one of the worst things in football
  6. I read it's something to do with the local area and noise
  7. I just came here to say exactly the same thing FFS
  8. Just checked out the last Hamilton themed post on IG, top comments (assuming that people liking the comment signals they agree with it) are "This account should be renamed official Lewis Hamilton fanpage. Ricciardo finishing P4 should have more recognition" "Lewis Hamilton fan account" "Another Lewis post great" "Penalty for dangerous driving then " (the post was about his top speed with the puncture) "Everyone could have done it change my mind" "With the most overpowered car in history" A few more photos later "Unbelievable how lucky this guy is" "He's even lucky in an unlucky situation, amazing" < which is somewhat fair enough on this occasion "Now tell me he isn't the luckiest driver ever" "Only Hamilton can get so lucky to get a puncture when it doesnt really matter" Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto I'm sorta tired of the BLM thing but not passionately enough to speak up against it or to change my opinion on someone who actively promotes it. Some of the things he did come out and say over that period, particularly condoning the the statue situations and encouraging for people to topple more of them had me shaking my head. But thats another convo Yeah Norris' fanbase has a very One Direction feel to it. It shouldn't put me off him but it kinda does
  9. Can somebody edit the thread title to FRANCISCO TRINCAO?
  10. You really can't read much social media then (not that i'd blame you at all). Like I said above anything Hamilton related has the comments section just overflowing with hate. If you do read F1's accounts then I don't understand how you're not seeing them. These are the people i'm aiming this at but as whoever it was said below your post, they aren't worth the time at all. On the respect issue though, first and foremost every F1 driver is obviously extremely talented. The criticism Grosjean draws is for the silly mistakes he tends to make and is actually somewhat justified. The people who dismiss him as being shit or any other expletive are clearly idiots, thats the dispect side of it. It's strange because in his Lotus days he actually became a very good driver. Vettel is perhaps a fair shout, but again he has caused his own criticism by his sharp fall from grace. Now that he's out of the Championship spotlight there seems to be more sympathy for him than criticism. Over the course of his career he has been great but there really can't be many, if any drivers that has made more mistakes than he has in the last 2-3 years. It's too many certainly for a man of his experience in a car that has been more often than not capable of winning races.
  11. It's not hate and maybe it is harsh but he's the most passive driver I can remember. Solid if unspectacular, a bit like Max Chilton but he drove a Marussia so it's understandable why he never pulled up any trees. I can't honestly think of one thing he has done in the last 18 months besides lead a few laps at Singapore because of a safety car. Not even a mega overtaken even if it was for 14th position. But no there are people who seriously think he could match what he does without a doubt. And no I completely disagree. There is not one driver on the current grid (and many past grids) who is less respected than him. If he wins its because he's in the best car. If he wins on 3 wheels he should have parked up and retired on the grounds of safety. If he wins from 14th in Germany it's because the safety car helped him. When he gets most wins and ties/beats Schumachers 7 titles its because he's never had a midfield car or worse. I'll tell you now if he wins the title this year people will say it shouldn't count because it's a weird season. People can not give him credit for what he achieves. He beats his team mate most years, however it's not because he's a level above Bottas who is a very good driver, it's because he's an average driver up against a shit driver. It's a total lie. We can sit here all day and list the benefits that Hamilton has had over all the records he now holds over Schumacher, but then we can do exactly the same about Schumacher and those before him, and those before him. It's a cycle that ends all the way back at the beginning.
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