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  1. Walkers

    The World Football Thread

    Maybe he just wants to try something new, is interested in the culture, doesn't want to risk playing vs Barcelona? blablabla
  2. Walkers

    Betting Thread

    Atleast none lost 5-0
  3. Walkers

    Pre Season - any word?

    The way we did it in 2016 was shocking admittedly. Last years was much better. Travel early if you're gonna find yourself in another continent and then come back and play games closer to home with 3 or more weeks until the start of the season
  4. 5/5 on easy which it was. The 4th one was the only questionable one, not sure if they were all in the same order for everybody.
  5. Walkers

    Pre Season - any word?

    Mind boggling how the top 6 always finish in the top 6 when they never prepare sensibly for a season
  6. Walkers

    Pre Season - any word?

    Why are people so obsessed with lower league teams and strictly against air travel?
  7. Walkers

    Betting Thread

    **** i've just backed a team who have lost their last 3 away to a team who have won their last 4 and won (1-4) also Aalesunds who were weirdly 14/5 to win away at Viking (0-2). Helsinki and Fortaleza (3-0 and 2-0) at 25/1. Sadly i'm still in money saver mode at the mo so only won a tenner Had another 6/7 Monday thanks to Brondby utterly throwing away their chances of winning the Danish league. On a roll lately Tonight I like AIK (2/1 away to Hacken), Halmstad (8/5 away to Landskrona) and Jonkopings (6/5 home to Degefors)
  8. Walkers

    Prank Owl

    Bump with this ^^ And this _____ http://www.prankowl.com/?r=4650
  9. Walkers


    Give over with this whole relegation thing. Bet you wouldn't mind Mawson or on unlinked players such as Fabianski/Butland
  10. Walkers

    Betting Thread

    I've won 3 bets in the last 4 days having won about 3 in 6 weeks
  11. Walkers


    I heard Jonny Evans was caught smiling within days of WBA being relegated. Don't want that sort of character at MY club
  12. Walkers

    limited posts

    Whats your limit?
  13. Walkers

    Vardy to Atletico

    Why is there no chance this could happen exactly?
  14. Walkers

    Betting Thread

    Coritiba are 9/4 (10pts from 5 games) to beat Boa (lost all 5 games) away. KO at 11pm Recently relegated vs (i think) recently promoted Gone for them, Flamengo, Palmeiras and Santa Cruz (Serie C) for a midnight bet Boa are winning after 10mins. 1-1 after 15
  15. Walkers

    Betting Thread

    Plzen are good odds to screw up again today. Napoli and Sampdoria are brilliant odds to win although their opposition have a lot more of stake. Helios are 22/1 to win away to Desna when unless i'm being blind neithe team have anything to play for. Desna 3rd Helios 8th, over 20pts seperate them and Helios have lost their last 5. (Ukraine 2nd div) Slovacko vs Zlin (Czech Rep) are odds on for the draw when that doesn't necassarily guarantee survival for either of them let alone both of them