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  1. 94th minute and an 89th minute winner for my first win in absolutely ages 😍 Levadia Tallinn Dinamo Tblisi Steaua Bucharest Dinamo Zagreb Wisla Krakow Vojvodina Made better because I decided against adding CSKA who lost 3-1
  2. Vojvodina 17/10 home to Cukaricki 6/4 - Serbia Voj finished 19pts ahead by the end of the regular season, they finished comfortably 3rd in the Championship group behind the big two, Cukaricki finished top of the bottom group. In my experience seeing odds like these, bet on Cukaricki (which I have not) 94th minute winner, 1-0!!!
  3. The fear All it's pretty much been since page 130 is people saying lets get this to 200 pages.. sorry I find that a bit tedious. Some of the decent stuff that gets deleted from time to time yet that gets to stand.. that particular case should have been an easy job, doubt it takes more than 5 seconds to lock it. Those posting the shit would have got over it, i'm sure they have their toy cars and lego and such to go play with
  4. Whichever year it was I first spotted us wearing my favourite crisps on our shirt as a 4-7 year old
  5. Probably not, you don't see many penalties for blocking anymore. Why, do you think so? I presume you'd have of the opinion then if Grosjean deliberately drove into Vettel he'd have got a race ban?
  6. This thread was posted before the game kicked off today, 15mins in at the latest..
  7. Whereas Ulloa's first touch is sublime
  8. Well yeah I take your point there it wasn't the best comparison, but just because a part of the game supposedly favours a certain team doesn't justify changing the rules
  9. I have no problem with the penalty rule changes but the reason behind the change is statistically 60% or something of shootout winners take the first penalty. So? Im sure over 65% of winners in games are the home team, does that mean we need to try and even it up by playing in neutral venues?
  10. Its amusing how we can all agree its the first game of pre-season so we can't judge players too strongly unless they're players we don't rate
  11. But he has an ex-wife and kids to support Unlike normal folk who don't have partners and kids
  12. Had Shakhtar, Dynamo Kiev and Lokomotiv Moscow come in so far, just need Juventude and Guarani from Brazil Serie B later on tonight
  13. Definitely, I usually stay away from it but that game caught my eye and there wasn't much else about. I've completely nerded out and from last Friday since there were a few European leagues starting up again, i've started keeping a record on teams I bet on, seperating it from country to country. Not so much for myself in knowing who is reliable but just to see my success rate in different leagues. As it happens Poland is current 0/3 Legia lost to a promoted side, Lech drew to a promoted side. Didn't put either in my main bet as they were both in European action last week. Infact there were quite a few good sides I bet on this weekend playing promoted sides and failing to win, Ferencvaros, Videoton, Osijek. Infact I bet on a few lesser sides to beat promoted sides and had no problem I'm 4/4 in Romania, 2/2 in Finland, 2/3 in Denmark, 3/4 in Croatia, 1/4 Hungary. Despite that I haven't had a winner in weeks, i'm gonna have to pump some more money in by the end of the week if it doesn't turn
  14. There are a few fighting families this season aren't there.. Sauber, Toro Rosso, Force India
  15. Yeah, they were 21/10 to beat a side ar home they finished ahead of last season. The team they played started last season really well before dropping into the bottom half, then easily coming top of their relegation group. Was hoping the odds were based on comparible recent form which in fairness with Korona playing the better sides isn't a fair reflection. I was more worried about Al Alhy, last game of the season I think, already champions and were at home to Zamalek who are good