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  1. Have we ever played against a side beginning with Z?
  2. Why did these people wait to get annoyed by something before they gave to charity?
  3. I know there is a difference between being fit and match fit, but is it just me that finds it beyond ridiculous that one of the highest paid footballers on the planet needs a month or so to get fit enough to play? And I don't mean this in a "the more you're paid the fitter you should naturally be" sort of way, more just how has he allowed himself to get so unfit in the first place?
  4. Well I didn't get promoted in my first 10 games for Union Berlin, form was a bit indifferent. Went up very easily in my first full season, promotion confirmed with 7 games remaining which signalled the start of a shit run of form allowing Paderborn to close right in. Went into the final game level on points, I drew and they lost. My main focus for the last 10-15 games though was getting my striker Tobias Schroder up to 34 league goals for the season (34 games in total), ridiculous figures he had 20 from 22 before a crazy run of form saw him have 31 from about 28. He ended up with 33 and I
  5. What are we all so concerned about? We're still 3 points ahead of Man Utd!
  6. Thats the daft thing though, it's not as though they've just found out how bad his injury is? They'd have agreed to the loan after this, ridiculous
  7. Apparently having nobody at all is better than having a guy they deem not ready to play in the PL
  8. Physio: Brendan, just got the results back re. Cags, he's out for three months Brendan: **** Rudkin: Brendan, got Cardiff on the phone, they want Benkovic on loan for the season, am I alright to say yes? Brendan: Sure, why not?
  9. Can't wait til we get a back line of Castagne Soyuncu Fofana Pereira so they can all get injured in the same match
  10. I have it on good authority they play in white
  11. Tbh whenever you see me post in here you should just bet on the opposite. I'm done with betting for now anyway, not exaggerating the amount of last minute equalisers against me the last few months, and we're talking like Man City vs Fulham sort of level, not two evenly matched sides.
  12. Zorya coming a mile off with that sort of negativity
  13. Always wanted to start one of these threads and what a time to do it, our first ever game against the ZORYA.
  14. Supposing the replacement is actually decent it should be fine. Is it any wonder any other striker at this club struggles when Vardy plays as many mintues in one match than they typically do in a few months?
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