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  1. I've only seen the slow motion GIF of the Maguire thing in the other thread but that incident is surely a case of deciding whether its intentional or not? The slow-mo makes me believe it isn't. Maybe slightly biased as its Maguire and you wouldn't think its intentional whereas an Aurier/Son it might be. So thats opinion, not factual like an offside decision.
  2. The livery just looks confused with itself
  3. You just can't call one off matches in T20. All it takes is one team having a couple of players on red hot form and the other an off day. I know they're still decent sides but Pakistan and West Indies weren't exactly favourites to win the last few tournaments, even ourselves in 2010. On paper we should probably be winning the series 3-0 but one slip up isn't bad at all
  4. Got ourselves in a winning position with 2 overs left and stokes gets out first ball of the 19th...
  5. Just ugh's all around. Don't wanna villa to win. Don't want spurs to win. Don't want that cheat to score the last minute winner either
  6. Also if the shoe was on the other foot, suicide would prove he is guilty of what he 'allegedly' did. If anything the belief now seems to make her less guilty!?
  7. The irony of that though is that that is exactly what domestic abuse it. It wouldnt exist if people left or ran away from their partner after the first incident (Well long lasting abuse wouldn't exist anyway)
  8. Just read someone say that yeah she made a mistake but she can't have hit/abused her boyfriend that badly if he still wanted to be with her
  9. Might have something to do with me putting a bet on for the first time in months and thinking Fulham at 1/2 was too good to ignore
  10. Wouldn't say no to this shite being scrapped but not sure how the show is to blame for her plight
  11. Fine, but he 99.9% doesn't want to come back so it makes the discussion sorta pointless
  12. Good grief this guy has a soundbite for EVERY occasion
  13. Bloody hell, I don't like to have a go at referees but this referee has just missed two of the most blatant fouls on Forest players, one leading to their 2nd goal and the other should have resulted in a penalty or maybe a free kick on the edge of the area. Also Livermore who assisted the 2nd goal shouldn't have even been on the pitch after the 10th minute after his assault on a defender
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