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  1. Weird feeling this will be one of our 120 all out days
  2. Smith can't get a century if he doesn't get to bat
  3. Ricciardo's penalties are completely fair enough. People are letting their frustration at the lack of racing and excitement hinder their judgement on him overtaking off the track twice.
  4. Can Lewis stay off your posts for 5 seconds? Was literally falling asleep
  5. So apparently Vettel shouldn't have got a penalty because Paul di Resta's mum, who doesn't know the rules of F1, would see that incident and think there's nothing wrong with it By that logic if I didn't know the rules of football and somebody stood by the oppositions goal, a whole 30 yards+ offside and scored a goal, we should allow it
  6. On reflection perhaps me holding good young talent back playing in a fairly rubbish league hampers their development? Anyway, job done Champions League won 8-7 on penalties vs Juventus! Decided last season to just go for it, signed a Brazilian RW on loan from Barca and paid his 130k wages in full which is not 'me' at all. Im like 900k under my 1.7m wage budget Beat Liverpool on pens after 0-0 on agg. (I accidentally played my 2 star back up keeper who has made 20apps in 6 years and he saved their first 3 penalties, what a hero ) Beat Chelsea 6-1 on aggregate despite conceding in the 1st minute at home in the 1st leg Beat Barca 8-7 on aggregate (5-3 win at home (4-3 at HT ) and 3-2 defeat away Edged the Juventus game, scoring in the first minute but conceding to a penalty in the 80th. I bought on my back up keeper in the 119th minute (my first choice absolute top class btw ) He saved their 8th penalty to win it us Had 7 Serbians in my starting line up for the final, a long term Swede, Czech Brazilian and Ivorian. Also had 6 players named in the CL team of the season (ironically only 3 in the Serbian league TOTS). The best keeper, defender, midfielder (and 2nd best) and striker all play for me. I plan on giving it 1 more season to make us world champs (big deal i know) and then leave to try and get the Serbia job (2034 so hopefully 4 years to build towards a world cup). Never particularly liked international management but im going to add a few more of the major leagues to give teams a few seasons to develop. Have a pretty decent level of knowledge of Serbian players now and what not, can see myself carefully picking squads and making sure i'm not missing blatantly class players but will probably end up not bothering Only issue is the current manager has been in the role a while We're now the 3rd best team in Europe, 5 star rated. Serbian League up to 7th. Best thing so far is that my players value has absolutely rocketed to as high as 30m, mainly 20's. The maximum always seemed to be about 5m. Pretty sure its had a knock on effect with others teams in the league whos fairly average players are now valued in millions instead of 6 figures tops. Won the league again of course for about the 11th time in a row and the Cup for the 7th, so for the first time we've won the treble in our 100th year as a club.
  7. Went onto youtube to get this and ended up spending 15mins watching some bloke walk around an abandoned toys r us
  8. wtf is the point in those types of twitter accounts?
  9. Not really, they have 2 more points than they would have without the rain
  10. Strangely no, they've always lurked around 30-40th in the WR. The Serbian league is up to 8th in the league rankings
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