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  1. They picked him in the Ashes because of his work around the world, which then got him his world cup. And because he's quick of course
  2. Supposing you're talking about Rhodes, thats what I said when you signed him. He was here a long time on the fringes and I still have no idea where he bats. He was just chucked in wherever we had a crisis, sometimes opening but usually just middle to lower order. For you to sign him on a 3 year deal is ridiculous.
  3. Its possible but how many other examples of that are there in the last 20 years?
  4. I'm not supporting his idea but lets be honest, there is a gulf between the two divisions. And you can't really use the statistic that shows a number of current England players ply their trade in Division 2. How many players in the past 5 years have been awarded their debut on the back of their performances in Div 2? Broad/Anderson get picked because they've been there and done it, not sure what level Lancs/Notts were playing at when they first started but they don't continue to get picked for England because they just took a 5fer against Glamorgan. County cricket is unique. I've only really followed it for about 10 years and there is never one team that dominates, like how football sides do year in year out. I think in my time, Durham had a little spell as the best side, so did Yorkshire. Other one off winners include Notts, Essex, Warwickshire, Middlesex, Lancashire. Either way, they all have one thing in common which is that they have all spent time in Division 2. However they all bounce back, perhaps with the exception of Durham (financial problems though) and Essex who were a bit of a Leicester 15/16. You could perhaps argue its not a divisional gulf, perhaps more of a gulf between 10 sides and the rest. As a Worcs fan i'm more than aware any of our good players will be snapped up by the Test ground sides. Any time we get promoted we come back down, same story with other sides at our 'level' that go up. Warwickshire came up and are 2nd bottom, would be bottom if Notts hadn't spectacularly under performed. However we are proof if you can make the most of your academy and make good use of overseas players, short term success can be found. Admittedly thats only in the short stuff but a trophy is a trophy. Also, who from Middlesex/Surrey are you going to bin off if you scrap some counties? Don't need two sides that close together like
  5. Chris Sutton Former Aston Villa striker on BBC Radio 5 Live Mark Noble is on the way down [before the tackle comes in]. He should receive a second yellow. He’s trying to deceive the referee and win a penalty. He’s dived. Mo.ng
  6. Grealish would overtake Maddison, then he'll just have to displace Barkley, Mount, Loftus Cheek, Chamberlain, Lingard, Emile Smith Rowe, Will Hughes, Fabian Delph, Tom Huddlestone, Nick Pope etc.
  7. Thought Sky had only lost the Ashes in Australia?
  8. Was gonna say literally the same thing earlier on
  9. Has Warner batted with Smith this series? And has he faced an over of spin? Maybe in his 61?
  10. Denly has put himself in an irritating position really Can't argue he hasn't scored the runs opening but he's absolutely not a long term answer at 34(?)
  11. I thought they bowled first because they fancied a bat in the afternoon
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