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  1. 14 apps so far this season, not bad for someone the manager doesnt trust
  2. I don't think anybody (except maybe himself, like most footballers they back themselves wherever they go) expected him to be a regular in that side. But Pep always rotates, look at the quality they have upfront? In a way he's lucky he gets the gametime he does, but he's hardly an outcast there.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/11433581/riyad-mahrez-thanks-leicester-city-for-wonderful-memories
  4. He probably is, it's surely okay for him to just think that sort of thing like how you prefer him to keep his negative thoughts in his head right?
  5. Well you'll end up with someone feeling how Mahrez has described Arguably yeah, but nobody knows how Arsenal would have done had he joined them. I wouldn't say he's good enough to completely transform them but yeah.
  6. If you truly thought I was a WUM then why are you continuing this? IMO Mahrez hasn't said a bad thing here that isn't true, if you don't want to agree with that then cool. Wait til Adrien Silva leaves permanently to see how long it takes for him to come out and say moving here was a big mistake. Is that true or is it "true but how dare you badmouth my club" sort of true?
  7. Well Kante didn't hang around long and his reasons would be similar to what Mahrez has said here. We can plan all we want but fact is we are (and will be for a while) be a stepping stone for players. Champions league football next year may stall it for another year but do you really think Maddison for example wouldn't have his head turned if Man Utd came calling? This season may be looking better for us at the minute over Utd but long term they will more than likely have a more successful time than we do. Kante didn't want a year of CL football with us and chose Chelsea with no European football but anyone with a brain knew that long term it would work out better for him
  8. And I'm supposed to be the WUM here? Like I said, for someone you dont care about you sure show a lot of hate and bitterness towards him
  9. Well it isn't an answer. It's a fair point in another context, but what did he achieve here in those two years compared to what he could have achieved if he'd joined a bigger club? A player of his ability shouldn't be hanging around mid table
  10. How exactly is he wrong? And saying he should respect us because we gave him a chance to make his name isn't a valid answer
  11. Maybe, but he was the star in a team that delivered something we could only have dreamt of. They could all have pissed off to another side for all I care I wouldn't have a grudge with them
  12. Because he was asked? I doubt he's been the only player liked by fans over the years who may have something bad to say about the club.
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