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  1. Seeing some keyworks on social media questing how its possible footballers are catching this yet they have been on the frontline for the last 2/3 months and not caught it, and presuming they must be breaking lockdown rules. **** me I need a break from the internet Same people also failing to understand that footballers also go food shopping, recommending instead that they send their "PA" to do it for them
  2. Wymsewold Fox Not seen him post for a while. Bit of an arse, mind
  3. Annoyingly We did a goal, therefore our tournament has been a tremendous success
  4. My story is the opposite. Not sure if it's wrong of me really but the time and place never helped. My mum actually did die nearly a decade ago, i've worked in retail most of my time since and had the odd couple of people who knew her approach me (whilst working) and ask how shes doing. Have always basically said she's fine in as few words as possible. It never happened more than half a dozen times but reached a point where the more I lied, the harder and more awkward it would be to tell them the truth On a lighter but lame note, I can't bring myself to correct my new work manager when he pronounces my surname wrong
  5. Walkers

    Corona Virus

    Im confused, do the media vultures have special permission to ignore social distancing rules so they can get shots of a man outside his house who broke lockdown rules?
  6. I don't think anything has ever been explained in the support forum about anything ever
  7. GK: Sander Westerveld D: Jlloyd Samuel M: Mustafa Hadji M: Niclas Alexandersson S: Alan Smith
  8. Completely different yes but surely completely plausible? It looks like it may be more an issue lower down the leagues than in the PL supposing they manage to stumble across the line in the next few months, but all you've gotta do is look at Hearts in Scotland and the few French clubs that are appealing because they're the ones who have been shat on? Obviously it's hard to imagine owners saying anything else but all they are bothered about are their own clubs, if West Ham were top of the PL they wouldn't be so vocal about voiding it, vice versa with Liverpool. There will be winners and losers from this and adding a rule that suggests x% of a season must be completed for it to be counted (can't think of a better word ) that all teams agree to would stop this mess. Admittedly the rule would be a little more complex than that as the original issue was whether to try and complete the season by eating into next season etc.
  9. In F1 there is a rule where if a race cannot be completed then the race is basically void, unless more than 75% of it is completed and then half points are awarded. I'm somewhat surprised there isn't a similar rule in football? It would save the shit show of legal action being taken by clubs who fall foul of whatever the outcome will be
  10. You are most welcome to name more than one team Stan
  11. GK: Maik Taylor D: Franck Queudrue M: Tugay M: Youseff Chippo S: Marian Pahars
  12. Haven't had a cheesy thread for a while. Inspired by watching Premier League Years yesterday and coming across players that I haven't heard mentioned for yonks GK: Dean Kiely D: Joseph Yobo M: Dennis Rommedahl M: Darren Ambrose S: Malcolm Christie
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