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  1. Walkers

    Abusive Posts

    Looking for a reaction? Are you serious?
  2. Walkers

    If only...

    Why don't you just let supporters watch how they want to? Why and how does it affect you?
  3. Walkers

    Football Manager 2019

    Finally made progress in the Champions League in my 3rd attempt. Comfortably beat Olympiakos and RB Salzburg to qualify, did the double over Spartak Moscow in the group to guarantee EL football after Christmas and was only 1pt behind Man City going into the final game against them away which was an inevitable defeat. Drew 0-0 at home to Atl Madrid which was good, got Milan in the Europa next. 4pts behind Partizan in the league with a game in hand and 10 left, not having a bad season really but Partizan's form has been pretty relentless. Signed Red Star's star striker for 3.1m as my main striker was out of contract in a few months and suddenly turned unhappy when other sides of our stature came in for him so decided to cash in for 650k. It now means my side is entirely Serbian (he was from Montenegro, same thing...) Tried to get Mitrovic who is sat in Man City u23s on loan for a few months at the price of 5.5m but he obviously said no These CL campaigns and results in the group stages has won me about 20m in prize money, we're now deemed rich with a balance of 40m. Managed to get a feeder club in the playable 2nd division to send some of my promising youngsters through. They're doing really really well, just hoping they don't get promoted so the link doesn't get cancelled. Never taken a game so seriously with youth teams and players etc.
  4. Walkers


    There's why Jenas would never cut it as a manager with his 11 man squads
  5. Walkers

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Where does that put us in the Played Well league table? Must put us in contention for the Played Well Champions League next season no?
  6. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    You're telling me you're genuinely asking that? **** off.
  7. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    And for the 3rd time, go and show me where I have said I want us to lose this match.
  8. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    @murphy Still waiting
  9. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Like I said, tell me where I have said this?
  10. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    No. Go and show me where I said that?
  11. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Well from a negative aspect, when the next 60mins turns to shit like most games do with this side, they will look back to the 30mins where we played well and use it as a reason why he's worth persisting with
  12. Walkers

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    You mustn't like Vardy then