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  1. All this Bulgarian and Latvian chat really makes me want to return to Slovakia or Israel
  2. To me footballers aren't role models. I don't need Luis Suarez to refrain from spitting at someone to know you shouldn't spit at someone on a football pitch, and I don't need Jack Grealish to tell me not to leave my house right now. I can learn those things off of my parents and health experts. If I ever wanted to know how to improve my footballing ability then maybe I'll give them the light of day. Footballers are just annoying AF on social media, robots, but with todays media I can't blame them
  3. Are those bog standard Austrian clubs spending like 5m on players?
  4. There are also some friendlies going on in Sweden I think, nobody too high profile
  5. @Toddybad @Strokes @Facecloth @FIF the thread is gone
  6. This has done my nut in before. I think it might be on the individual scouts page
  7. With regards to cancelling any European competitions next season, what is the point in bending over backwards to finish this season if the table is going to mean nothing? May aswell just finish the season for the bottom half only And regarding the 6th tier onwards, is starting next season with their current points total that daft an idea? Or half them all? Obviously disregard any records concerning points totals etc.
  8. Their season usually finishes around October/November time, they're not usually represented in the group stages of the CL/EL though. I know BATE have reached the group stages a few times over the last decade or so My team are Vitebsk, seem a fairly solid top flight side. A Belarussian Everton, if you like
  9. Who the **** sits there and works that out
  10. People are deluded if they think there's gonna be no international football until summer 2021
  11. My academy at Trayal won about 10+ u19 Leagues in a row, and I was still able to loan the superstars out to top Serbian sides like Partizan. I loved monitoring that and carefully promoting youngsters when it was ready or loaning them out to clubs where I knew they'd get game time. Even my lesser youngsters got loan moves to top division sides The talent that comes out of Serbia is ridiculous, same with Croatia, less so Bulgaria, those were the 3 countries I had loaded on that game. It was great because Partizan and Red Star in particular blooded some great players and at around 20yo they were cheap as chips at like 3 or 4 million. At that stage my budget would have been about 50m. Surprised your max wage is that low. Another struggle you'll find in the future is that players don't like to move to that area of the world... my squad was mainly Serbian/Eastern European anyway but I was more or less limited to that European-wise.
  12. A Slovenian 2nd division side. Don't recall anyone on here doing that before
  13. The game stinks with regards to values in that part of the world. I had world class players in Serbia and top clubs were offering 5m for them. Thankfully my chairman never went above my head. I remember the first time we qualified for the Champions League by beating Copenhagen after 3 or 4 years of attempting it, great memories
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