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  1. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    She does come across as a bit bleurgh
  2. Ashes 2017

    I think im about 2 wickets away in the next 30mins from my enthusiasm being wiped away for the series
  3. Football Manager 2018

    A few screenies - my new CB on a free who accepted me over a few Super League clubs On loan from Basel for the last 3 seasons, signed him on a free this summer Signed him on loan last season after he scored 27 goals for the promoted side, scored 20 odd goals in all comps last season and topped my assist charts. Got him back for another season. My best regen yet. Terrific name, wanted to give him a chance this season so gave him a few games in pre-season and as you will see he was MoM in his 2 starts. Really excited for him Basel are worse than Chelsea at loaning players out. There must be about 40 players available to loan every year and being their feeder club I don't have to pay a thing
  4. Football Manager 2018

    Just had the most pathetic conversation with my ageing captain and highly influential team leader who is still a regular in my side, he wanted to talk to me because I had just submitted a bid for somebody in his position. Him: Im a little concerned about the potential new signing may lead to my services no longer being needed here Me: I know where you're coming from but competition for places is healthy Him: What do I need to do to improve my game? Now im listed with a load of things that are completely irrelevant for a 33yo, so I say I need you to add scoring goals to your game (He's a DM) His response is that he thinks he is ready for first team football now regardless (again, 33 ****ing years old and speaking as though he hasn't had first team football in the 3 years he's i've been here when infact he's been a mainstay for me) Now I am preparing for a backlash from my entire side **** He's just scored 2 goals in the first friendly of the season
  5. Football Manager 2018

    Not a clue. Seems to be a massive cloud over it or just a mistake by FM because when the groups were drawn there was a question in the press conference about Sion and Vaduz being Switzerland's only Europa League representatives, when I represent Liechtenstein. I guess literally speaking if you cannot face a side from your own country then playing Sion is fine
  6. Betting Thread

    Brazilian Champions 4/1 to win away at Flamengo Sogndal (Norway) 12/5 to win away at Stabaek and can be relegated today with a defeat Aalesunds 5/1 to win away at Sarpsborg, similar story to Sogndal I've got the two Norwegian sides and Tromso at 35/1
  7. Football Manager 2018

    I got taken to extra time in the Liechtenstein Cup Final and went 1-0 down early on before equalising just after HT, won 4-1 on pens. I was livid Made a lovely 3.5m profit this season thanks to our Europa League run and then the gate receipts helped massively too. My wage budget has gone from 29k to 32k but transfer budget from 50k to 800k so plenty of room to move that around. Bottled it again in the last quarter of the season, had won 5 in a row before drawing 0-0 to somebody then losing 4 games on the trot without scoring a goal. After that, a team called Chiasso who had lost their first 24 games, by the time i'd played them for the 4th time they had picked up one win (and nothing else, also already relegated), I was 2-0 up and murdering them after 60mins, for the last 20 minutes Real Madrid turned up and won 4-2. Never seen anything like that, I went on holiday for the rest of the season, **** that. My Europa League run... I finished with what I think is a respectable 3 points Lost 2-0 away at Sion, 1-0 at home to Bilbao (I got battered but they scored late which hurt), 2-0 away to Krasnodar, 1-2 home to Krasnodar, won 2-1 against Sion at home before losing 3-2 away at Bilbao.
  8. Drinkwater Sell On Clause

    To be the club psychic?
  9. Drinkwater Sell On Clause

    How did Rudkin not know he was gonna become good and we would sell him for over 30m?
  10. Football Manager 2018

    Europa League!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drew 2-2 away at Braga and parked the bus at home for an away goals win. Legia Warsaw in the final round who I beat in the 2nd round last season. 0-0 away from home, 4mins into the home leg cursing my luck that I didn't have an away goal as they scored early.. equalised soon after and then after a typical hour of **** all happening, I score in the 74th min, score a fluke cross 2mins later and although Legia got a goal a couple of mins after that, held on for a 3-2 win. I now have Atl Bilbao, Krasnodar and Sion of Switzerland in my group which is okay. I've surprised myself at how competitive we've been in two legged games against sides like Legia, Beer Sheva, APOEL, Braga. I would put Sion in a group under those sides and Krasnodar probably slightly above them. I've been given 2.5m for playing in the group stages, hope there will be another windfall after the 6 games but not sure??? I have a pretty big squad and now I have an excuse to use it. Going up isn't going to be easy though because it's a right little bastard of a league
  11. FAKE NEWS thread

    I read a story about the Republic of Ireland playing good football but I can't remember where I saw it to post a link
  12. Football Manager 2018

    Why are you having to qualify for the EL after winning the League Cup?
  13. Football Manager 2018

    Speaking of penalties, what is the point in it coming up with the option of changing penalty taker just before its being taken? I did it yesterday because the guy on it has missed his last 2, it didn't register, the **** missed it again. I was 1-0 and lost 2-1. (I quit feeling cheated lol)
  14. Football Manager 2018

    Back to meh. This league is just very difficult (for me lol) we bottled it in the last quarter of the season. No money again so I am completely reliant on loans from Basel, I must have about 6 from them. The youth is pretty poor despite most of them being youth internationals, then I have to release them anyway because the minimum wage at a certain age is £700 which I cannot afford to be paying to players who will never make the grade. I beat my u21's in the Cup final but lesson learnt as I let one of my better first teamers play for them in the QF which meant he was cuptied for me in the final Beat a Maltese side in the 1st quali round for Europe, Osijek after a first leg scare but now face Braga in the 3rd round so thats curtains. Does anyone elses game freeze for a good 10-15 seconds after some highlights? Not sure whether its just PC related or not. Only commentary isn't just full match only now but seemed to forget to show anything at all, I missed all my goals in a 5-0 win.
  15. England squad

    Funny how an England game can be decent when you don't have one team sticking 10 men behind the ball for 90mins