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  1. MTWG - This is the celebrity babes thread not the Tinder thread.
  2. I had a short period of winning big on Betfair about 10 years ago by laying the draw on selected European matches. Over a couple of months I built up a bank of £100 to around £1500, and the last month of doing it I was managing to draw £300 per week out into my bank. I could win around £100 per match if I layed enough exposure, and aimed for 2 or 3 wins per week. Of course I managed to lose it all in one go though Two matches on a Saturday with all of my £1500 bank exposure. Liverpool and Chelsea, both at home, to Wigan and Newcastle (I think IIRC). Both finished 0-0 Normally I'd
  3. Everyone at the sharp end will be two stopping. One or two lower teams might try and go for a one stop on the Super Softs if they can get the Ultras/Hypers to last long enough at the start.
  4. I agree with Cardiff and Huddersfield. Can't choose between Watford, Brighton, Southampton or West Ham for the other spot.
  5. She's still fit, but Flack was absolutely gorgeous when she was "Bubbles" on Bo Selecta (as Michael Jackson's girlfriend).
  6. As someone who is from Burton but worked in Coalville with plenty of Leicester lads for near on 20 years, I can't say I even noticed any accent.
  7. Villa need £38m worth of profit needed between now and March 2019 or they fail FFP. https://heartoftheholte1874.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/villa-play-ffp-roulette-as-the-consequences-of-failing-this-season-becomes-clear/amp/ That's a LOT to come up with. Grealish and Chester will have to go. Hourihane probably too. They probably can't afford to sack Bruce now either. And yet the bookies have them as joint favourites for promotion next season! I might even have a little bet on them going down.
  8. Unfortunately no. I'd still rather go there to watch my team than Loftus Road. I don't care about getting pissed in local pubs or how loud the home fans are.
  9. Villa enjoyed their cup final against us when they beat us at Villa park and thought they were going to catch us and overhaul us. And I'm sure they'll enjoy their trips to Wigan, QPR and Brentford while we go to The Etihad, Anfield and Old Trafford.
  10. Mitrovic is only 23. I had to read that twice out of disbelief. Must have had a hard paper round in Serbia.
  11. Give him the ball and he's a good player. Dare to foul him and he's the whiniest little scrote.
  12. Greg Davies is great. He's always been very funny on Graham Norton Show too telling stories about when he was a teacher. This one in particular has Ryan Gosling in bits:
  13. Lol. Not a lot mind. But it'd be nice to be a division above them for a change. Villa getting what they deserve. Bruce's usual negative 8 men behind the ball trying to nick a goal from somewhere tactics. Fulham probably should be two up really. Bruce will do his usual patented tactics when he's losing too. Around 70-80 mins if he's still behind he'll take off his best deliverers of the ball like like Snodgrass and Adomah and chuck two strikers on.
  14. They certainly didn't do that when Wolves beat them 1-0 at Anfield under Hodgson. They were too busy booing!
  15. Villa going up would slightly sour our promotion for me. Can't stand Bruce/Terry/Grealish.
  16. I've got a new job as the triangle player in a reggae band. I just stand at the back and ting.
  17. He's always come across as very humble, grounded and a really nice bloke whenever I've seen him. Tyson Fury however, I can't stand the fat arrogant pikey c***t.
  18. Bizarrely this month, my insurance renewal was almost exactly the same. Very weird. I still changed though as I got £40 cashback with a new one from TopCashback.
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