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  1. I know a mate who had one. I'd steer clear. Girls cars. He got rid of it after 12 months.
  2. Rain is nice if it's hot or warm. Otherwise it's shit.
  3. Mitrovic to have over 1 shot on target - 4/5
  4. He knew the rules and deliberately hit the moving ball toward the hole. It's a clear two shot penalty in the rules. If he'd have stopped it or deflected it to stop it rolling off the green then yes that's a DQ. It's a storm in a teacup if you ask me. He's nowhere near the business end. He's not depriving anyone of prize money. He was just mucking around because he knew he was out of contention. Probably a bit stupid for a high level pro to do at a major tournament, but at the same time it's just a game and no-one has been put out by it other than those that are choosing to get way
  5. From Skybet's England Requestabets. And the rest lads.
  6. Lol. Clattenburg looking like he's just took his jacket off at a wedding.
  7. It gives the chance for the ref to take a proper look at a critical key decision. I thought it worked perfectly.
  8. You see so many challenges given as fouls everywhere on the pitch, where they get something on the ball but they foul the player. This is no different. Buy it's debatable whether he even touched the ball in this case. It's not debatable that he brought the player down.
  9. I agree with that decision. Just because he slightly touches the ball doesn't make it not a foul. He still brings Griezmann down.
  10. I really hate Lawro. The equivalent of watching the game in the pub and having some twat of an old bloke come and stand next to you at the bar trying to be funny.
  11. Because the coach has made some strange decisions in his squad. Pereira, Semedo and Cancelo are all better than Cedric.
  12. If I was forced to choose between watching Ronaldo or Messi play in a game I'd pick Messi every time.
  13. They've been like this for years. Trying to stifle games and letting Ronaldo get the goals. You can't do that against this sort of football though.
  14. Messi had a similar suspended sentence for the same thing. Ronaldo just couldn't let him get one up on him.
  15. Oh and by the way, how mince is Guedes?!! Andre Silva must be fuming sat on the bench.
  16. Costa's goal was a foul on Pepe. People say it was weak defending but how would you react to a forearm smash in mid-air?!! De Gea oh dear. Has he been watching Joe Hart highlights? I have Portugal 2-1 in my Super 6 league at work. Boring second half please!
  17. Also had these: That 7-fold above is just over 100/1. £3.25 on that. £10 top scorer bets on: Griezmann 12/1 Werner 16/1 Neymar 10/1 And £5 on Lukaku at 20/1. Also had £10 on France, Germany and Brazil to win all three group games in a 9-fold acca at just over 15/1. Plan to (hopefully) look at the cash-out after two games each and see what offer I get. I got a bit carried away I think!
  18. I had Iran in an 8-fold in a "finish bottom of the group" acca. Gonna need Morocco to beat either Egypt or Uruguay and Iran to lose heavily now. Also had: Japan is a risk, but their warm up results have been dog muck apart from beating Paraguay in the final one.
  19. I'm on Portugal at 3/1 so I'm happy for now.
  20. Always a penalty Danny. No need to get in a huff when the replay shows you're wrong.
  21. Well done to Cambridge Utd on not understanding what the gap in the stripes is for.
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