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  1. Slight outsider for me in Evans. When not injured he has been totally faultless and makes a huge difference to our side.
  2. Pray for Chilwell if he ever gets substituted off at a hostile ground
  3. He was tonight everything Demarai Gray attempts to be
  4. I can feel the buzz coming back already! 3 points up the city
  5. At least Mendy didn't start that's about the only positive
  6. He can put out whatever team he wants, most of us have lost interest now
  7. If Gerrard didn't slip he would have won the league with Jon Flanagan at left back. Great attacking philosophy. Anything is better than this currently.
  8. Pretty minor compared to the thousands that will be available if the current muppet remains in charge.
  9. Hopefully he brings Big Brendan with him when he comes home 😍
  10. What a stupid question. As a club we should want to push for Europe and the highest league position possible. Sadly Puel disagrees with us and we should finish below Everton, West Ham and Wolves. It won't happen anyway, relegation is more likely at the moment.
  11. Progress down the table? There's a fact for you.
  12. Personally I would not blame any player wanting out should Puel start next season as our manager.
  13. Can you get any further up Puel's backside? Zzzzzzz
  14. If Mendy starts I won't bother leaving the pub
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