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  1. Getting out at 9am and home at 4am on the Sunday
  2. What went wrong with Southampton was a man named Claude Puel
  3. Met Matt Oakley on the train back from Burnley away last season. He was/is Exeters assistant manager and they were playing in that neck of the woods. He travelled on his own and was fairly pleased to see a drunken group of young City fans! A top fella who answered pretty much every question we threw at him. Opened up on Pearson, the Wayne Brown story (not wise to post on here I suppose but had a couple of variations to what was posted around), Levi Porter and several other controversial things. Top top bloke who spoke like a real gentleman. Controversial one now, was travelling to Liverpool away, also last season I think and Tommy Robinson got on the empty train and sat on the table next to us with some Luton lads. He was really friendly and spoke about football for a good 30 minutes like a normal until he got off at his stop for Port Vale. Again, a nice bloke when treated like a normal person, didn't talk politics once and he didn't even have any interest in talking about it either. Drunkenly ended up on a mad one with Steve Walsh in fan club is another to add to the list. He literally is here there and every ****ing where these days anyway so I suppose that doesn't count. Regularly used to bump into Knockaert at the barbers and Sosho (was Life before that). Again, a top bloke, took time for a chat and loved to banter. Bit forward with his women though... 😅 Got told to f off by that sky reporter who did the infamous commentary on the Watford play off game (Jonny Phillips?) at Marks and Spencer's at St Pancras again after another away day 😂 Not related to me but one of my mates became best mates with Dany NGuessan after they regular bumped into each other in the casino and one night NGuessan offered him a lift home. Ended up going out regularly on 2 man missions and on the couple of occasions I met him he was a real down to earth lad. Bumped into Liam Moore on the market the night we got promoted from the Championship, lo and behold it broke in the media the next day that he took a bit of a pasting moments later from the Ghost bouncers before Wasyl stepped in. Not surprised at all, he could barely string a sentence together or stand up straight, fair to say he enjoyed promotion 😂
  4. But Jamie Vardy is finished said the Puel fanboys?
  5. I remember when he came in and the first week of pre season he didn't have the lads training but doing chores round the training ground to "appreciate what other members of staff do" 😂 James Wesolowski was packing people's season tickets, Alan Sheehan was planting flowerbeds and apparently he even had some players cleaning toilets 😂😂😂
  6. Slight outsider for me in Evans. When not injured he has been totally faultless and makes a huge difference to our side.
  7. Pray for Chilwell if he ever gets substituted off at a hostile ground
  8. He was tonight everything Demarai Gray attempts to be
  9. I can feel the buzz coming back already! 3 points up the city
  10. At least Mendy didn't start that's about the only positive
  11. He can put out whatever team he wants, most of us have lost interest now
  12. If Gerrard didn't slip he would have won the league with Jon Flanagan at left back. Great attacking philosophy. Anything is better than this currently.
  13. Pretty minor compared to the thousands that will be available if the current muppet remains in charge.
  14. Hopefully he brings Big Brendan with him when he comes home 😍
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