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  1. Of course it ****ing matters!! Never been so ashamed of a set of players when I got home seething from that night to see Maddison and Chilwell kissing that greasy c*nts arse!!
  2. That header away at Cardiff in the play offs. Completed the initial turnaround. I know it didn't amount to anything at the time but the pure pandemonium as he wheeled away and he pulled his standard no emotion goal celebration was magic.
  3. Perhaps I phrased that wrong. I was implying more at our reluctance to send experienced under 23s out on loan, instead hindering their development to soothe Beagleholes ego and finish as high up the league as possible. As for Calvin, I can only presume that Rangers have promised him first team football. If so, fair play and good luck to him, but with the current situation in regards to Chilwell speculation and Fuchs potentially out of contract, he could well have found himself further up the pecking order than anticipated here...
  4. Yeah, so give him a 2 year contract and loan him out? Luke Thomas is a top prospect but Calvin, albeit a couple years older looked sharp too. In the end, he was shifted in and played at centre back where he didn't seem comfortable to accommodate Luke Thomas. I suspect he will have a good career though away from here. Just shows the failings of our under 23 system to an extent.
  5. Shame that, thought he showed a lot of promise at left back for us. Would have been good to see him go out on loan to Championship/League One and see what he could do.
  6. The starting 11 on a Saturday usually play a "friendly" match the day before the game against a mixture of reserves/23s to run through shape, set pieces, etc. The starting team is known on a Friday...
  7. Father Ted


    I put down 10% on my first property (September 2018) and I'm now moving on to my next property. All depends on your strategy I suppose. I'd suggest seeing a mortgage advisor and if you need one then let me know and I'll point you in the right direction - big city fan an all and the only thing he asks from you is to take out life insurance through him 💪 if as you say you've got 18% or so, maybe consider putting 10% down and keeping some funds aside to improve the property or keep saving towards an upgrade further down the line. The biggest thing is getting on to the ladder to begin with.
  8. Martin was @Fox You Forest I'm sure. The old batracer days 😂 Andy Hunt leading the mob, I'm sure his username was Stand Up And Sing?
  9. Take my word for it, directly from a first team players mouth.
  10. Chilwell is easily replaceable, particularly is overinflated ego and persona. He's been spouting off behind closed doors about wanting a move to any London club as he spends most his weekends down there anyway on the piss after our games. I won't miss him.
  11. My money is on the Guardian not existing in 6 months time, and good riddance.
  12. And just like Brexit, you'll be proven wrong again... in the words of the beautiful man Dom 😎
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