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  1. A pint of Amstel in The Clarendon 19 days ago
  2. I thought everyone who wasn't #FBPE knew this since 2016. Class A bellend.
  3. Jeff Schlupp was criminally lambasted continually by some of our fans. As a winger at this club now, he would be far superior to all but Barnes. So effective when used correctly.
  4. As much as I think that is a valid and sensible solution, clubs will still argue that fixtures yet to be played may be more favourable for themselves or unfavourable for rival clubs. Only 2 solutions here, either void the season for all or complete the season whenever is safest (whether that be in June, early 2021 or summer 2021) and adapt the following season to suit.
  5. I had Barnes at 20/1 on William Hill
  6. I too am in this situation... the sale of my property seems further behind than the purchase of my new one though (where it is ready for exchange of contracts). With the economic situation ahead, I really am beginning to wonder if it's the wisest thing to follow through with... 😫
  7. Totally ludicrous decision. The season should finish regardless and should it end up being February 2020 for example then so be it, you structure any gaps in the months to suit, extra cup competitions or play offs perhaps (if it wouldn't be too late to change the system). Outrageous in my opinion.
  8. I've signed up, now just awaiting the clearance.
  9. If you hear anything, let me know, I've been looking into it too.
  10. Mine on Barnes were voided too. Disappointing really, should have stood until next year.
  11. Sadly, I don't see this coming to an end anytime soon. I can only presume that a full lockdown is imminent in the next week or 2. You then have to question, for how long and what are the conditions upon the release from full lockdown? The virus will not relent until it has either ripped through us all or until we are all vaccinated (early 2021 at the very best!). I think we will end up following a pattern of full lockdown > freedom > social lockdown > full lockdown for at least the next 12-18 months and then you have to look at the bigger picture further down the line.
  12. I signed up to Gamcare a long while ago and it is the best thing I have done. I haven't gambled since December, nothing at all, and I couldn't feel any better. I feel that in this current coronavirus climate, I can see a surge in online casino gambling, so anyone reading this, I urge you to take care and take considerations.
  13. You can add Levi Porter to the list too
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