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  1. They should still play the FA Cup final and, in the very unlikely event that Chelsea win, they should award the cup to us anyway. See how much Chelsea like being the victims of a closed shop.
  2. Can't believe they went ahead. The current governing bodies need to come out swinging and take stern punitive action.
  3. Does Rugby League have any copyright issues, here?
  4. All the best announcements occur at just after midnight, European time ...
  5. So have we been awarded the double yet, or what?
  6. Would not be the first time that Man United have had fake cash thrown at them
  8. JP Morgan must have done some analysis on how this could hurt their brand. Or maybe they all knocked it on the head at 4:50 on Friday.
  9. The fact that politicians of all hues are lining up to condemn this is great. I can't see it going ahead.
  10. Not to bring the mood down, but back in the olden days, when a member died at the Duncan Road working men's club, everyone would be asked to stand and they would play a scratchy version of Harry Secombe singing Abide With Me. Anyway, enjoy your evening, we're in the cup final.
  11. I thought Wilf started brilliantly, came out after half time and was inexplicably awful, and then worked his way back into it.
  12. Man, this is a tough one to rate. That was a terrible game, exacerbated by my bottle twitching through most of it. Who cares, 10s all round
  13. NOW you can post the lyrics to Abide with Me and talk about the missing trophy
  14. Come on ref. Right in front of you.
  15. Who replaced awsome Wilf with this new guy?
  16. I've not enjoyed this last few minutes.
  17. People saying Vardy is finished, that was a fantastic assist.
  18. Must be a bad game if they are talking about grass
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