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  1. Jesus. Two minutes into the coverage and it's a Man City toss fest already, soundtracked by Oasis. Twunts.
  2. Goal at his mercy. It was more about slagging Hoddle, though, I'll admit
  3. Shut up Hoddle, that was a bleddy sitter.
  4. God I hate my inability to look at this game objectively. Me, straight after our last game: Ah well, Man City next. They beat everyone, you can't compete with their spending, so it's a free hit, but I expect nothing. Hope we don't get thrashed. Me yesterday: You know, we're pretty decent on our day and our Nigerian and Belgian players are in brilliant form, so if we play well and things go our way, we have every chance. Me this morning: I reckon we are going to do this - Man City have to rotate for Europe, we don't, and some of the pundits favour us. That's
  5. That is not what I said. Way to utterly misrepresent what I said. I said if you shop online and search for that item in those colours, guess what comes up. But you read what you wanted to read.
  6. At this time of year just after I've had my lunch, I always think of the opening of 1984: "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen"
  7. You people crack me up. If anyone is seriously suggesting that the bloke wearing the brand spanking new black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirt which I observed today had no idea of it's associations, they might need to accept that something like the following didn't hapoen: Bloke In Glasgow: "Oh boy, I really fancy a black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirt because I quite admire how it looks and for no other reason." [Googles "Fred Perry black & yellow shirt". Sees page one of his search outcome] Bloke in Glasgow: "Oh."
  8. Happy to assist so now you know: https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/29/fred-perry-stops-selling-yellow-and-black-polo-shirts-to-distance-the-brand-from-far-right-group-the-proud-boys-13341572/
  9. Unbelievable. Give over. You don't sport what he was wearing without knowing what it is. Sheesh.
  10. That's a shame because the rest of the article is really buttering our muffin. Love to read the BBC bigging us up.
  11. I went for my 1st dose of the vaccine earlier. The Louisa Jordan (converted conference centre in Glasgow). You shuffle forward for a short time before they actually put stuff in your arm. The guy directly in front of me during the big shuffle was wearing a "Proud Boys" Fred Perry black and yellow shirt. Greyhead, tight jeans, symbol of the American far right. Wow. You don't wear that stuff by accident. I really hope he got a person of colour doing his injection. Not because that medical practitioner would do anything ot
  12. Sad if true. He has a real spark. It's enjoyable to watch him. Brendan obvs doesn't see it.
  13. Sousa: "I haven't been this gutted about a result since 24 September 2010"...
  14. I'll take that, but Southgate has lived dangerously, and no subs until now is simply criminal.
  15. That "final 10 minutes goals" stat is turd. We score most of those goals when we are already bullying a minnow. Sigh.
  16. Joachim Löw's side performing like his fingers smell after a rummage.
  17. How exciting was that as a 6N? Generally a great watch (if you exclude the Italy games). I especially enjoyed watching France and Scotland in their games and you have to hand it to the Champions in Wales.
  18. Post-promotion-foot-off-the-pedal-out-on-the-lash syndrome seems to be a common phenomenon for many clubs. Leicester against Brighton a few years ago comes to mind. I wonder if the stats confirm that this happens more often than not?
  19. He's totally going there to play the Wayne Rooney role. Arrive at club as marquee signing, finish your coaching badges, do a bit of player-coaching (to decreasing effect as a player) and then lay in wait for the manager to get sacked.
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