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  1. Better than us. But better than everyone else, too. The mediawank whenever (Man) "City" are on telly is a bit much. Our next game is pretty massive.
  2. Beaten by a team playing in their pajamas. The ignominy.
  3. I know Marc was done for the goal, but he is being played out of position, Mendy's skill for the goal was very good indeed. Marc has worked his socks off today and I can't be too harsh on him.
  4. Unless we do something wonderful, this game is soooooo going to be last on MOTD
  5. How did Youri get there for that shot? What an engine.
  6. The Ayozephobes will have a field day with that passage of play.
  7. Youri has been wonderful recently but he has given the ball away a good few times today. Still, this sets him up for the no look pass 2nd half for Vardy's winner.
  8. "Kasper Schmeichel comes out to remonstrate with the officials" should be carved in stone at the ground
  9. Early red card for Man City. Pep to be sent off, too. COYB
  10. Today's commentator topic bankers: "Tale of two Cities" Kalechi played for both clubs 5-2 ( ) Aguerooooooooooo x 100 The utterly inevitable, and I'm sorry for inflicting it on you pre-match, KASPERS DAD KLAXXON "Champions Elect" Outsider: Both clubs in the FA Cup, met in 1969
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