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  1. Wolves. Bringing on expensive shit youth Jesus probably not a winning strategy, but we'll see.
  2. Gwon. Would be a cracking second half if Wolves get the next one.
  3. If he was called Lingardinho, Wolves would have bought him...
  4. What is Portuguese for "kick the number 11 *before* he can do any damage" FFS.
  5. Nah. Charlie Hunnam's cock-er-knee accent is up there with Dick Van Dyke's as worst ever on film.
  6. Just mentioning that film gives me post traumatic crap cockney accent syndrome. Shudder.
  7. Someone needs to "deal robustly" with Lingard at the weekend.
  8. Close up of those greased up Traore arms:
  9. If Wolves are going to lose this match pathetically, at least get some Hammers sent off, eh?
  10. Stop showing us the table, show us the bubble.
  11. What was Benteke doing running towards Zaha there. It's like he was joining the throng of defenders.
  12. Have Sky got the crowd noise turned down low because this is absolute bob ?
  13. Blimey. Joelinton to score first would have been longer odds than Dubravka
  14. Newcastle giving it a go. It'll hurt even more when it spins in off Kane's arse in a bit.
  15. Where's the option "Never. He's scored his last"
  16. [Evil laugh] Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha [twirls moustache]
  17. The picture illustrates the fact that someone let a lead slip...
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