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  1. This is anger, not joy, in case any of you don't get the reference and think it's a goal:
  2. God I hate Manchester United And I'm an atheist. Hate them so much I invoke the deity.
  3. I spoke too soon. Great yelp by Pogba there. Volume. Length. High pitch. 8/10.
  4. Scream of the match there And why was he holding his shin when uis foot was stood on
  5. If Perez* has an ounce of self-awareness, he will play his socks off today. *I know, I know...
  6. Ordinarily I don't much like Burnley, but I really, really want them to win this game just now, as you can imagine the headlines about so called Super league would write themselves.
  7. Fulham’s keeper Mr Nipplering sitting down and taking his boots off for a few minutes with “an injury” doesn’t seem so clever now, does it?
  8. Fulham can only blame themselves. If you don’t listen to your team mates and you boot it out for a corner when you don’t need to, bad things can happen.
  9. Goodbye sweet Blades We enjoyed Vardy scoring against you And his goal celebrations in particular
  10. I know Wolves have suffered injuries etc, but they have been utter toilet this evening. Lucky to be ahead.
  11. I was fairly busy with other stuff in 07/08, so don't really remember how bad Derby were. They must have been utter cack. It really warms the cockles of one's heart.
  12. Blimey. Steve Bruce's poor Aorta. He's only 37, you know...
  13. Taking a free kick to hold it in the corner with another 5 to play against 10 men? That is utter Dogmuck. It's almost asking to be picked off at the other end.
  14. Is... is Lingard coming off injured with cramp?
  15. You still would not put it past Newcastle to Newcastle it up again...
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