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  1. Thought I’d come in here and enjoy some glorious quiet reflection
  2. Good job Barca and Real are skint isn’t it.
  3. He scored what everyone thought was a last minute equaliser against his former club, after getting pelters from our fans for 30 minutes, prior to sitting and watching a game when he clearly would have felt he should of started. If you don’t release that emotion with an over exuberant knee sliding celebration you’re not human!
  4. I bloody love this club. Not only have we won the FA Cup Final, we produced a final that will live long in the memory of football history. The sublime goal from Youri. The world class saves from Kasper. The Bobby Moore-esc performance from Little Wes. The young lad playing for his home town club leaving it all on the pitch. All of these are now vivid chapters, not only of this clubs history, but of the competition many of us who grew up imagining playing the game as young kids dreamed of winning. Say what you will about ‘the magic of The FA Cup’
  5. Madders needs some pelters shouted his way - he’s not doing the defensive part of his role on this left hand side at all well.
  6. For me, Nacho to come off is possibly the change - he’s offering very little
  7. That looks like a back 4 to me! Edit: Maybe not, could just be Castsgne’s tendency to drift to right back when playing where he is.
  8. Need to get at Chelsea’s left this half - that’s their weak spot. Albrighton to Vardy, goal 🤞
  9. The substitution could be later today - because it would be our second.
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