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  1. I was one of those having a pop at Maddison at the start of the new year. The new manager, better fitness, and higher press have benefitted him enormously. He is playing much better-and showing his undoubted class. Long may it continue. Praise where praise is due.
  2. How about under Holloway? What about Megson the ginger Mourihno? How about Frank McClintock? How about Rob Kelly? How about Pauli Sousa?
  3. This manager can’t take him to the next level??
  4. Chilwell was like a headless chicken today. For all his energy he cannot cross. He either hits the first man, it goes too high or goes out!
  5. He doesn’t distribute quickly to Chilwell. He invariably runs towards Chilwell closing down his space and losing momentum. Failing that, he tries the spectacular Hollywood ball that invariably goes out or to the opposition. He is slow to react. Look at the fiasco this afternoon against Watford.
  6. But we have a goal keeping coach and have had for many years. What the hell do they work on during the week? I have lost count of the numbe of times passes the ball to the opposition or kicks the ball directly out. Kasper dad thinks he should be playing at a higher level. What a load of nonsense.
  7. We take too many touches. Maddison might be a talented player but he slows our play down. We run into space occupied by another player closing down options. How many times did Maguire virtually run into Chilwell. We do not have enough pace at the back. Morgan and Maguire do not react quickly enough and haven’t got the pace to recover. We make to wrong decisions too often. How many times will Kasper pass the ball to the opposition. Our first touch is often clumsy. NDidi can’t trap a bag of cement.
  8. World class players have the talent, know they have it, but display it without ‘showiness’. I do believe he Has undoubted ability and promise, but needs to keep working at the basics and getting those right most of the time. He undoubtedly has vision and skill but needs to display these at the right time. By the way, what was that ridiculous celebration with Vardy about?
  9. I called Kasper out after the Palace game. Agree last night he was exceptional. Even his distribution was better! I now need to see this level of performance every week. There’s no doubt he has all the attributes.
  10. Vardy doesn’t like the manager. He isn’t prepared to put himself out to make things happen. He isn’t showing any of his previous desire or passion. He has been poor for the past few games. Puel is right to try out new things.
  11. Today reminded me of the way we played under Holloway. Passionless and lacking any clear strategy, approach or style. We all know where that got us!
  12. If Kasper or his dad thinks his performances in recent weeks will get him into any club in the top six in this country or any top clubs in Europe then they are deluded. He doesn’t read the game well enough. He can’t distribute effectively. He doesn’t dominate his area. He makes too many basic mistakes. He’s found his level here!
  13. Vardy took money under false pretences today. He was lazy, lacked pride, passion and put little effort in. Too many people make excuses for him. He’s got to show desire and determination. It’s no good just blaming Puel. Some of our player need to take a long hard look at themselves. Starting with Vards.
  14. He loves himself. He believes in all the hype that others write about him but doesn’t work hard enough. How can we have a corner taker that cannot take corners. They either hit the first man or he over hits them to the other side of their penalty area. He is a luxury we cannot afford at the moment. We need scrappers not posers.
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