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  1. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    He’s a show pony. Only interested in himself. Doesn’t pass when he should. Passes when he shouldn’t. Tries the spectacular too frequently and often neglects the simple and obvious. Has had the opportunity in several occasions to demonstrate that he deserves to start but continues to blow it. He thinks he’s better than he really is.
  2. Iheanacho

    C3 You have to be joking! Shinji covered every blade of grass tonight. He battled hard against Toure and didn’t give up when he was pushed off the ball. He tracked back in extra time and even covered Fuchs on several occasions.
  3. Stats show that Albrighton had 81% pass completion to the ball boys. Playing for the under 12's next week.
  4. Your defining memory

    As others have said...too many to mention but here are a few... Vardy scoring his tenth at Newcastle, the earthquake moment when Ulloa scored against Norwich, the instantaneous response by Mahrez against Spurs, Vardy's worldy against Liverpool and Mahrez turning Cheslea inside out. But like many others the win at Man City got everyone sitting up, listening and above all believing..even though after all I have witnessed I still find it very hard to believe.
  5. Richard Hawley

    On tour in Birmingham in October.
  6. Next season who would you like to see come in?

    Robert Earnshaw?
  7. Motta

    With who?
  8. Pearson sacked - Not just yet.

    NO No No No nooooooooooooooo I agree with the comments that Nige's fragile temperament in recent weeks will have helped determine his fate. His loyalty to his players has come back to haunt him. But despite recent results, we must be thankful for what he did for our club, in giving us one of the best seasons in our recent history. We have to move on and stick behind the team. Foxes never quit!
  9. EPIC. Well what can you say? 12 minutes in most people probably thought the game was dead and buried. £150mil on players but you can't put a price on the heart and desire left on the pitch by our boys today. Immense game that will never be forgotten.
  10. Cambiasso

    Cambiasso...pure CLASS
  11. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/row-zed/20-stages-how-transfer-saga-3987572 It's funny how The Mirror knows they're whipping us all into a frenzy.
  12. Chelsea Pre-Match Thread

    Watching the game tonight, I think we will need to match Chelsea's pace all over the pitch. We will need to close down quickly at the back, watch their overlapping down either flank and prevent the crosses coming in. It will be a tough ask given we have lost key players from our engine room.