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  1. Think the wage stealer jibes are harsh. We decided to offer him a contract, he took it and then for whatever reason isn't selected. It's the club's responsibility, not the player's. He went on loan, came back and started playing for us again, Rodgers has included him as well when available. Club needs to review it's policy.
  2. I really don't understand this. Why not just keep assessing the situation regularly instead of pinning a date well into the future which will pretty much plunge sports into meltdown?
  3. If you shut everything down, even taking out the economic impact, that would suggest the virus is out of control and we're unable to cope. Now that might not be far from the truth anyway, but if it turned out to be way off the mark, the consternation would be massive. I think, to give them some credit, that attempts now when the weather is ok and people are still out and about before winter hits is the correct move. I'm really not sure what the levels are that will mean a relaxation of the measures because you'd probably need another March-style lockdown and for longer given the weather to achieve it. I think we'll probably go for no household mixing (and hopefully, if it unfortunately comes to it, they actually tell us straight- none of this common sense bollocks) at some point with extended family being exempt. There are so many factors at play here- it really isn't just people being reckless or stupid at all but they grab the headlines. It is an invisible, non-discriminatory disease and I believe the vast majority are doing their utmost to prevent it spreading. However, as we know, expecting everyone to do the right thing is Utopian thinking, plus you can catch it unwittingly. No easy answer at all.
  4. I think they and Plymouth (who Orient beat in the last round) have had tests recently after being informed of the outbreak.
  5. There was a letter in the Non-League Paper a few weeks ago saying they couldn't have it both ways- one time they want to be almost a fourth division of the Football League, at others very much part of the Non-League set-up. As you say, going for the play-offs was probably the wrong option.
  6. No, players at that level (and League One, possibly the Championship too) will only be tested when they show symptoms. The cost is huge and they are receiving next to no income presently.
  7. Don't get a couple of things- why has indoor sports suddenly become a problem that can't be managed? Why did they increase to 30 people in the first place?
  8. The day Vardy announced himself on the national stage, a truly sensational performance. Just glad it wasn't a flash in the pan, both for him and the team, and we managed to stay up and progress from there.
  9. Government now has to start supporting lower league clubs, they are being denied the chance to serve customers and open their business.
  10. Which is also going to cause problems further down the line if there is a drop in cases, people see it and are then told the testing has issues. People need things to cling to, restrictions are almost seen as a trade-off for something better in the future.
  11. Most of the people interviewed when waiting for tests on the news that I've seen were there because their school age child/ grandchild had symptoms.
  12. We can, the vast majority have otherwise hospitalisations and deaths would be off the scale. Most people out of 60 million have been brilliant.
  13. Isn't pubs shutting just going to lead to more house gatherings?
  14. I think they'll give us breathing space (as it were) and a chance to "prove" our behaviour in the next couple of weeks. Shutting establishments will not be a popular move, they'll judge things locally before going nationally.
  15. The noise around Thiago yesterday was deafening. MOST COMPLETED PASSES IN A HALF OF FOOTBALL- against ten men who were mostly pinned in their own area. He also gave away a penalty. Mane must be so pissed off, he scored a great header and made the second through his own hard work only to find the new guy get all the headlines for turning up.
  16. I just want to be entertained and have players who excite and thrill. We've got that. If Rodgers keeps his nerve we could be an extremely watchable team this season.
  17. If we do win I hope it's very controversial and leaves Thunderbirds hair Arteta and AFTV goons ranting.
  18. Not everyone who gets this virus will have done so carelessly or recklessly, it could be lurking anywhere. I've no doubt plenty have been stupid but proportionately I'd say the public have been far more responsible for avoiding the spread, hospitalisations and deaths being astronomical. Hancock and his tone are just getting on my nerves at the moment, I'm more annoyed at him really.
  19. Similar to his play in the Sheffield United game last season- could've had goals himself but thought of the team first. Helps hugely that he's got players near him to set up too- didn't look isolated at all tonight.
  20. Of course the public are to blame- we're all part of it. But out of 60 million people, how many really have been blase, careless, stupid, senseless etc? I'd imagine that well over 75% have been responsible, compliant, sensible and frankly I resent being told that I'm part of the problem. The public are to blame for the rise in cases and also to blame for demand for tests? I will comply with whatever measures are in place because it's the right thing to do but I'm not accepting the public as one are to blame, politicians haven't been angels themselves either.
  21. Ward Justin Morgan Fuchs Thomas Mendy Praet Under Maddison Gray Iheanacho Mixture of reserves, kids and players who need the game time. Result not too important for me, it is fourth priority this season.
  22. Still think his best position will be in a three or as a wing back with extra help, but he's played a part in two goals so far this season so despite the defensive difficulties he's still contributing.
  23. Very entertaining, we were both thrilling going forward and terrifying at the back. But, let's be honest, rather that than the passive 0-0's we had late last season. Barnes, Praet, Castagne, Tielemans and Mendy were all superb, Vardy in fits and starts, Perez not great but good work for the third goal, Justin was shaky but took his goal well, Schmeichel's kicking still a problem. Good that Evans is back next week. We can go to Man City in a relaxed frame, maximum points, 7 goals in two games is great.
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