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  1. Darius Vassell has been a team-mate of both Peter and Kasper Schmeichel.
  2. Alan Smith very impressed with Man City, said they were nearly as good as Arsenal were last Tuesday.
  3. Norwich look to have given up completely- Chelsea will be fired up, can't see anything other than a comfortable win for Chelsea. Their last two, however, look daunting so if we can get in front of them in the next two (tough I know) we'd be in a great position. Our goal difference helps our cause against Chelsea too.
  4. With Man City away next midweek and their current blitzing of all opposition at the Etihad, Bournemouth have to go all out to win this just to take it to the last two matches realistically. Hopefully the desperation of Bournemouth will play into our hands.
  5. Just win tomorrow please, then we can focus on the difficult task of Sheffield United. What an opportunity.
  6. If it stays like this, or a draw, win tomorrow and third place is back in our hands. How much do you want this, lads?
  7. Allardyce had Bolton in Europe whilst not spending huge amounts, Pardew took Newcastle to fifth under Ashley.
  8. Brentford have Preston, Stoke and Barnsley to play- 9 points definitely on for them which takes them to 87. West Brom have 80 with four to play including Fulham at home, could well go to the final day.
  9. Although our performances against Norwich were poor, and the results equally so, I wouldn't read too much into today. Classic example of going a goal down, any confidence goes and they accepted their fate. Norwich have been awful since the restart.
  10. Doncaster in 2014, final day of the season.
  11. Looks like Big Nige has done his job, whether he gets the job beyond is in doubt but he's survived twice barring a collapse.
  12. Loved in Ireland, England and at Leeds, Middlesbrough and Sheffield Wednesday. An iconic figure, a shame lots of us never saw him play. RIP Jack.
  13. More like Cods, have a word
  14. Hadn't seen it until earlier this evening but that Ward-Prowse dive being given as a penalty then upheld by VAR was worse than Fernandes.
  15. What you'd give to see an Elliott bullet header or a Muzzy long range volley/ shot again.
  16. When was the first bit written? Kasper hasn't actually used the Schmeichel name to get anything really, he's be on loan at Bury, Falkirk, Coventry, Cardiff, went to Notts County and spent half a decade in the Football League before promotion with us. He's worked his way up and deserves everything he's got.
  17. I get what you're saying. FFP in the Football League is required to stop clubs spending what they haven't got- the wage bills to income/ turnover is eye-watering at some teams. But at that level, the idea of the status quo of the established elite remaining there and stopping others does appear to have some merit.
  18. Let's win our last 4 and not worry about it, best way to deal with it.
  19. The issue in recent games like Man City and Brighton was that VAR didn't look at three penalties we should've had, whilst one was given against us. No doubt VAR disallowed goals that would normally have stood earlier this season but over the past 8/9 games VAR hasn't intervened enough in our case.
  20. I said it in the Premier League thread that I do wonder if referees aren't keen on calling out colleagues too often on mistakes they make. I'm sure we've been in positions at work where colleagues have made errors, it may become a bigger issue and reputations are gained and you aren't keen on continually pointing them out. It could be time for independent people to take charge of the video side of it.
  21. A league of any substance would welcome variety, unpredictability, intrigue. For some reason the media think we want the status quo. Yes, Man United and Liverpool will always grab the headlines in the main but Sheffield United or Burnley possibly winning the title, as we did, would bring in a whole new audience.
  22. The issue with VAR is that I'm not sure referees want to keep overturning decisions. They all know each other and if one gets a reputation for having several decisions changed then that becomes a story, it gets into the mind and I'm sure most of the refs are friends- is it time to have independent, outside workers doing the video side of things?
  23. I don't know, a couple of wins might be enough to put us above Chelsea with their run-in.
  24. Maybe not, the Man City game was the worst with us having two clear penalties turned down and theirs being given. Just have to hope we can go all out in the last four.
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