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  1. Some investment and we'd have at least been on a par with QPR and Norwich who were the top two. That decision to appoint Sousa and let Pearson go set us back at least two years.
  2. Boring Boring Leicester ringing out as we hit five past Sunderland, followed by "Are You Watching, Gregory?" after his complaining about our style of play. A glorious five weeks from beating Aston Villa in the semi-final, winning the cup to that 5-2 match. God, just typing that made me remember how much I loathed John Gregory. Absolute arse at Villa and Derby.
  3. Why he didn't convince Vichai and Top they had a perfectly good manager and any takeover came with a man who had nearly delivered consecutive promotions in charge is beyond me. Sticking with Pearson and good financial backing and I think we may've been promoted in 2011. Even at Portsmouth their best manager walked out before being asked to return.
  4. Yeah, the Sunday League was a great thing, loved a Sunday down at Grace Road or the occasional trip to Oakham. Part of the appeal was seeing top class overseas players (Simmons, Sehwag, Srinath, Bevan) mixed in with our own greats (DeFreitas, Malcolm, Nixon) and the local lads (Maddy, Stevens). As you say, the whole package of being there was brilliant. Playing on the outfield in the break and after the game/ play, going to the Meet for lunch, finding different stands to watch the game from. Cricket's great in that at grounds like Grace Road there's plenty of space for the kids to
  5. He got lucky with Pearson. Spoke far too much in the media and the farcical 2007/08 season will never be forgotten. Thankfully he appointed a steady hand to oversee a change in everything about the club. So much so that Vichai and Top realised the mistake in allowing him to leave first time and getting him back. I know their success is much greater, their tenure longer but I feel much happier with the current set-up and the way they approach things. Mandaric came in with big noise and left with a better reputation than it might've been through Pearson's work.
  6. It seems completely disproportionate. There's no way the corporate side makes up a quarter of the crowd.
  7. Starting something from scratch when you've got an established competitor is tough, too. Professional teams have sustained themselves for well over a century through generations of new fans and having an identity. Who is going to travel miles to watch these teams? They are playing at current cricket grounds plastered with pictures and memories of county teams. I think it will start well as a new thing but further down the line it'll struggle to stay as big news. Cricket is not the dominant sport and I doubt many long time county fans will be interested. You are relying on new fans,
  8. Offside was designed to stop goal hanging, I doubt the lawmakers expected technology to rule armpits offside 150 years later.
  9. Fans only ever wanted it when decisions went against them. Same as clubs. Unfortunately we're stuck with it and the endless debate.
  10. We need two things from a new striker- the ability to fit into the team and to notch a healthy return of goals and also to allow Vardy to wind down, stay fresh and not be restricted by the knocks and niggles he's getting. Hopefully Eduoard fits the bill.
  11. Stand up if you love Leicester- During the Man United match that confirmed relegation in 2002. Seemed like the whole ground stood up and joined in. That team did not deserve it one bit. Amazing support.
  12. Some did https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-56279715
  13. "My lover's got no money, he's got his Trombelese" Gala- Freed From Desire. I was convinced Trombelese was an instrument used for busking.
  14. Defenders are huge divers. Get away with a lot more than attackers.
  15. He looked well onside from the still picture along the line. They used one from a different angle for some reason.
  16. IT'S LIVERPOOL AGAINST CHELSEA....FOR A PLACE IN THE TOP FOUR....AND IT'S LIVE!! Yeah, not quite how you'd hoped is it, Martin?
  17. Never thought it was likely this year, I expected it to be tight.
  18. We've had a bonus with Liverpool falling apart and Chelsea sticking with Lampard for so long. Those two are the most likely to overtake us, I reckon. Still think we are doing really well.
  19. Would've been a nice bonus if West Brom had nicked a point but tonight shows that these are tough games against the teams down at the bottom. We won both these matches comfortably. Long way to go, plenty of twists and turns.
  20. Not sure about that, he hit with some pace. Pope went walkabout because he didn't expect Iheanacho to hit it first time.
  21. According to Football365, the only player possibly affected is Amartey and he's not played for Ghana for years.
  22. Too close to the pitch. I'm sure it was further back when we played there.
  23. I'm ok with it. You'll get some for and against you but remember, DRS was brought in originally to clear up howlers and by and large it has done that (unless the third umpire stops the video halfway through). Some decisions are marginal and the umpire deserves a bit of leeway.
  24. Although we're on the same points and position, the current form is vastly different. We'd lost 5 of the previous ten on reaching 27 games- this year we've lost 2 in 14. This season feels different even though the outcome may be the same.
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