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  1. They've had two seasons outside the top six since 2005, hardly a mid-table also ran. They were in early 00's but they've been part of the top six for nearly 15 years.
  2. Belgium are 4-1 up at half time against Cyprus. No goals or assists for Tielemans.
  3. Schmeichel playing for Denmark in Ireland tonight.
  4. And I don't particularly want him traipsing around Europe sitting on benches and not being involved when he could be with us preparing for the next game.
  5. Best thing from that article is that we avoided Allardyce.
  6. Isn't needed. Let us create our own noise.
  7. Iwan Roberto Iwan is an Italian, he wears an Italian's hat He drives with Julian Joachim in his used Fiat
  8. Should've sent him home then for us to assess ahead of the Brighton match. Also proves how much drama was made out of the casino visit. He is a squad player down the pecking order.
  9. Waste of a trip for Callum Wilson- played no minutes in these games. We play one striker who is the captain so likely to play all important games and even these as well. Abraham should've started, if he didn't work then Wilson gets a go- four months until the next squad now.
  10. Any more of these good performances from Chilwell and the clubs interested will think he's worth at least £27 million.
  11. It must be really hard to compete with a team whose record signing is well below half of theirs.
  12. Apparently Southgate was "frustrated" that Maguire was playing every game for Man United and needed a rest. So he picks him for both matches, it would appear.
  13. We'd waited an age for us to get six. For years we stopped at four then eventually we managed to get that elusive fifth. At 5-0 we were just hoping to add one more and it arrived. Then we managed to hit six again six weeks later. And it produced this-
  14. It isn't even a case of supply and demand as Bournemouth, with comfortably the smallest ground, tend to have the cheapest prices across the board.
  15. They really are, haven't bought anything in the ground for about 12 years. Is there a justification for them being that high?
  16. Let's just hope we get far more weekend cricket next year.
  17. Who has said he isn't well liked? They seem to be fighting against an image they've put out.
  18. None of our key players are going in January, especially if we are in a strong position in the top 4 and still heavily involved in the cups.
  19. Thomas is going to lose every task then win the final
  20. The reason Ricardo is at us is because we wanted him more. There seems to be a belief that players have to prove themselves at a "lesser" team before making the supposed step up. Man United could've had Maguire two years ago, anyone could've had Ricardo, Maddison, Tielemans if they wanted to but didn't. Now they'll have to pay possibly double or treble the price. Hard luck.
  21. You could see a large group of people huddled around the away end after the game and "Jamie Vardy's magic" being blared out and you knew that AFTV was being filmed
  22. They just seem to think that by asking the same question in different ways players are going to give out the information they want. Chilwell was never going to do anything beyond what he said, no matter how many times it is asked.
  23. Wasn't an official overseas player but Claude Henderson gave us great service for a decade.
  24. Good point. Which one would be his most memorable? Chelsea at home when he dummied Azpilicueta about eight times then pinged it in the top corner?
  25. TV channels getting their Christmas stuff on in mid-November. Peter Andre's Best Xmas Hits is bad enough on December 23rd, let alone November 12th. Start all this on December 1st.
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