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  1. Would never happen the other way round, would it? They really haven't grasped the notion that people might feel pissed off at being pushed out/ marginalised and may not want to support the bigger teams in future.
  2. Just great to see names like Ricardo and Ndidi on the teamsheet again. Strong team, hope we get the group won tonight.
  3. Especially when Savage is part of the commentary team.
  4. The Harry Redknapp Don't Mug Yourself was much better.
  5. "Have you had anger management classes?" "No. Have you?"
  6. One of the best things of the vaccine becoming available is that we won't have to listen to Hancock every other day spouting whatever crap he's chosen that day. ****.
  7. I thought that second one was Jordan Pickford at first glance.
  8. He used to write programme notes, most of it long forgotten from memory but one set stuck in the mind when he told off fans for swearing because a Mummy had complained that her little darling had heard some bad language at football (heaven forbid) which he wasn't used to at reserve games Loved that protest against the gang of four, as a nine-year-old at the time I hadn't had an experience of real anti-something sentiment. To be given a piece of card/ paper (can't remember which) to hold up was a great new adventure.
  9. Problem last night was that he came on when the damage was done- they were happy to sit in on their lead and give no space. If he starts the match it's a different game.
  10. Until the last couple of league games he's had a good season, especially in Europe. Like a lot of this squad, when they are off form they look awful.
  11. I don't think it's unfair to say that when we are bad we are flat out rotten. I want to log in here after games and rant about the referee costing us, or the keeper having a blinder or the world being against us. I really can't, though. I can't think of many occasions where the officiating has played a huge part (Man City home last season, maybe?). Who was the last keeper to stop us time and again? I accept we'll lose games. I just wish we weren't as bad every single time.
  12. Seriously though, I do think we as a fanbase (and probably the case at most places) react better when we've got a man in charge up against it. O'Neill was loved for the great days he gave us but we also backed him fully when the likes of Ken Bates, Gregory, Wenger were all having a go. Like with Pearson when Pat Murphy went on his pompous one-man show or pundits were having a dig- we backed him, told them they were talking crap, he was OUR man and that's who we follow. Rodgers doesn't have that, really. All the press like him, other managers don't seem to kick up a fuss about him.
  13. God I long for the days when we had a manager who would tell a ref he was a disgrace and slag off nobbers like Beagrie and we'd all follow his lead.
  14. He's staying for a number of reasons and I don't have too much of an issue with it. I just don't want to look back at the end of the season with "what ifs?" and I think we've had a few too many this calendar year.
  15. Some poor touches no doubt but a neat flick which brought a save, a decent cross cleared and a nice header back for the goal. He needs runners beyond him to be effective without always threatening/ scoring, see Sheffield United last season and Leeds this.
  16. I don't get this thing about the best British manager. What does it matter? Yes, he's better than Hodgson, Dyche, Bruce, Wilder. I'd expect him to be. He's here for a while and we're going to have to put up with these crap displays but we aren't some training ground for local managerial talent, we want the best man for the job wherever they are from. (This isn't particularly aimed at anyone on here, I've seen a lot about it in the media too).
  17. Grealish is a fine player but ****ing hell, he makes Maddison look tough.
  18. Vardy has been at his best this season with Barnes and Under near him. Man City away- Barnes plays behind and sets up the penalties. Arsenal away- Under creates the goal. Leeds away- Barnes runs off him and Vardy sets him up, Under then tees up Vardy again for his goal. To go with neither in this type of game is unfathomable.
  19. According to the manager, we had a youthful side out. Schmeichel 34, Fuchs 34, Evans 32, Vardy 33, Mendy 28, Praet 26. Tielemans 23 with lots of caps for Belgium and 50 European games. Maddison 24 with 75 Premier League games. Two teenagers. Justin 22 and still fairly new. Not having that as an excuse at all.
  20. Tielemans has played 50 European games and 30-odd caps for Belgium. Maddison has had 60-odd Premier League games. Justin, Thomas, Fofana I can accept. We are not a team of kids.
  21. 6 defeats in 14 home league games in 2020.
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