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  1. To quote myself... many very good squads have been relegated over the years, that many thought were too good to go down. (Leeds, Newcastle) Also there have been many examples of teams that ended a season badly (look at us 00-01) then continued that form into the following season and found themselves in a relegation scrap. we cannot score, nor do we look like scoring over the last three games. im not worried re: relegation as I now think we will be okay, based on the first three games. but I don’t expect us to be anywhere near the top 6. Hope I’m wron
  2. Agree... if we are not careful we won’t just loose one big player next summer.
  3. To be fair I predicted relegation too, and even after the first three games I wasn’t convinced.
  4. And loose all or better players in the process?
  5. I and many others have felt James Justin (despite his talent) is under performing currently, and he is. Whether talent at PL level or loss of concentration, he is being found currently.
  6. Exactly my thought, honestly cannot understand why he didn’t come rushing out
  7. CSKA perfect? Long travel, and very dangerous, plus Moscow in winter 🥶 I’d rather avoid..
  8. For me Gent or Braga AZ Alkmaar Dundalk winnable games and short travel
  9. I would like United, Chelsea and Leeds think it will be: West Brom Sheffield United fulham
  10. Schmeichel could be heard shouting, watch Riyad around the back! Still no one picked him up 😫
  11. Because it’s Man City and not west brom or Burnley?
  12. Thought this too.. and in general, feels like he isn’t mixing too well with the other players. Not that he necessarily needs to, he maybe happy, but I feel he is not currently
  13. Don’t think anyone’s making him the scapegoat, unless I’ve missed the post. Think most (if not all) would agree that he was at some part to blame for the goals conceded. Scapegoat in my opinion would be blaming someone unfairly, I’m not sure that’s incorrect on today’s performance. Though you’ve have some valid reasons why it was tough for Justin, here’s hoping he won’t get brushed off the ball quite so easily next time 🤞
  14. I thought he was our weakest link tonight and a big part of the two goals conceded. also we got sloppy again at times, a la post lockdown. offensively though I thought we looked great
  15. First 20 minutes....post lockdown Leicester, errors, sideways passing, no driving forward. from then On........ pre lockdown Leicester, free flowing, crisp passing, more clinical. only concern Is Barnes finishing, I’d hope to see more clinical. But his runs forward were excellent
  16. I agree with you, but cannot articulate as you have done. i don’t feel anything but sorry for him. But I know I’ll be in the minority.
  17. I think there is more to him, then what he says. I don’t think he has changed much. Talking about the impact of not seeing his son had in him, then states he’d be willing to move abroad, despite not being able to see his son as much. it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some milder learning difficulties and/or emotional challenges growing up that have also impacted. i hope for his sake he finds a new club, and rids himself of his demons, with professional support.
  18. Not his best game granted, but he did improve. irrespective getting boos then jeers by his own “fans” Doesn’t make it right.
  19. Fair point! I cannot remember the game it was, but even during the game when he did manage to make passes there were ironic jeers. Absolute toxic atmosphere to one player.
  20. The whistle had gone, we had lost... Unprofessional? Mahrez forcing a move, sitting at an airport to, or players refusing to play because they want a move IMO is unprofessional. disrespectful? It was no worse then our own fans booing his every touch (even the better ones) at a game last season. Cannot remember which one, but the atmosphere to Ben was as bad as I can remember.
  21. 100%! Same with Chilwell after the Chelsea game, laughing with Barclay. As hard as it is for us the fans, to be able to pick oneself up quickly and move on, is a good thing. though trust me, I’m not saying I’m happy seeing players laughing
  22. I don’t know why, but this has had my in stitches 😂
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