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  1. Does it really matter what he says to the press?
  2. Huddersfield at home in a few weeks will be the first trip this season on the German side.
  3. Izzet Howard King Dyer Kante Mahrez Vardy
  4. baker11

    Safe standing - time to act

    Plus they fact they have an Ultras group and active support which is going from strength to strength.
  5. baker11

    Liverpool ( H ) Pre Match

    Twitter rumour going around is that Claudio is coming onto the pitch at half time.
  6. baker11

    What's the nicest pop?

    Thats brilliant!
  7. Bochum have contacted Leicester regarding arranging a pre season game at Filbert Way.
  8. How close was the vote?
  9. Premier League eats itself. AFC Leicester Fosse are started.
  10. baker11

    Your last Pint?

    Seen a few saying Everards beers has been a little hit and miss since the brewery began the renovations. Believe it is being brewed at two sites currently.
  11. baker11

    LCFC Official Photo

    Works as a massage therapist, promoted from the reserves.
  12. baker11

    Your last Pint?

    A bottle of Flensburger pilsener.