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  1. baker11

    New chants and songs

    Keep an ear out. As Voll said up there WYS, Molly Molone, Leicester Boot Boys, When you’re tired and weary etc all still do regularly get sung week in week out.
  2. baker11

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/date-set-bayern-munichs-visit-2558949 The visit of Bayern will be in Whetstone.
  3. baker11

    New chants and songs

    You can speak to the club about relocating as a one off or as a more permanent thing. It’s obvious many up there who stand don’t have a seat up the top and are moving up there to be able to stand and sing. Not sure if you would be keen to have a ‘seat’ as such but it is possible to be at the top without one.
  4. baker11

    New chants and songs

    Oh yeah because for the thousands post you ‘hate the bloody drum’.
  5. baker11

    New chants and songs

    Move over to SK1? Swell the block.
  6. baker11

    FA Cup 2018/19

    HF pulled a big section for it.
  7. baker11

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    About 30 younger lads went tonight with wavers and the UFS drum. A few there are active members but mainly it was guys who are interested in vocal support but can’t get tickets up the top of SK1.
  8. baker11

    Gordon Banks RIP

  9. baker11

    Questions Thread

    Does anyone have any minibus companies that they would recommend?
  10. baker11

    Leicester music scene

    Not my bag really but Leicester has a pretty healthy House scene currently. Lots of guys putting on nights bringing in talent.
  11. baker11

    Leicester music scene

    Is Dryden Street Social safe now? I know a few months back it was looking in trouble.
  12. baker11

    Best musical cities

    Could throw in Milburn, Richard Hawley, Toddla T, Cabaret Voltaire, Slow Club, Drenge, Dead Sons and Little Man Tate
  13. baker11

    European Football 18/19

    Nice story from VfL Bochum - http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/2bundesliga/vereine/742145/artikel_goenner-bastians-zahlt-bochum-200-000-euro.html Previous club captain and fan of the club Felix Batians donates 200,000 euros to the club after he got extra cash for signing a new contract out in China.
  14. baker11


    Sound bloke too.
  15. baker11

    first city game

    Home game vs Wimbledon in 1999, we won 2.1 with Cottee scoring both. Went into the Huntsman for a slash and remember being absolutly terrified.