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  1. It has been painfully obvious that the batting was where we needed to strengthen in the summer.
  2. But it shouldn't be blue and gold it should be blue and white.
  3. Work got me a few bottles of Warsteiner.
  4. Echo others when they say he will always be their favourite manager.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/264008747757?chn=ps DIY job.
  6. Yeah more than likely (read it back now and it does sound pants), I just put that idea in as it seemed better than having Vichai semi shoehorned into it.
  7. Only once, only once, Leicester City, Only once, only once, that’s fine. Won the league, by ten points, Leicester City, Support the Foxes till my dying day.
  8. Why is Dexter not playing? Have I missed something?
  9. The club pretty much instantly stopped the fan groups collecting for a Vichai statue. Whether they would do same for the players you would like to think not.
  10. Still one or two places left in this if anyone has a team they want to enter?
  11. Do a river cruise. All I wanted to do was get pissed but doing that hour or so of culture was great. Plus you can booze on the boats as they all flog bottles. Some of the dive bars/pubs in St.Pauli are great.
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