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  1. baker11

    Your last Pint?

    A Belgian Blue by Bradfield Brewery.
  2. baker11

    Crystal Palace - Sat 15th December

    Yeah we are looking to have a drink that way.
  3. baker11

    Leicester music scene

    Back in they heyday of Indie music I always really enjoyed The Displacements, The Dandilions and Ego-Armalade.
  4. baker11

    Crystal Palace (A) 15 Dec Pre Match Thread

    Looking forward to a good booze up.
  5. baker11

    Bochum - Sheff Utd

    Mentioned on the lastest page on here - https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/96628-leicester-city-and-vfl-bochum-blue-and-white-friendship/?page=18
  6. Twin cities, Id take a punt an English guy made those as it’s terrible German. Group of Bochum lads will be with us next weekend at Palace away.
  7. baker11

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Can also say I have never seen anywhere in Leicester doing £5 pints.
  8. baker11

    London Leicester fans

    Group of us heading to the Stags pre Palace.
  9. baker11

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Get the train out to Belém.
  10. Least it aint to Notts.