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  1. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    So many going on about PA's, referees and a spark on the pitch amongst other reasons. It ultimately boils down to mindset and effort. The above shows a support rock up and give it full gun from the go. The mentality is about having fun, having pride in the support you show and give. A Bochum fan when Leicester were over there said to me 'we often lose on the pitch but we try dam hard to not lose off the pitch in the stand'. Not sure why exactly our atmospheres especially away from home have dipped so much over the last three seasons? Mental how now you can find yourself getting puzzled looks for trying to get a song going away from home now. So frustrating when our ends to nearly a man belt out a boo at James McClean yet won't open their gobs in support of the team they are there to support or chuck beer around a concourse before standing like a mute in the stand. I do hope the away sections idea from Union FS eventually pulls the atmosphere back up by getting likeminded singers together. The video above is even more impressive when you realise those guys and girls are there showing support like that for their reserve team.
  2. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Think that is Poachers in Thurlaston.
  3. Man City - League Cup

    From around JJ upwards. Seats around 22 ish. Finding lots are moving over to be up there, filling the aisles etc. The club last game looked to be clamping down on that. Not great for the numbers swelling.
  4. The "nonsensical things that Leicester do" thread

    Oud-Heverlee Leuven FC
  5. New chants and songs

    Unfortunately not. Will try and give both a push with the guys and girls up in SK1/Union FS
  6. Kasabian

    Turned out the anoucement was a load of demos.
  7. Premier League Saturday night football

    Would really affect me being able to go via public transport and having a few beers.
  8. A group are off to Bochum today, mostly guys on their first trip.
  9. Our match day prices in my opinion are a joke. Season tickets although not cheap do represent much better value. Personally stuck in a trap of financially going to have to cut back on the games I do in the future but the match day prices the club charge is for me at an unjustifiable amount.
  10. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Yeah agree with that. Picked one up a few weeks back before the last train home.
  11. Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    A couple of nights in Cologne with the Mrs for the Christmas markets over there. Want to pop over to see Bochum's and perhaps Dusseldorf's as well.
  12. Can't recommend this enough. Wen't on my first trip after getting in touch with a guy off here about a trip going over. This in February will be my 6th time over watching Bochum. Great set of guys and girls on both sets of the friendship, and a fantastic opportunity to experience serious football culture.
  13. Team links

    Relatively new friendship between Grimsby and Belgian club SC Eendracht Aalst. Grimsby looked to take large numbers to Belgium after 31 Aalst guys came over to England last season.
  14. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    As of Friday we had not sold 1 full block.