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  1. Safe standing - time to act

    Bristol City have also today come out in support of it.
  2. Safe standing - time to act

    This is exactly what Union FS have been lobbying the club for months for. An open forum for all the fanbase where safe standing can be discussed. The group has the 'safestanding roadshow' ready to bring in their rail seat example plus representatives from the Football Supporters Federation who are willing to attend also. But sadly the club point blank refuse to facilitate any meeting with supporters on this issue.
  3. Safe standing - time to act

    Norwich as well now.
  4. Safe standing - time to act

    Brentford have also come out today in support of the petition. Leicester were called out in an Guardian article this week as they only club in the Prem who have not announced their position on the issue.
  5. Safe standing - time to act

    Good on Derby -
  6. I wonder how Cosgrove feels having had the captancy taken away after he appeared to be bedding in well to the role?
  7. Non League Football 2017-18

    Went to a pretty drab 1.1 draw between Sheffield FC and Chasetown last night. Sheffield were playing a heavily rotated team and that showed in terms of quality. Chasetown brought decent away numbers considering the distance.
  8. 24hr in Leicester

    You won't find a good curry near the stadium. However you will find a good one on Narbourgh Road or in the City Centre. Same with beer, closest to the ground for a good pint is probably The Peel.
  9. Adidas

    What an attitude.
  10. Safe standing - time to act

    Oh believe me Union FS know this. Our club are beyond a joke at times when dealing on certain issues.
  11. Safe standing - time to act

    Giving this another push - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/207040
  12. 3 seats left on the website, buy one and if the view is that bad move to a better position.
  13. Pre Season - any word?

    A European pre season tour of say Germany or Italy would be great if not all the games were behind closed doors. Bar that playing lower local league teams would also be nice. Thinking like your Notts County, Chesterfield, York type clubs. Just not another pointless cashcow trip to Thailand or Hong Kong.