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  1. Supposedly paying him £4k a week.
  2. baker11

    Team links

    Roughly 25 Leicester guys will be going to the Bochum pre-season game against Millwall.
  3. http://mithaas.co.uk/ - Unreal food trust me. http://www.herbrestaurant.co.uk/ - Never been myself but this is meant to be decent.
  4. Seems to be ever since the time Essex were in for him and the club stopped the move.
  5. baker11

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Leicester lost 2.1
  6. Pretty sure this was there last season but they never actually implemented. it
  7. baker11

    The Best Song You've Ever Seen Live

    Banquet - Bloc Party, way back maybe 2007 time at DMH.
  8. baker11

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Which is a shame really.
  9. baker11

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Nice one Leicester letting fans that might want to travel the information very late on.
  10. baker11

    The Best Song You've Ever Seen Live

    New Order - Blue Monday. In a huge car park in Brooklyn watching the sunset over Manhattan.
  11. baker11

    New training ground announced

    Whats the plan with Belvoir Drive?
  12. baker11

    Filbert St Demolition

    Moving from a characterful, intense and unique stadium to an identikit bowl makes the move extra disappointing.
  13. I can understand your reasoning and without knowing exactly how many games you plan to go to but 8 games did not sell out last season. Assume these would have therefore been on general sale in turn displacing the membership myth that you need one for tickets. However I can see that if those who are wanting to see the more 'glamorous games' would need to have a membership to access tickets.