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  1. The cocking about at the back is concerning. We've given it away a couple of times but escaped punishment.
  2. A friend of mine who is a Man U fan has been on Facebook, posting pictures of big red 9s, Bruno's rat face and complaining they were denied a clear penalty. No mention of Martial's dive of course.
  3. Martial diving before any hint of contact. And a sending off for trying to avoid contact. It's a f***ing joke.
  4. But that's what it will take for them to ditch the idea. Obviously it'll need to be an injury to a Liverpool or Man U player for it to be taken seriously.
  5. An absolute joke. Would they be so forensic at the other end of the pitch?
  6. Spurs definitely being beaten at their own game, Brighton inviting the niggly fouls.
  7. Awful. Outthought, outmuscled, bereft of ideas, tired, lacking concentration.
  8. I don't know how he can see what's happening from such a low position. Like being in row A-minus.
  9. Southampton players sharing the same drinking bottle.
  10. Maybe, maybe not. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/west-bromwich-albion/2018/09/11/chapter-and-verse-genesis-of-psalm-23-at-west-brom/
  11. Pogba jumps into Lacazette, Neville calls it as a foul on Pogba.
  12. McTominay's runs have been the highlight of the match so far.
  13. Due to my minimal interest in mediocre players I always thought his name was Joe Linton.
  14. Everton complaining about persistent fouling. Oh, the irony.
  15. I think I used to have an earwax problem.
  16. Dean stopped it for Richarlison feigning injury, it was almost out for our throw, he inexplicably gives the drop ball to Everton.
  17. Yet another foul by Richarlison, no card.
  18. Did Perez even make contact with Davies?
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