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  1. They get off lightly while there is no crowd venting their displeasure.
  2. Sky showed one yesterday to support the narrative that Leeds are the most entertaining team. But it also made West Brom the fourth most entertaining.
  3. Lee "brilliant" Hendrie doesn't know the laws. That's not brilliant.
  4. Don't get me started on the so-called Law of Averages.
  5. Another glorious ball from Youri for Vardy causing Villa to panic.
  6. I agree. They're looking more like us. They've got a decent squad. Antonio is their Vardy, but even when he doesn't play they have have enough depth to still score goals. Lingard seems to have a new lease of life.
  7. Since that penalty aberration Lookman has been quality.
  8. Carragher keeps calling Alexander-Arnold by his first name. The over-familiarity is ridiculous.
  9. Strange game, neither team ever really looked like scoring. Although they kept us quiet, Prague looked most interested in winning free kicks and playacting. Still, no more casualties, a good chance to see them off next week.
  10. Yes, I started to notice it recently. May have been appealing for a foul on Lindelof on this occasion.
  11. I thought it was Tyler, but it could be both of them. They need an eq filter to reduce the effect.
  12. The number of favourable decisions Liverpool get, we score a legitimate goal and BT and Klopp go berserk.
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