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  1. His shtick is to blast it into the wall in the hope of winning a penalty that he can score.
  2. "It's like a jungle sometimes, it really is."
  3. Turgid game, apart from the last 20 seconds. Our name is on the cup. Hope JJ is not injured.
  4. A problem that we colourblind spectators come across quite regularly. Sometimes we're told we should stop complaining and put up with it because the shorts are different.
  5. I agree. Like in many walks of life when new technology is introduced, the users end up serving it rather than the other way around. Just because they can now take two minutes to forensically analyse possible offsides to the millimetre doesn't mean they should, but the laws haven't properly revised to reflect what VAR should actually be used for.
  6. What actually happened to make Salah fall down like that?
  7. Salah doing his usual trick of kicking the ball at an opponent at point blank range then jumping up and down and screaming for a penalty like a spoilt child.
  8. He actually played more times for West Brom, which, along with his time at Molyneux gives him a rare insight into the intricacies of football in the Black Country. I think he's a long way off from being the worst co-commentator.
  9. Can't complain at all about the result. A match which needed us to be solid at the cost of being creative, Justin the epitome of this. I thought Choudhury was excellent. Incredibly we managed to get Evans through the whole second half when it looked a certainty he would be hooked at half time. Not happy that Wolves wasted an age at the start of added time that should have given us time for the free kick at the end when we'd just started to look threatening.
  10. If we can escape this with a point there will be a huge collective sigh of relief across Leicestershire.
  11. Neves hoping to receive the same leniency as Bruno Fernandes.
  12. Alan Smith: "Good players, can invariably link up. That's why they are good." I hope he isn't being paid for this incisiveness.
  13. Good idea in theory, but can referees be trusted to implement it fairly? It just gives them another opportunity to interpret situations favourably for certain clubs.
  14. Classy performance against a team that keeps the ball well but is largely ineffective in front of goal. Very satisfying.
  15. The cocking about at the back is concerning. We've given it away a couple of times but escaped punishment.
  16. A friend of mine who is a Man U fan has been on Facebook, posting pictures of big red 9s, Bruno's rat face and complaining they were denied a clear penalty. No mention of Martial's dive of course.
  17. Martial diving before any hint of contact. And a sending off for trying to avoid contact. It's a f***ing joke.
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