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  1. Does it need three Man City players to touch the ball after a free kick has been given to us?
  2. Vardy has to do more to stay onside for the disallowed goal. We can't afford to squander chances today. We've done enough to deserve to go in level at HT, but the longer Man C have almost exclusive possession the more likely they will score. We can keep them out indefinitely. Maddison for Perez will give us a bit more quality and produce a few unexpected moments that will cause problems for their defence.
  3. Matterface is embarrassing. Earlier he said Sousa has PL experience with Swansea and Leicester (wrong on both counts). Now he's shown he doesn't know what incommunicado means.
  4. Horrifying and heartbreaking, to hear these poor men blame themselves for allowing their abuse at the hands of these manipulative evil bastards.
  5. Change direction and fall over the defender, it's a pen if you're Harry Kane.
  6. Miraculous recovery by Kane to take the penalty himself.
  7. Grealish, with the dress sense of Barry Venison.
  8. Great shot from Youri, lovely run from Vardy to just take the defender away from the line of the shot.
  9. The number of times United's players have been fatally injured tonight, they surely won't be able to raise a team on Sunday.
  10. How many times Fernandes is fatally injured in a match...
  11. I remember a footballer famously saying he didn't watch football matches and whatever he would do after retiring it would be nothing to do with football. That was Sky football pundit Bobby Zamora.
  12. That’s my take on it too. If we collect 3 points and our rivals drop 2 points each then we move further ahead of both of them.
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