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  1. Maitland-Niles just took two foul throws, not picked up by the officials.
  2. If such poor decisions had gone against a top-6 side there'd be an official investigation.
  3. People who walk out of shop doorways, onto the pavement, without looking or even anticipating that someone might be walking along the pavement. They expect anyone who might be walking by to stop for them. We need give way signs at shop exits!
  4. Heard today that they've sent season tickets out with the wrong entrance number on.
  5. Presumably only defenders will be allowed in the penalty area for goal kicks, otherwise it will be the end for short kicks.
  6. Evans's mistake but we didn't defend collectively afterwards.
  7. Fantastic shot, hope we don't come to regret the yellow card.
  8. No intelligence at all. Maguire lets us down.
  9. Jon Moss was having a good game for United until the penalty. That Fred is always a bit of a liability.
  10. Utterly disgraceful of course, and that lowlife will be punished by the law although maybe not to the extent required to make an example of him or be a deterrent to others. The Second City derby is always hugely hyped up in local media in the run-up to match day, and while that generates a desirable intense atmosphere at the match, there's a risk that some of the least intelligent might overreact.
  11. Just seen Puel walking along Granby Street.
  12. Kasper's famed distribution drops us in it again.
  13. Moss supposedly gave the free kick because Watford had no advantage after Hughes was fouled. Yet Deeney had slipped past our defenders. Either way they had no-one in the middle, so no advantage was lost.
  14. I've been in my job for over 30 years and the culture of micromanagement is so bad now I have to both tell my manager and record the time taken on the computer system. Take too long for breaks and questions are asked, not good when you have IBS and pick up a diarrhoea bug.
  15. They need to start by moving the Trent End back about 25-30 metres.
  16. I could understand what his long term plan was, and I saw evidence of transitioning, which was going to be essential whoever the manager was. He started to phase out the old guard while giving plenty of experience to young players. Some of his signings were excellent. However, even with a long term plan, it's essential to notch up wins and draws in the present, and this just wasn't happening any more. Puel has set the scene for the next manager. I just hope his successor has the competence to continue the rebuilding job and doesn't become the next target for our boo boys if things don't always
  17. Interesting that today's pitchside adverts say "King Power, Thailand's first and largest duty free".
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