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  1. Possible, but he also has a number 5 on his back, so you would think it's a Harry shirt. I hope so anyway.
  2. Clearly you don't even know which post you were referencing which must be a tad embarrassing for you. The post which you called 'the truth' which was not posted by our Man U guest. Read it again. Or not ... whatever.
  3. Truth Read it again. I think you meant to say two paragraphs of assumptions, conjecture and invective.
  4. Or...and here's a novel idea, we could collectively agree not to single someone out for abuse. Isn't it funny, this herd mentality? when one turns we all turn. I say 'funny', what I really mean is pathetic.
  5. Really? Where have you been? We've been talking shit for weeks.
  6. Nice selective quoting there. @Thecarrickfan's quote was in response to someone saying how much they hate his club and would basically like to trample on it's grave or words to that effect. Like I said, he's been OK in the face of some provocation.
  7. As far as I can see @Thecarrickfan has pretty much behaved himself in the face of a bit of provocation at times, hasn't he? Let's not turn on the guy.
  8. I can't help it. I have to have another go and then I'll sod off. I have the opposite problem to Harry. I've been suffering with constipation which is annoying because I've been trying to do my tax return today. In the end, I worked it out with a pencil. Ta ta.
  9. Ha. Yes I see. Apologies. There must be a joke about repeating on yourself somewhere but I will let it lie. It's not the first post in this thread to be repeated though. We've had 300 pages of basically the same thing.
  10. I hear that diarrhoea is hereditary. Apparently it runs through your jeans.
  11. Gross. Just when I thought this thread could not get any worse, you go and plant that image in my mind!
  12. The words of a man who has realised his position is indefensible
  13. Very true and also we need to cut out the unnecessary errors. Silly late goals lost to Wolves and Watford cost us as did our terrible starts so often gifting teams a goal in the first ten minutes that it became a running joke. Add Youri to our team and we are much more formidable than last year but I would think that Wolves, West Ham and Everton will be too. Can't wait.
  14. I thought that during our title season. Surely teams will get wise to this rope-a-dope trick. Many didn't, some did but we still ended up scraping 1-0s in the second half of the season. By then I think we had built up momentum behind us which is very powerful in football, either positive or negative and that carried us through.
  15. I think that we have our own mini league of ourselves, Everton, Watford, West Ham and Wolves. I would say that a 10th place finish would mean finishing bottom of that group. Not a disaster but not a success.
  16. So what is the consensus among the fans for you lot regarding aims and expectations? I think Wolves are a good team but Europa League may prove a hinderance to improving on seventh.
  17. They're not out and out wingers, that would leave far too much space. They're tucked inside to support Vardy. We;ve seen Maddison on the left, but he's not playing as a winger. You're welcome.
  18. If we're going to be playing 4-3-3 or diamond, we don't need wingers. I think our width will come from the two of the best fullbacks in the league.
  19. Yes, I understand the point being made, but I see little evidence of it. I just disagree. Obviously, I have seen much more of him here than at Man City and at Man City he might just have been carried along by their galacticos.
  20. Youri Youri Youri Youri! Aahh ah ah ah ah aaaaaaaaaaaaah or not?
  21. Sickener for Shawcross. That replay looked horrible.
  22. Soooooo..... Schmeichel...... You were saying?
  23. OK. I am a big critic of his and after two years I have given up on him but I was wondering if I had missed something. I think that we have seen little evidence of his clinical finishing. He hasn't scored for 10 months before Cambridge and that was against Huddersfield. Perhaps he needs that extra fraction of time he might be afforded against weak opposition ie Cambridge, Huddersfiled, Fleetwood, Peterborough. He has played the odd cute or intelligent assist but not often enough so I can't put either of these aspects of his game into the 'very good' bracket. If I were asked to sum up his strengths, I really wouldn't know what to say.
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