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  1. Bernard Matthews the famous author. Didn't he write 'Murder Most Fowl'?
  2. If you think that's good, I've got a reliable source that gets full time results 90 minutes after KO. #itk
  3. I don't think this is true since the general consensus seems to be that he was better in his first season here (direct fron Hull) than he was last season.
  4. I have the opposite view to this. With £80m spent, any more will start to make me get twitchy as the squad and wage bill get ever more bloated. Where does it come from? How do we satisfy FFP? It's not sustainable, we will need to pay for it further down the road. What we really need is to find homes for a small army of players and get some money in and the wage bill down. That has to be the priority for me. I would like to say goodbye to Jakupovic, Gray (if the price is right), King, James, Slimani, Ghezzal and Silva. I would add Nacho to that list aswell but I don't think it is realistic as he just has no value at the moment and possibly Mendy. That's not far off a full team that we need to move on and might just recoup £50m if we could pull it off and still leave us with a 25 man squad with two players for every position.
  5. So if he wants to maximise his own finances, surely he can understand the club doing likewise.
  6. It's not disingenuous, it's just a figure of speech. For example, I might say that I love jaffa cakes. I don't doubt he has genuine affection for the club and his team mates and maybe even the fans, that will endure beyond his playing days.
  7. I think you might be right on both counts. As long as we get a decent fee, I think he's had enough chances for us and should move on. If he does well elsewhere, I'll say good luck to him.
  8. I'm more bitter toward the likes of Nacho tbh, drawing a huge wage from the club and giving nothing back. At least MJ has been injured and has an excuse.
  9. Gray has had four years of Premier League games. I don't see any point in a loan. I think he needs to go if we can get anywhere near the £25m that Bournemouth were rumoured to be offering.
  10. I think that might have been a dream?
  11. FWIW and for all his talent, I wouldn't want him and I think Man U would be better off without him too. You acknowledge PP's twattishness but not the affect that it can have on the team. When a club gets that toxic whiff hanging over it, it is hard to shift, think Sunderland or Hull and now Man Utd. Pogba is a toxin imo. I don't think that any Leicester fan thinks that Pogba isn't good enough. For me. it's similar to the Mahrez situation. Despite his goals and assists, as soon as he got his diva strop going on I wanted him out.
  12. Sell out best players to lower English leagues? Hmmm...There might be a flaw in that plan...
  13. I hope you're right and I'm wrong but I make it: Tielemans - £40m Perez - £30m (release clause) Justin £10m Total - £80m.
  14. I assumed that the Maguire fee had already been spent? So far we've spent £80m. Where does it come from? I think that we have already banked on selling Maguire and in an ideal world, he would go next summer. If not, I can't see how we are able to spend that £80m and satisfy FFP.
  15. No. we're not. Remember we played two thirds of last season under Puel and without Tielemans. With Rogers and TIelemans we were 4th in the form table after those 13 games.
  16. Yes. I thought someone might make some kind of 'head' joke. Shame on you Mr. Spaceman!
  17. A progressive, youth-orientated coach like Claude Puel would give Benkovic or Soyuncu their heads. Just saying.
  18. Hmm... looks more like the love child of Joey Essex and Dean Gaffney. That's a scary thought actually. Like a genetically engineered super-moron.
  19. We'll have to agree to differ on whether it was bad for Leicester. I still think it was good business and strengthened our team.
  20. Oh no. Not Castles puns! I fort we were better than that.
  21. That's one way of looking at it, but you should ask a Man City fan if they think they got value for money. Over on Blue Moon the feeling is definitely not. With the Mahrez fee we bought Maddison, Ricardo and Evans with change to spare. We improved the team imo and I wouldn't want him back. He made his position untenable and I was glad to see the back of him.
  22. I'm not sure we caved in. Apparently there was an agreement with RM and Claudio and even then it took tantrums, strikes and airport stake outs to get his way. He had to burn his bridges here to get away. We didn't just fold. For £65m I still think we got the better end of the deal.
  23. murphy


    Dammit, that's only two Ghezzals and a Danny Ward. We missed out on that one.
  24. murphy


    I thought that Anderson cost £49m?
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