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  1. Come off it. He has made 33 league and cup appearances this year. Two goals. I know that most of them were cameos but a lot of them weren't. He has really been the pits all season I'm afraid and we just can't afford to carry passengers.
  2. Yes, I think you're right. It just makes sense to me to have that option on nights like tonight. I think Brendan is too much of a purist to consider it,
  3. Very disappointing performance. Especially being outfought and outmuscled. It does make wonder whether a plan B 'lampost' is on order. If teams come to sit back and frustrate us and squeeze the space, we are not good enough to break them down. If teams are going to sit back and let us have the ball, I really think we should go medieval on their ass, bypass the banks of defenders and pump the ball into the box to a big target man if we can't play through them. It might not be pretty and I'm not advocating it as plan A but it could be effective. Tonight would have been the perfect game to unleash a bombardment.
  4. Just thought I'd show this duck that we caught after a week of trying at Foxton Locks. Somehow, he had managed to get a ring of stiff plastic in his bill and flipped over his head. He was completely unable to feed and we had numerous attempts but he was too quick and just took off. We probably only caught him because he grew weak. Anyway, we got him and had to cut that ring off. He ate a bowl of soaked mealworms like he hadn't eaten in a month, which he probably hadn't.
  5. I went to see the starling murmurations at Attenborough nature reserve in Jan. It was on the news, Tens of thousands of starlings painting swirling patterns in the sky so we drove up there, stood for an hour in the freezing cold with about 40 other people into dusk and then into darkness. Nothing happened. This is what we should have seen: This is what we actually saw: Bloody starlings. Just plain rude. On a brighter note, we had a couple of red squirrels regularly visiting our bird table when we in the Lakes over Christmas.
  6. Agree with this, but it would suit Monaco to keep Youri in the shop window for as long as possible in the hope of a bidding war. I can't see them tying this up early.
  7. Not so fast DavieG. You can't duck out before I've had my right to reply. By definition, a player that can't get into the side cannot be called a successful transfer. Players pick themselves not managers. I don't think the argument is extreme at all. I made a quite simple point that recent history suggests that our transfers either hit the ground running or don't make it at all. The idea that players will adapt and grow into the side seems reasonable but it doesn't bear scrutiny. It's just an observation, that's all. Anyway, let's leave it at that then.
  8. But...he never made it here. Silva might continue to do well at Monaco (hopefully). Musa might be a success in Saudi Arabia or wherever he is. All I was saying is that based on recent seasons, you can tell whether a new signing will be a success or not pretty quickly, within ten games or so. Kramaric doing well in Germany doesn't make his transfer here a success.
  9. I think that Fuchs is worth keeping on because otherwise we would need to go and buy a back up for Chillwell that is happy to sit on the bench. That would cost a lot more than Fuchs' wages. We have other priorities this summer like somehow trying to get Tielemans in on a permanent and we will need to save as much money as we can.
  10. I can forgive his off days, I can forgive him wanting to move, I can even forgive his perceived lack of effort at times, but (tainted) legend or not, I can't forgive him disrespecting the club. I genuinely believe we are better without him. I don't miss his mercurial performances on the pitch and I would hate to have put up with his moody dramas again off it.
  11. He's been here a while but he only played 3 games I believe in his first season. had a long term injury then went on loan. There isn't a player that came good after 6 months or so. I think that the evidence proves my point. You've either got it or you haven't it would seem.
  12. I would say in response to that, that a player has to earn a run in the team. Someone like Nacho has made himself almost unselectable this season. Fair enough if you stand by your opinion but can you think of a single established player (ie not a kid like Chillwell stepping up from the U23s) that has started off poorly and taken 6 months or a year to become good for us in recent seasons? I just think the evidence backs my argument.
  13. I still don't think you are getting what I am saying. I'm not talking about people's opinions on players. I am saying that on the evidence of recent transfers, needing time to adapt beyond a handful of games (ie Ricardo) seems to be a myth. You make it quickly or not at all. I can't be bothered to explain it again if you still don't get it. Perhaps re read the original post.
  14. I know. I think you've misunderstood what I am saying. I said that based on recent evidence, players that come in and don't hit the ground running don't seem to improve when given the luxury of time. It seems you really can judge a player pretty quickly. FTers get mocked for making knee jerk reactions on new players. Some of the calmer heads say 'give him time'. I'm saying, that never seems to work. Vardy is the exception because he really did improve over time, however, his is an exceptional case as he was stepping up multiple divisions.from non-league.
  15. Yes, lots of players get unwarranted and ott criticism on here but I think you're missing the point I'm making. I did say that Ricardo took a handful of games but the point I am making is that those that cannot step up and slot in pretty quickly never seem to get there. I would say, based on the evidence that I gave that you really can judge whether a player will be a success here within in his first 10 games. Time has nothing to do with it.
  16. You might mock the FT reactionary nature but it seems that it's true. I think that Vardy is the only exception to this and he climbed a mountain in terms of non-league to PL. Perhaps Chillwell but he was a kid, making his way into the first team not an established player. Look at the players we bought in this season. Maddison and Tilemans hit the ground running. Evans and Ricardo took a handful of games. Going back further, Ndidi came from Belgium and slotted straight in. Fuchs, Kante? Then look at the flops. Silva, Musa, Inler, Nacho, Iborra .. not one of them improved with time. They started poorly and stayed poor. If you're good enough you'll hit the ground running. If not, you probably never will it seems.
  17. Great post. Just to go off on a tangent for a moment, the only thing I can't agree with is your claim that MCFC are exciting to watch. I think they are the dullest ream in the Prem. They regularly achieve 70%+ possession mainly tippy tapping it around in the opponents half until they score and then repeat. Not their fault I suppose and you can't argue that it isn't successful, but as a neutral, Man City games are so tedious to watch.
  18. Ask the Bluemooners. If he fails at Man City, then he is a dud, for them anyway. It happens. Good players can fail at certain clubs like Kramaric or Inler did for us. You have to remember they paid £60m so that is the benchmark he has to achieve to be successful. He has to start playing like a £60m player not a £20m player,
  19. They've been saying the same things for some time. Not just last night. Seems as though we have both sold each other a dud.
  20. Without reading through this whole thread has anyone mentioned Stranger Things on Netflix? It's about a group of kids fighting monsters from another dimension with a seriously cool young girl with superpowers. Now that I read that back it sounds a bit shit... I loved it anyway.
  21. Yes, history will be kinder than we were.
  22. Having been a Puel inner, the difference under Brendan in terms of dynamism is clear to see but I am wondering, had we appointed Brendan instead of puel 2 years ago, would we be in such a good position? I think probably not, as the work that Puel did in improving the squad and changing the way we play was something we owe him a great deal of credit for. Brendan is a better manager, his style of play is similar but more direct but he is enjoying the fruits of Puel's labour. Perhaps the transition under Puel was necessary and Rogers is the man to carry us forward.
  23. Can you imagine how hilarious the meltdown on Fighting Cock would be if Spurs came in for him and he chose us anyway? They would be foaming at the mouth and absolutely baffled. Come on Youri, make it so.
  24. That's fair enough, but we bought in Evans, Ricardo and Maddison for that money with change to spare. I'd say that is good business.
  25. Rather swap him by sending Nacho back with £35m.
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