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  1. Not so long ago, the understudy that would have come into the team looked like this: We will be fine with Soyuncu.
  2. Perhaos it's no coincidence that the England U21 boys, Chilwell and Maddison were a bit sub par having had a full summer schedule and little pre season. Give them a chance to get back up to speed.
  3. Good article. My favourite line describing Leicester v Wolves: "battle of the feelgood clubs"
  4. Good thread. I wonder why none of us thought to bring this up before.
  5. Most of our squad are young players so that idea doesn't really bear scrutiny.
  6. No, he has. He said that the club had held him back instead of realising that if he wanted a first team spot he had to earn it. Shakespeare publicly told him that he should respect his team mates. Lots of not so subtle cryptic tweets about his lack of game time. To be fair, we haven't had any of that for a while now, but on the other hand he has been playing.
  7. I think he still has a ***** up in him but I was fearful of how he'd get on today. Perhaps be a bit nervous or maybe too aggressive but he passed his test with flying colours so we shouldn't begrudge him the praise he is due for today you old curmudgeon
  8. If you want to play with wingers, shouldn't you be saying "Puel in"?
  9. I don't like the fact that they got hammered today. They will be looking for a reaction next week.
  10. It seems to me that we have lost some of Maguire's aerial ability and trademark ball carrying skills but we have gained some much needed pace at the back plus the small matter of £80m! Soyuncu will get better with experience and age but he looked comfortable and solid. Really pleased for him.
  11. Not the game I was expecting at all. I thought it would be two exciting teams going toe to toe. I was surprised by how unambitious Wolves were and by how blunt our attack was. Wolves were affected by their midweek travels imo and we didn't have the quality to take advantage and get past the parked bus. We have so many players that can make the difference and unpick a massed defence - Ricardo, Tielemans, Maddison, Perez - in theory. I am hoping that we were simply misfiring in attack today. Wolves can feel a bit disappointed as they had the better chances and a goal ruled out which was technically the right decision but soft. We can feel a bit disappointed as Wolves were there for the taking and we weren't able to make our possession count. I think we might see a better performance against Chelsea.
  12. I think that the answer to this will come down to phases of play. If we win a corner and score then that's a different phase of play to the infringement. VAR would check from the corner kick. If we scored from the break, it would be ruled out, if that makes sense? That's just my take on it really.
  13. Rule change this year. From the BBC website:
  14. John Moss with the VAR decision. Always been a City favourite!
  15. Good old VAR Always said it was a good idea!
  16. murphy

    Insect Bites

    Yep, Lyme is on the rise in the UK as are ticks. Horrible, debilitating disease, very difficult to diagnose and to treat. Isn't there a theory that this was developed in the US and spread by escaped weaponised ticks? No, really. I've had a few trips to Scotland ruined by those horrible midges. I heard a lot of recommendations for 'skin so soft' by Avon as a repellent. Didn't really work for me but some swear by it.
  17. Yep, pretty horrible, but still, it could be worse.... Looks like it's been used to wash the car.
  18. The utter craposity pf Filbert st, the cow shed East Stand, was also it's charm. Filbert St. had soul and just a whiff of danger. As a kid, I always asscociated the smell of cigarette smoke with match day. I miss it, but times change.
  19. It destroys the immediacy of a goal and robs fans of that joy. It will suck the life out of the game if we have to sit and wait for some bloke in a room watching replays until we get to know whether a goal stands or not. If the choice is between officials getting some decisions wrong or VAR, I choose the former. Edit - I just realised I quoted the wrong post. Apologies. I meant to be quoting the one where you said that VAR got decisions right and you were asking if the criricism could be justified. I'm having a bad day.
  20. I agree, I'd be much happier with a 4-3-3 and I hope that Rodgers somehow forgets all about the diamond. As for overloads, you're much more likely to get doubled up on, playing against a team with a winger and a fullback (4-4-2). You don't get wingbacks and wingers.
  21. I hope it's not the diamond. I don't like it and I don't think we're ready for it. Hopefully the formation that we ended last season with 4-3-3. I can't pick a winner really. I think that Wolves will be a handful. What is the feeling among Wolves fans going into the game?
  22. Good point. I'm not a fan of bringing in too many at one time. I remember when Everton thought that they had 'won the window', ended up with a load of expensive flops and sacked Steve Walsh and their manager.
  23. Not 2 players only, just 2 examples. I could list plenty more. OK, I agree that Ward should be kept. That's an oversight. It's too late to sell Nacho now and anyway we would get nothing for him but if we could have got him transferred during the window with time to replace, that would have been ideal. I think the manager has been told to persevere with him as he has so much money tied up in him with no chance of getting it back unless something remarkable happens but I'm not hopeful. My point basically is quality over quantity. When you can only list a 25 man squad it is daft to have senior players like Slim and Silva on big wages doing nothing. We are still paying for past mistakes.
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