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  1. That's quite a poetic turn of phrase you have there. I can almost smell it myself.
  2. No, we need to cut the wage bill. That's the reason that we cannot move on players like Slim and Silva. We should definitely not try to follow the lunacy of Man Utd (300k p/week for Rashford I ask you!)
  3. They are a good team, finished 3rd in serie A scoring 77 goals and just put 4 past Norwich. I can't see how Wolves (7th, 47 goals scored) can be considered more potent than they are. Champions League v Europa League.
  4. Maguire beats Dais statswise: https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/comparing-man-utd-targets-harry-maguire-and-ruben-dias-18-19-stats/
  5. Isn't it £12m down? I make it Perez (£30m), Justin (£10m), Tielemans (£40m) = £80m, against Maguire £80m That's a net spend of zero but we owe Hull 15% = £12m
  6. I agree, but we don't seem to have any buyers for the likes of Slim etc. We can't move them on without anywhere to move them to. If Sheff U have come in for Amartey, I think we should wish him well and let him go
  7. A move would be best for Dan and best for the club. A good, honest, trier but limited. If he goes I hope he does well and succeeds at Sheff U but he's not got much to offer us with Ricardo and now Justin at full back, Choudhury, Mendy and N'didi ahead of him as DM and never once trusted as a CB in his time here. One of many we need to move along. @RumbleFox will be heartbroken.
  8. That is true, we won't know until they are tested, but Gary Cahill would a very good insurance policy if they fall short.
  9. That's a good point. He really was bad against Wolves but became our most reliable performer. Ricardo also took a run of games to get to grips with the PL. We therefore can't judge Soyuncu on his handful of games spread over the season. He needs a run of games himself. It's a risk but the club already took that gamble when they signed him, time now to give him his chance.
  10. Tend to agree with this. Rashid Ghezzal looks to me like a stop-gap signing just for an extra body in the Mahrez position but it was really £12m plus wages wasted. Money that I would have rather the club put toward the real deal. It doesn't sound like a huge fee but it is nearly half again of what we paid for Perez and now we have the problem, I would have thought, of having to find a new club for him. I like @Babylon's idea of bringing in Gary Cahill in as proper experienced, PL ready cover for the 2 young CBs and for free!
  11. Yes, they were relegated 45 years ago and we were 2nd in 1929 but we were talking about what Harry would likely achieve with United rather than us. The keyword there was 'probably' and that their worst season would likely be better than our best going forward. In other words, sixth for them is about as bad as it can get, they haven't had a worse finish than 7th in the PL era. Our best realistically would be sixth (which we have never achieved in my lifetime, 2016 aside) and it would take a huge swing to get there. Hopefully you can understand this now as I can't really put into any simpler terms than that but really no reason to have an aneurysm about it.
  12. In all honesty yes he is. They had an awful season by their standards last year but still finished sixth and 14 points ahead of us. Let's not forget that the previous year they finished second and won the FA Cup. They will be better next year and hopefully we will too but their worst season would probably be better than our best, the 2016 miracle excepted of course. I don't think Harry would be wise to wait for Man City. They'll never pay £80-90m.
  13. It's the best squad we've ever had.
  14. Or 200 Riyad Mahrez' or 90 Jamie Vardys but I prefer to think of it as trading in a Harry to buy a Tielemans, a Ricardo and a Maddison.
  15. I think that a lot of people will get a shock if they think that if this transfer goes through we will have another £80m to spend (minus Hull's cut) on top of the £80m that we've already spent.
  16. Spot on. A certain Algerian 'sweet prince' could learn a thing or two.
  17. I think I've said my piece regarding this little spat with @Thecarrickfan, but just to be clear, I am in no way defending Thracian's views.
  18. I might well have been misreading it since the concensus seems to agree with you regarding his behaviour but I just didn't see it. He wasn't offensive or abusive. He might have posted crap from twitter but if that's a crime then we'd better lock up half of FT. I thought he was pretty innocuous. Whether I'm right or wrong, he didn't deserve what ensued IMO. I just hate it when we get a pack hunt situation. What I dislike particularly is the kind of feeding frenzy generated. People queuing up. I remember Thraciangate and although what he said (repeatedly) was absolutely unacceptable and wrong, I still felt for the guy when the whole forum turned en masse. I was just willing him to just pause, think and apologise but it didn't happen. I do think that if you visit another club's forum you should tread lightly and be respectful. Is FT generally welcoming for oppo fans, as you say? I'm not sure. I remember a Liverpool fan coming on to wish us luck prior to the Man City game and being hounded out which was totally unwarranted and really embarrassed me again. Yes, he wanted us to win for his own club's sake but so what? No different to us wanting West Brom to get a result at Spurs or for Chelsea to beat them at the tail end of 2016. The Bear seems well liked here and so does Henrick and rightly so, but we should remember that the latter has also had to put up with a shit load of abuse and has actually taken it all in his stride without stooping to those levels in return.
  19. I don't know about that. United have tried all kinds to unsettle the player and drive down the price and failed. I'm sure we would not sell but for the fact that Harry wants the move and we have apparently told him that we won't stand in his way if the asking price is met. In this case, we should try to get the best possible price and if it happens we will have. Yes, the timing is not ideal, but I'm sure we could have planned for the contingency. I'm not a fan of keeping players that want to move. Another way of looking at this is that his transfer fee has already been spent. We have spent £80m on three transfers so far. Where does it come from? My guess is that it was spent against Harry's transfer fee either in this window or the next. I think that the majority of the football world will look at this move and think that we have come out on top.
  20. Is that really what got everybody's kinckers in a twist about this Carrick guy? The abuse he got was much worse. IMO he didn't come here on the wind up and behaved himself in the main but became the whipping boy of the forum as a large group of people decided to stick the boot in for no good reason other than his affiliation with United. The post that you mention was in response to a much nastier post aimed at him, you should read it. I thought he kept quite a cool head in the face of provocation. Some of us behaved like a pack of playground bullies and I hate that. Embarrassing and unnecessary.
  21. But his man-management skills were never 'much vaunted'. They weren't vaunted at all. One of the criticisms of Puel was that there was a disconnect between him and the players and also between him and the fans. He has his merits and demerits but I can't remember anyone praising him for his man-management skills.
  22. You probably could measure Vardy's balls. If you really wanted to.
  23. Watching that again, I really appreciate the quality of that ball from Tielemans, perfectly weighted and with no margin for error either side. Good also, how quickly MA gets that shot away and out of his feet as the defence threatens to close in.
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