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  1. Beer52 definitely takes the title of the most clingiest ex ever- I have been receiving regular emails from them after ending my subscription however they have just offered me a free case of beer with paid delivery. Be rude to say no.
  2. Perhaps I was bit too over optimistic then! Mods can always just can this thread if it gets too out of hand but I thought it would be a worthwhile experimentation- have already learnt a new fact or two from posts in this thread.
  3. I follow some of players' Instagram and twitter accounts. The insight I get from these accounts especially Instagram stories into the squad dynamics or players' personalities can be illuminating so I thought it may be a worthwhile thread of discussion- however I am hoping for rational contributions not wild conjecture based on minor observations but then again this is Foxestalk so let see! Observations that I have made *Wes for some reasons rarely appear in Instagram stories *Gray's baby (if it is actually his child not a nephew/niece?) came out of nowhere last season on Gray's Instagram stories! *Bit of a guess on this one but I have noticed Gray and Maddison have stopped appearing in others each Instagram towards end of last season but continued to appear in Chilwell's Instagram account- I wonder whether if that Gray has drifted apart from his friendship group with Chilwell and Maddison *Benny's Instagram was the oddest of all players especially his talent showcase feature. Fuchs' Instagram is slightly annoying due to constant promotion for his academy *King was an unexpected participant in The Coffee Club between Maddison, Chilwell and Elder last season which was fun. King and Albrighton appears to be most popular in the squad and mix with pretty much everybody *I want to know what was the rules of 'Wolf' game that the squad was obsessed with during early stages of last season!
  4. Should have been Nacho/Ndidi or Barnes/Hamza on the cover for their bromance. Maddison and Chilwell last season would have been perfect. Have anyone noticed that Gray and Maddison have stopped featuring in each other's instagram? I have always thought Chilwell was the epicentre of their group friendship- this was noticable towards end of last season too.
  5. The Spanish Flu got its name because back then Spain was the only country who was open about it when other countries were trying to cover it up to preserve morale during WWI. I guess it would be somehow badge of honour for Spanish that they were honest about it compared to other countries?
  6. I have both Son and DCL in my team yet I have only 65 points so far and am only 15th in Foxestalk league Tough league for sure!
  7. I looked it up online a bit after the film- apparently the Player X is actually Tobey Maguire and Leo Di Carpio was also involved on a regular basis. Good film I agree.
  8. **** sake- clicked on the link to read the article only to discover that it has been copied and pasted on the initial post. Classic DavieG
  9. I reckon the teaser's main aim is to stoke up hype for the viewers who watched the first season and there are many on here who raved about it if I recall correctly. You do have a point although- if people who have never watched the first season watched the teaser then they might think the series is nothing special. Not sure if you have watched the first season or not although- I reckon the full trailer would be more aimed at the wider population as it would be the one who get played on the Netflix app.
  10. The Haunting of Bly Manor teaser is out now- it is from the same director who made The Haunting of Hill House and will have some of same cast (in different roles like Americian Horror Story)- The Haunting of Hill House took me by the surprise with strong storyline along inevitable hauntings- do give this a watch first.
  11. The Blur


    I am bit biased as I am deaf and a British Sign Language (BSL) user but I would recommend learning BSL. Without appearing to be disrespectful to other languages which I am sure all are worthy pursuits in their own right, I feel in the general people are more likely to meet deaf people in the everyday life than a person of a specfic nationality so there may be immediate reward in learning BSL. It is also an unique language to learn as you would use your hands instead of speaking but I do get for some, the thrill may be mastering the pronunciations or making the connection between similar spoken languages. Lastly, of course it would benefit deaf population if more people know BSL- I am not saying that all learners need to be able to hold a conversation about Rwanda's nuclear energy policy or whatever but the likes of simple hello, do you want the receipt with that or god, the weather is shit again at a grocery store would do wonders for an average deaf person's day.
  12. A very random choice of a guest panelist! How did Jeff get on? That reminds me of Ice Road Truckers which had the same premise but the truckers were transporting the cargos during the winter seasons so lot of snow and ice etc. That were from few years back but a compelling watch!
  13. Yup- it just bothers me that enforcement agencies has the resources to track my address down yet TFL does not. If only TFL established a partnership with DLVA to access V5 and driving licence records then they could have tracked down my address to save all of this aggro. Yet, they just pass the fine on to enforcement agencies especially the one with terrible reputation.
  14. The Blur


    From the memory when I opened mine last year, you would ask your solictior to contact the bank to confirm that you are in the proccess of buying a house so the bank would release the savings and for the government to be notified to contrbute. I was under the impression that it would have contributed to your deposit as well so I am bemused as you are. Have you received any clarification since then?
  15. Looked into it- it is legitimate. £200. I have read up on TFL's appeal policy and put in an appeal. It turned out the letter was sent to my previous address, Apparently if you change the address on your driving licence, it would not change the address on V5 certificate- it has to be done seperately so essentially it is my fault after all. I am hoping to get TFL to agree to reduce the fine to the original amount and am waiting to hear from them at the moment. Valuable lesson for you all folks- contact DLVA and ask to change your licence and V5!
  16. Got a letter off a debt collector agency yesterday advising that I have an outstanding fine to be paid at end of the month otherwise they would be sending baliffs around to collect the fine. The issue is that this was the first I have heard of the fine which was imposed by Transport for London. The incident happened last September yet it took them until November to 'contact' me and three weeks later for the fine to be passed to the enforcement agency which apparently took eight months to actually contact me with a month deadline. COVID-19 impacted delays aside, it just utterly stinks for TFL to pass their fine to a debt enforcement agency with terrible reputation according to Google and for them to send me a threatening letter which has left an unpleasant cloud hanging over me. I would have happily paid the fine if I have actually received anything from TFL. Looked up the appeal proccess and was given a website address only for the website to be not working.....
  17. Yeah- I was looking at teams around our level and made quick comparision with Palace due to their well known wingers and Traore of Wolves. I also looked at Everton but their statisics were shocking! I did not count teams from big six as they would have access to players of higher quality calibre however with that said we are only three goals short of Chelsea. I reckon Rashford and Greenwood play in more advanced positions for United on a consistent basis so it is a tad unfair comparision. On the whole, I think we are best of the rest for teams on our level wingers wise and 10+ goals wingers are not that straightfoward to find that some may think on here. Superb point re CBs though- if Evans and Soyuncu grabbed few more goals then that could swing two or three matches in our favour potentially.
  18. Do people really buy our wingers do not score enough argument? Zaha has got 4, Townsend 1, Traoe 4 and I cannot be bothered to look at the rest but I am guessing not many have notched more than Perez (8) and Barnes (6)? Pepe at Arsenal got the same amount as Perez for an example.
  19. Beam me up Scotty. Tempting fate to put Leicester in there I have to say!
  20. RIP Jack Charlton, he was before my time so I am sure other posters are able to summarise him concisely than I can but from sound of it, Jackie has made significant contribution to football beyond World Cup win and should be recognised for it. Thoughts goes to his family and friends.
  21. @Ric Flair will win this hands down with his Hellyn or whatshername story.
  22. Mine is Bronn from Game of Thrones. I have got in a bit of habit to update my profile picture with my favourite character from TV shows whenever I finished all seasons with the show being deactivated. I have been previously Logan from 24, Hooked Handed Man from A Series of Unfortuane Events amongst others I can remember. I am close to finishing 13 Reasons Why so it would be probably Clay next.
  23. I left Beer52 recently, they do offer one month break from subscription but I am a slow drinker so I have preferred to be able to just pop on and order a box whenever I want to rather than having to pay for a monthly subscription. Lost all of my credits (only £4 but ah well) which is a shame but I will just re-sign up again whenever I fancy a random box.
  24. Premier League campaign would be wrapped up by time CL comes around I think? Looking at playing my wildcard and getting star players from CL/Europa chasing teams in.
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