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  1. Our other Turk has a name. He's a person first not just a nationality. Your interesting point lacks interest.
  2. It would of been more of a FM type Jan signing than a real life LCFC signing. Although I do believe we did have a go. I think he would of been fantastic on the right hand side and an improvement on Madders on set pieces. I think Madders could of done from watching him in training and on the pitch.
  3. Some of the stuff on their forum is factually incorrect and it makes me laugh as they don't get it how little Leicester have done what they have done
  4. West Ham forum and thread is a fantastic read. I'd recommend everyone to read. TBF you get one or two idiots on any site but overall they are quite complimentary...and gel
  5. Buy both Daka and Toney for me lots of games next season
  6. Its about time LCFC fans stop giving Robbie Savage stick...it was 20 years ago. It wasn't his fault we got relegated and he had to join brum and derby
  7. I hope he gets you a hat trick tonight
  8. checks league table that would be West Ham or Spurs then
  9. When I use to go abroad before the great plague, I would often ask the shop assistant in the Adidas shop or outlet why they did not have any of the LCFC kit. They could not provide an answer This has answered the question. Thanks OP
  10. I don't understand. They all have a left foot and a right foot
  11. Thanks Ben and good luck....could of done with getting a few more bob out of that lot but hey ho
  12. Played against Sam in my younger days was a decent number 10
  13. Were shit I will be surprised if BR doesn't bring on Kolo Toure
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