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  1. Not been there, but I must be the only one who didn't enjoy New York. It stinks of raw sewage, garbage and has rats everywhere. The wife enjoyed it though. I found the locals overly opinionated and aggressive. Been to many other States and had a great time. Won't be going back to NYC.
  2. Return to Germany?
  3. I enjoyed White Gold met my expectations.
  4. Good luck to you. I've always wanted to this also but couldn't find anybody to go with. How are you funding this ?
  5. Old school with my wife and son. Remembering my youth I love the 90's tour at the NEC in October Line up Vanilla Ice Salt and Peppa Colour me Bad Colio Tone Loc Young MC
  6. Enjoyed his humour as Bond RIP Sir Roger
  7. Insert AFCON jokes here
  8. Used by the Prime Minister as well this morning in her address to the nation this morning. I suppose she is wrong also?
  9. Coward who did this
  10. The same thing has happened to my son this morning. Its really bad today hes not gone to school
  11. Want shakey. Mancini 2nd choice
  12. top manager too good for the championship
  13. Good luck big man enjoyed watching you play. Seems like a good character off the pitch too.
  14. I remember my uncle telling me about this story as a kid, didn't believe him at the time.
  15. After last nights performance shows again how we undersold Kante. £32m is cheap looking back now. Should we have matched £150k a week Chelsea were offering? I think so if we've given RM and DD £100K a week. Hindsight is a great thing.