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  1. When lockdown is over get out a bit maybe attend a game.
  2. Feel sorry for JJ. Great opportunity with RP out. Not good enough yet
  3. We may have to pray Man City get kicked out
  4. Since the resume, I feel im watching the same performance every game. May have to go 3 at the back next game just change things about a bit. So stale
  5. There is no nastiness from me. Sometimes players need to be dropped for a number of reasons. Hes not had a good game for a while and needs to re focus. I wish him all the best when hes back but needs to be out of the team for a few games
  6. Madders has not had a goal or assist for the past 11 games in the prem. Dropping him if hes not injured is the right choice.
  7. My fav bond film RIP
  8. Has the game updated to include the winter window ?
  9. yeah was going to watch that game not bothering now
  10. Glad he's not gone to the shaggers
  11. Our first leg performance was disappointing to say the least
  12. Grealish was fantastic tonight
  13. Sale of the century...didn’t know he was a football fan let alone lcfc rip
  14. Like a lot on here not a massive fan of the game but he was a very good player very sad
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