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  1. There were 2 Andy Gray's one was black one was white both footballers. Some of the younger guys may not of known Andy Gray was a footballer in the 70's and 80's. They may only remember the black guy from the 90's early 00's who was nothing like Slim hence the sky sports comment.
  2. He reminds more of Andy Gray former sky sports pundit. Very Good in the air but not as aggressive as big Dunc.
  3. yesterday it was 15m plus addons now 25m. confusing
  4. dont need him
  5. Yes he is I know him and his dad. Elliott is a very nice lad a very tall strong CB he has got potential. Think a young Robert Huth.
  6. ok done just spent 3 hours doing it changed it about 8 times finally happy
  7. KI in Football Manager playing for LCFC
  8. Posted yesterday on youtube
  9. well done chap
  11. Ok well have a great time. There are some good pubs down there and some decent curry houses. Boing Boing.
  12. a mixture of 4411 and 343
  13. I wouldn't buy a winger even if Mahrez leaves. Stick with MA and DG as the main wingers give young Lawrence a chance use chilwell as back up. Sign one in January if we're desperate or have injuries.
  14. Also m essian
  15. sauce?