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  1. Sutton was once very close to signing for LCFC under MON after he flopped at Chelsea. Instead he signed for Celtic. From what I remember we would of had a strike force of Sutton and Collymore at the time.
  2. I had vardy and chilly last week and have added perez this week looking good I’m 50 k in the world
  3. Danny needs to really sort his life out
  4. Match day programme. Selection of different eating outlets own bar big screen might get a chance to meet some ex pros and possible celebs like the kasabian boys who sit there
  5. Very poor. Chelsea could be 3 up. Tactics not working
  6. Went to school with Emile really nice guy
  7. blackklansman superb true story directed by spike lee. Funny in parts but covers very serious subjects of black panthers and the KKK. A black policeman goes undercover in both parties.
  8. I know who your taking about. The irony of it is he was dating a mixed race girl at the time.
  9. The film I have watched more times then any other is the Godfather. Must be around 40 to 50 times. A masterpiece.
  10. Or a rubbish utility man
  11. When you talk about the film Goodfellas and the people around you in the office have never seen it
  12. Would love him here
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