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  1. Let's have a films thread.

    Watched Black Panther last night. Very good
  2. James Bond quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 142 seconds  
  3. Tour

    Its good did it when my son was a mascot a few years back. Have fun
  4. David Icke Leicester event cancelled

    Big fan of David icke would like to see him live. Some of his work is quite out there but other stuff I find is fascinating.
  5. Thoughts on January signing Fousseni Diabate?

    Reminds me of Yannick Bolasie in his Palace days. Good signing.
  6. Game of Thrones Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 308 seconds  
  7. Explosion on Hinckley Road

    Been to both of those places many times. Shocked
  8. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    I'm a season ticket holder and have been for many years. My question is to those who think season ticket holders should not get priority is, where were you when we were crap? My loyalty for watching absolute rubbish and paying good money for it including travelling time is now being rewarded.
  9. Fuchs or Chilwell

    chilwell love his forward runs
  10. Adidas

    fantastic news if true. My fav sports brand
  11. Jack O Connell

    Thought Chilwell had a very good game a lot better than recent performances. Some outstanding wing work lots of stamina. We had a clean sheet yesterday with Chilwell and Morgan in the team. I think your well off the mark. Are you O'Connells agent ?
  12. Blackman.....

    Was impressive
  13. I went to town yesterday and my wife refused to buy me a pair of socks from Primark. She said I should use my money. According to her, her money is hers and my money is ours.
  14. Good luck at least you are trying something will happen keep your chin up.