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  1. I'm over next week for the final game
  2. Although the date/time is still TBA, the selling details have been announced... The Club have been handed an allocation of 3,010 tickets for the match at Etihad Stadium on Saturday 4 May (3pm BST kick-off)*, including 14 wheelchair spaces. Season Ticket Holders with 330+ points can buy tickets from Tuesday 9 April. Unless stated otherwise below, tickets will be available online from 8am and from 9am by phone and in-store. Ticket prices Adults £30 Seniors 65+ £23 Under-22s £23 Under-18s £18 * Kick-off date/time subject to TV selection Selling arrangements Sunday 7 April at 8am – Away Priority Scheme ONLINE ONLY Monday 8 April – Away Priority Scheme Tuesday 9 April – Season Ticket Holders with 330+ points Wednesday 10 April - Season Ticket Holders with 300+ points Thursday 11 April - Season Ticket Holders with 280+ points Friday 12 April – Season Ticket Holders with 265+ points Monday 15 April - Season Ticket Holders with 250+ points Tuesday 16 April – Season Ticket Holders with 200+ points Wednesday 17 April - All Season Ticket Holders Thursday 18 April – All Fox Members
  3. The OHL ticketing website only accepts Belgian cards, so I'm going to have to buy on the day. Hopefully it won't sell out?!
  4. Ta. I actually came over to Leuven in October, but it was the weekend the games were postponed because of the match-fixing investigations. I did go along to the ground however, and in fact I managed to just walk straight in at the corner where Trib 3 meets Trib 2. It was a lovely sunny evening and there was nobody around. I took some great pics and videos and walked passed the dug-outs and up the tunnel to the glass doors. Unfortunately they were locked or I'd have gone in for a look round. So, I didn't see a game, but still had a good time, and really enjoyed Leuven, the town and pubs. This time I'm on a one week trip, with 2 nights in Leuven then taking in Mechelen, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam before heading back to Bruxelles.
  5. Which side of the ground are the dugouts/tunnel in that diagram? Blue (Trib 3) or yellow (Trib 1)?
  6. Yes, I've booked my travel for the Lommel game. When will the tickets go on sale? Thanks.
  7. Nah, let's swerve the Europa League. 8th this season, 3rd next
  8. Travel prices too expensive for the Tubize away as it falls over Easter weekend. So it'll be either of the home games Roeselare or Lommel I can do..
  9. Many thanks for putting these dates up. I think I will be able to go to the last two games - Tubize away and Lommel home. Though I'm guessing OHL might already be safe by then, and these could be dead rubbers. (Or extremely tense!) These dates and KO times are set in stone are they? Unlikely to change?
  10. Yep. You'll get a good couple of hours for beers before the match with Ausden Clarke. Well, not literally with Clarkey himself, but plenty of good pubs to go at.
  11. Decent result. Does that mean there’s a final between Beerschot and Mechelen for promotion? 2 leg or 1 game at neutral venue? and will the play-down dates be announced this week?
  12. What and where is Netflix?
  13. Am I right in thinking that the only outcome to decide this weekend regarding the 'play-downs' is whether it will be Westerlo or Roeselare joining OHL, Lommel and Tubize? If so, which of Westerlo or Roselare would OHL prefer to be in the play-downs with them?
  14. Will he be the first manager to have his teeth 'yellowed' to fit in?
  15. Allocation: 2,403 (includes 23 Wheelchair Spaces) Tickets go on sale at 8am online and 9am in person and over the phone Prices Adult: £30, Seniors 60+: £20, Under 18: £15 Wheelchair Spaces Prices Adult: £20, Seniors 60+: £20, Under 18: £15 Sale Dates Away Priority Scheme (ONLINE ONLY) | Sunday 3 March Away Priority Scheme | Monday 4 March Season Ticket Holders with 330+ Points | Tuesday 5 March Season Ticket Holders with 300+ Points | Wednesday 6 March Season Ticket Holders with 280+ Points | Thursday 7 March Season Ticket Holders with 265+ Points | Friday 8 March Season Ticket Holders with 250+ Points | Monday 11 March Season Ticket Holders with 200+ Points | Tuesday 12 March All Season Ticket Holders | Wednesday 13 March All Fox Members | Thursday 14 March
  16. May as well stick Filbert Fox in charge for the last few games. Couldn’t do any worse.
  17. Got U19 ticket for Watford available. Can meet at KP on Tuesday evening.
  18. Thanks both. Might be able to combine my Easter break with a visit to Leuven.
  19. The relegation 'play-downs'... I realise the teams involved (and therefore the fixtures) aren't sorted yet, but are there any dates set for these games yet? If not, maybe based on previous years, roughly when are they?
  20. I have an U19 ticket available for a fiver.
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