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  1. One for the FA Cup Final Amazing.
  2. It was one of their last minute buys to appease their fans when they didn't get Sancho. Van der Beek was another and there was one more as well that I can't remember
  3. There's definitely some The Parent Trap shenanigans going on with Soyuncu and Cavani.
  4. That's no deterrent at all. I can't wait for the next time they try and throw hundreds of clubs to the wall for the benefit of their millions of Chinese fans.
  5. Player of the season was really hard. Evans and Tielemans were my first thoughts. Fofana has showed spots of inexperience here and there but he's a shoe-in for the young player OTS. I've voted Iheanacho. Obviously, goals win games and the season would have been a write off without his purple patch but also love how positive he's been on the ball when we've really needed it. This might sound like an exaggeration buy it's reminiscent of the way Kante used to pick up the ball and immediately play it forward or drive forward with the ball. You can see the doubt it breeds in the opposi
  6. My favourite memory of that day was the absolutely mental atmosphere in the concourse and then walking out to Andrea Bocelli, mid song. Such a sudden, sobering change of mood that made it all feel real and I definitely teared up. It was indescribable. My favourite non-memory was us beating Everton 4-2. Obviously, the crazy amount I drunk and the all round atmosphere took away my ability to count/follow the actual game of football so I had it in my head until very recently that we won that game 4-2. I'm sure you're all aware the score was actually 3-1
  7. I know what you mean about little regrets. The only home game I missed, that season was Watford so I missed Kante's absolute screamer but considering our away record, that season, the only away game I got to was Hull away, in the cup
  8. So nervous for this run in but we're in a good position. 6 points from Southampton and Newcastle would go a long way if we can manage it then a point at Stamford Bridge to keep Chelsea at bay should be about enough. Obviously, we know we can get results against Man U and Spurs, too. After last year, I'm bricking it.
  9. Taking a break from my Weymouth save to start a City one. I've noticed the option to ask for a new stadium is there from the very start of the game. What are the costs? Should I hold off for a bit or expand the stadium bit by bit?
  10. I think our national pride peaked somewhere between the 2002 World Cup and the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Every other house and car had a flag. After that, Islamaphobia gave rise to the EDL who kind hijacked the St. George's Cross to the point where a lot of people felt uneasy flying the flag and being associated with a group like that. The EDL misconstrued or misrepresented this reluctance as not wanting to offend Muslims who, to a man, couldn't care less and played up to that. I think times are changing and I've definitely noticed more flags in recent years. It still amaze
  11. Are people still making profit on touting these? Everyone I speak to is in the same frame of mind as me. I want one and could afford the premium but I'd rather go without than legitimise scalpers. Is the stock selling out to end users or is there still people using bots to turn a profit?
  12. Have the big clubs and UEFA got what they wanted? All this bad press will die down and UEFA's equally unscrupulous changes were pushed through with barely a whisper.
  13. He hasn't backed the idea but he heavily criticised the stand Leeds took against the ESL, last night and criticised Neville referring to YNWA during his criticism.
  14. I don't think that will work. Every Premier League club has equal shares in the PL and on a certain day in the summer, these shares are transferred from the relegated clubs to the promoted ones. Norwich won't be a Premier League club until then.
  15. He also said the big clubs have lost €5b in two seasons like it's anyone else's fault but theirs. There will never be an acceptable amount for this cretin. The ESL would just cause them to spend more to be competitive because that's what their fans would demand. They could realistically increase their losses while throwing every other well run club to the wolves.
  16. I wouldn't want us to 'win' the league like that but going forward, I'd be well happy if we had that kind of competitive title race where anyone that gets their shit together has a good chance of winning it. The whole of football would be forced through a much-needed correction period first but what might emerge is a more competitive, fairer, more interesting league.
  17. Easy for us all to treat this with the absolute contempt it deserves. Imagine it involving the club you've lived and breathed and loved since you were a boy. Neville has gone up massively in my estimation
  18. That cutback was for Castagne but Iheanacho made it his. A man in serious form. Also, great play by Vardy.
  19. The Vardy of old smashes that first time.
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